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Published in: Design, Business, News & Politics
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  1. 1. Public & Collaborative NYC presentsKara Kane on [ Social Entrepreneurship ]
  2. 2. Problems and Opportunities
  3. 3. Case Study
  4. 4. Service Idea
  5. 5. How It Works
  6. 6. Expected Outcomes
  7. 7. Main Actors Local Business Skilled Community Bronx Owners Members Entrepreneurial Business Network • Local business owners become • Leverage skill to turn it into • Engage local entrepreneurs toRole part of the Melrose Connect business opportunity by join the network network to expand business partnering with local business • Organize and advise the • Collaborate with skilled network workers who lack business skills • Have business infrastructure, • Need business infrastructure • Expand BEBNMotivation but experiencing weak • Have skill, but want to • Expand local business in the business capitalize on it Bronx • Competition from big brand • Specialized skill • Keep money in the community retailers • Local, special to Melrose • Retail space • Specialized skills • Influence of BronxCapabilities • Specialized skills • Talent, passion entrepreneurial community • Business experience • Willing to learn • Understand problems facing • Local customer base local businesses • Already have a network established to build on
  8. 8. Service SnapshotM AD E INM ELRO S E