Best Practices of Incorporating Email into Your Apps Using SendGrid and Parse


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Following the launch of our SendGrid Cloud Module, we’re proud to announce a joint webcast scheduled for Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 at 10:30 AM PST.

In this webcast, participants will listen in on a deep dive discussion of the best practices associated with using transactional email for app developers. Ilya Sukhar, Parse CEO, will be joined on the webcast by Elmer Thomas, Developer Evangelist, from SendGrid to walk everyone through examples of each best practice.

There will be a Q&A session at the end of the webcast and a follow-up email with a link to the recorded session.

At the end of the webcast, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to make sure that your emails reach the inbox and the benefits of SendGrid email deliverability via the Parse platform.

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  • Elmer Thomas is a Developer Evangelist at SendGrid. He spends most of his time traveling to hack days and developer conferences helping make developers lives easier, usually through the magic of SendGrid ’s Email APIs.
  • - What does losing 1 in 5 conversations with your customer cost? - How much time and money does it take to manage your Email Infrastructure - Server costs - ISP relationships - Build vs. Buy on email integration - Software maintenance - SendGrid - Leader in deliverability - Robust APIs for easy integration
  • - Over 100 thousand customers - Over 100 full time employees - Industry relationships with ISPs and organizations such as MAAWG - Participation in Industry Leadership with initiatives such as DMARC
  • [Live API demo at ] - Mention SMTP Relay - Web API Demo - Demonstrate the statistics endpoint
  • - TheBirdyApp - TheBirdyApp sends you an email each day asking: - How did you spend your money today? - You respond via email with: #lunch $10.00 #coffee #3.00 etc.. - Using our Incoming Parse API, TheBirdyApp logs your responses - Then presents you with weekly charts showing you how your money is being spent. - Walk through graphic - 2-way automated email conversations through your app
  • - Receive stats in real-time to a web hook - Create automated triggers - e.g. Create an alert when a key customer ’ s email bounces - Find new ways to engage your customers - Review weekly - Segment by category
  • [Foursquare: ] - Early customer - Used to keep connected with co-workers and explore new activities - 10 Million users worldwide - 500,000 businesses with special offers - Emails used to alert customers to friend requests, check-ins, and "Mayorship" status. - Foursquare sends over 2 million emails per day, 60 million transactional emails per month. - SendGrid offers them reliability and scale - Email delivery rates of 96% + thousands of dollars in engineering resources saved
  • [Listia:] - Listia is an online auction site with iOS and Android apps - Sell your unwanted things - Bid on other people's stuff using credits instead of real money - Have hosted over 3 Million auctions to date - As membership rose, email delivery, engagement and trades went down. - Emails are sent when members outbid one another, when friends join the network, for reminders and more - Membership rose rapidly causing a 30% increase in the amount of email sent on a monthly basis. Blocks at Hotmail and Yahoo! plagued them and they were put on blacklists. - Started to receive complaints from their users that they weren ’ t receiving email - As a result, experienced a lack of engagement among the community and interferences in their users ’ trades - Listia turned to SendGrid to solve their deliverability problems on three fronts – infrastructure, expertise and metrics. - the SendGrid team helped Listia implement key email best practices to improve their delivery success rates - First, Listia moved from a shared IP to a dedicated IP address. - Listia implemented DKIM so that ISPs could more easily identify them as legitimate senders. - Sendgrid whitelisted Listia at key ISPs to ensure delivery of their messages. - Listia ’ s email deliverability improved by 25%. - their signup verification emails increased by over 10%. - saved considerable infrastructure costs
  • Best Practices of Incorporating Email into Your Apps Using SendGrid and Parse

    1. 1. Best Practices of Incorporating Email into Your Apps Using SendGrid & ParseParse
    2. 2. Best Practices of Incorporating Email into Your Apps Using SendGrid & ParseElmer Thomas Ilya Sukhar Developer Evangelist CEO and Co-Founder SendGrid Parse
    3. 3. Agenda• Intro to SendGrid• Intro to Parse• Best Practices• Demo• Q&A
    4. 4. Parse / SendGridElmer ThomasDeveloper Evangelist@thinkingseriousFebruary 20, 2013
    5. 5. “If your emails don’t make it to the Inbox, you are talking to yourself. Not cool.” - Email Sending Ninja, Elmer Thomas
    6. 6. I want you to stop talking to yourself.
    7. 7. There’s a problem with email…...20% of legitimate emails never reach the inbox. ... email is a pain for developers. ... your app NEEDS email.
    8. 8. SendGrid has sent over 90 Billion Emails
    9. 9. Web API viaAPI Workshop Powered by IODOCS via
    10. 10. Inbound Parse
    11. 11. EVENT API
    12. 12.
    13. 13.
    14. 14. Parse
    15. 15. Save data with ease. Using Email to Send Push Notifications Parse
    16. 16. Make your app social. Instantly.
    17. 17. The proven way to increaseengagement.
    18. 18. Say goodbye to servers!
    19. 19. Any device. Any time.
    20. 20. Parse Powered Customers
    21. 21. Best Practices ofIncorporating Email into Your Apps Using SendGrid & Parse
    22. 22. Do Personalize Your Emails
    23. 23. Maintain Your Brand
    24. 24. Do Keep It Simple
    25. 25. Do Spell and Grammar Check
    26. 26. Avoid Spam Filters
    27. 27. Be Mobile Friendly
    28. 28. Don’t Use No-Reply Addresses
    29. 29. Seize the Opportunity
    30. 30. Take Advantage of SendGrid’s Technology• Send Email• Retrieve Information• Receive Email• Real-time Event Notification Webhook
    31. 31. Don’t Forget About Analytics
    32. 32. How to Send An EmailUsing SendGrid From a Parse-Powered App.
    33. 33. Require SendGrid Cloud ModuleRun Cloud Function and Check for Comment
    34. 34. Get the Owner of the Photo Send Email with Sengrid
    35. 35. Thanks for Attending Questions? Contact Parse: Contact SendGrid: Recorded webcast will be emailed tomorrow.Ask your questions in the GoToWebinar panel on the right.