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  1. 1. Valuations & Analysis by Methodology
  2. 2. WELCOME DAVID ROTH WPP Extensive intelligence, clearly WPPs unmatched Latin American The exclusive WPP BrandZ advantage Download Special Apps TMWelcome to this first BrandZ™ Top 50 MostValuable Latin American Brands report and presented market expertiseanalysis. BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American To download apps for BrandZ™ Most Valuable To make this extensive intelligence easy to find To help you sort the tremendous amount of Brands becomes part of our rapidly growing Latin American Brands, and for other reportsThis inaugural Latin America report focuses on and useful we organized the core of the report intelligence contained in these almost 200 pages, library of in-depth and practical WPP BrandZ™ in the BrandZ™ Most Valuable Brands series,the five leading Latam economies—Argentina, into three sections: the Introduction, the Top 50 we’ve included Take Aways on page 7. Here reports for building and sustaining valuable please go to or seeBrazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. These nations Overview and the Country Reports, which are are just three interesting Latam market factoids brands. These titles include BrandZ™ Top 100 page 188, where you also will find informationtogether represent GDP of about $4 trillion, the followed by the Brazil Special Section. just to get started: Most Valuable Global Brands and BrandZ™ Top about a special iPad magazine version with uniqueequivalent of the world’s fourth largest economy 50 Most Valuable Chinese Brands; as well as content and functionality.after Japan. Introduction: We set the context for brand • Latam’s middle class grew 26 percent over the Trust-R: Engaging Consumers in the Post-Recession development in Latin America with a brief past five years. World; and Value-D: Balancing Desire and Price Our WPP companies are eager to put at yourBecause of the size of Brazil, the “B” in BRIC, history of the region and some key economic and for Brand Success. disposal our expertise in insights, advertising,we expanded our Brazil coverage into a Special geographic facts. Then we examine key trends that • Brazilians are the most loyal; 65 percent say digital, design, PR, promotion, marketing, media,Section that includes profiles of the country’s Top impact brand opportunity, including the growth they stick with brands they like. The Trust-R and Value-D reports can be customized retail and shopper marketing—the knowledge50 Most Valuable Brands as well as extensive of the middle class and the exploding interest in by brand and are available to WPP clients through necessary to build and sustain brand value inanalysis. digital communication and social media. • Colombian Internet users spend eight hours a WPP companies. Powered by BrandZ™, the Latin America and beyond. For more information week on social networks. reports are based on the world’s largest brand about WPP agencies, please see page 184.Many of the trends in Brazil and the other four Top 50 Overview: We present Latam’s Top 50 analytics and equity database containing data Or contact me covered in this report pertain as well to Most Valuable Brands in a ranking that incudes The information comes from TGI and TNS Digital gathered from more than two million consumerother strong Latam economies, such as Peru and country of origin, brand value and other metrics. Life. I present it here because it represents the interviews about over 7,000 brands in 40-plusVenezuela. We will examine these and additional Additional charts examine what categories are broad and deep WPP Latin American market countries.Latam markets in future. most present, how the categories vary by country, expertise contained in this report to which and the critical role of Brand Contribution. more than 20 WPP Latin American companiesBrandAnalytics, a leading brand valuation and contributed, including: Burson-Marsteller, Ecto,strategy consultancy in Brazil, conducted the brand Country Reports: We explore each county in depth,, Goldfarb Consultants, Grey, Group M,valuation in collaboration with Millward Brown accompanying a brand ranking with a synopsis of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, JWT, Kantar Media,Optimor and using the Millward Brown Optimor key trends shaping the market and driving brand Kantar Worldpanel, Mediacom, Millwardmethodology. value. Profiles of each brand reveal relevant history Brown, Millward Brown Optimor, Mindshare, and positioning. WPP company country experts 9ine, Ogilvy& Mather, Ogilvy Action, The Futures provide insights about brand awareness, media Company, TGI, TNS, and Y&R. investment, digital engagement and other topics that distill the fundamentals for brand success.
  3. 3. LATIN AMERICA CONTENTS Colombia.............................69 Mexico ...............................85 Take Aways.........................8 Argentina............................ 39 Overview Overview Introduction...........................11 Overview Increasing Security Unleashes Growth Proximity To US Broadens Brand Choice Overview Consumer Purchasing Power Grows Key Market Facts Key Market Facts Brands Rise in Value and Importanc Key Market Facts Fundamentals for Brand Building in Colombia Fundamentals for Brand Building in Mexico A Short History of Latin America Fundamentals for Brand Building in Argentina The Top 10 Brands Chart Top 15 Brands Chart Key Market Facts The Top 5 Brands Chart Brand Profiles Insight Insight Brand Profiles Insight Large and Open Market Offers Opportunities Middle Class Growth and Confidence Insight Economic Growth Drives Brand Awareness New Implications for Growing Brands Great Digital Opportunity Awaits Brands Shoppers Seek Discounts Modern Colombia Debuts Digital Disrupts Marketing Norms Brand Strategies for Latin America Media Investment Grows Sharply Media Investment Increases Brand Fans Communicate Online Brazil Earned its Letter in BRIC Creative Fitness: Adapting to Constant Change Consumers Engage with Brands in Social Media Latam Retail Powerful and Evolving Internet Penetration High In-Depth Focus: Brazil....105 Top 50 Overview................31 Chile ...............................51 This special report on the Top 50 Brazilian Overview and charts Overview Brands begins on page 105 Top 50 Brand Value Totals $136 billion Chileans Enjoy Free Market Prosperity Ranking by Categories Key Market Facts Countries by Brand Value Fundamentals for Brand Building in Chile Categories by Country The Top 15 Brands Chart Methodology..................................182 Brand Contribution Brand Profiles WPP Company Contributors......184 Top 50 Brands Insight BrandZTM Mobile.......................... 188 More Choice and Brands Appear "Sanhattan" Symbolizes New Chile With Thanks................................. 189 Internet Penetration High WPP Resources...........................191 Market-Driven Economy Flourishes8 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 9
  4. 4. INSIGHTS FOR BUILDING VALUABLE TAKE AWAYS BRANDS IN LATIN AMERICA Opportunities Consumers MEDIA BRANDS 1 Scale Latin America is a big opportunity. The region, including the Caribbean, is home to almost 600 million people living in more than 4 Middle Class The market potential in Latin America is not static. The middle class is expanding throughout the region, although 8 TV The medium generally receives the highest level of investment, but it’s been leveling. TV is expensive and digital is growing rapidly 12 Choice Consumers generally like choice but it varies in Latin America. Argentine economic policy and other factors have produced relatively limited brand choice, 30 countries that together produce a GDP of at somewhat different rates. The number of throughout Latin America because of consumer while proximity to the US exposes Mexicans to wide around $5 trillion, which would rank the area people now officially considered middle class interest and in some cases, like Argentina, brand possibilities. And Chilean consumers can choose fourth worldwide, after Japan, in national improved by over 25 percent since 2006. government encouragement. the most luxurious European status cars or the least 5 9 output. expensive Indian or Chinese imports. 2 13 Confidence Not surprisingly, wealthier people Digital Internet investment is still relatively low Diversity Latin America is many opportunities— feel more confident about the future—but not but growing sharply. PCs and laptops still Brand Presence Latin Americans generally think famous and challenges. It extends from the southern by much. Among the middle class, 77 percent dominate for accessing the Internet. That’s brands are better. That’s true of half the population in edge of the US to the northern edge of feel optimistic. That figure increases a few because of some spotty 3G coverage and the Colombia, and also in Brazil and Argentina where Antarctica. The area experienced a complex points to 79 percent for the wealthy and drops high cost of data plans. people are most brand conscious. 10 14 history and brand marketers need to be aware for the lower income groups, but only to 67 not just of national differences but also of percent. Mobile Mobile Internet access is increasing. Brand Contribution Retail and beer receive the highest 6 regional differences within nations. It’s highest in Mexico where 19 percent of scores for Brand Contribution, which measures the impact 3 Price It remains important, which isn’t surprising the online users saying they’ve accessed the of brand alone on future earnings. Beers often receive Markets Brazil, the “B” in BRIC, accounts for considering that much of the population has Internet via mobile in the past four weeks. high marks, retail brands not as often. The result reflects a 11 more than one-third of the value of BrandZ™ contended with poverty and even the wealthy close bond between customers and retail brands that have Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands. worry about radical fluctuations in inflation. As Social Latin Americans are social. And played a role in providing credit to people denied bank And while Brazil is the region’s largest market, a long-term trend, however, more individuals social media is a good place for brands to credit until recently. 15 it’s not the only one. Chile, a relatively small report that their purchasing decisions aren’t find potential customers. Brazilians have an nation of only 17 million people, accounts for always driven by special offers. average of 481 friends. In Colombia, Internet Loyalty Latin Americans overall say that when they find 7 one-fifth of the Top 50 brand value. users spend about eight hours weekly on social a brand they like, they stick with it. Mexico measures Credit Credit is becoming more available networks, compared with a global average of somewhat lower in loyalty, which may be because in as banks attempt to add new customers, 4.8 hours. Mexico brand choice is somewhat wider. 16 opening in areas underserved until recently. Retailers continue to be key sources for credit, Growth Categories Luxury brands are discovering particularly in Chile. Colombia. In Mexico, the growing middle class is tiring of the multi-tasking life and looking for products that save time and enhance personal health. The most represented brands in the BrandZ™ Latin America Top 50 are retail and financial institutions, which comprise about half of the ranking. 17 Social Responsibility All nations are works in progress. But that notion applies most acutely to Latin America. Although more people are entering the middle class, a wide gap remains in income and education levels. Building a brand in Latin America is about investing in the future of a region.10 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 11
  6. 6. LATIN AMERICA INTRODUCTION LATIN AMERICA Brands Rise in Value Key Facts and Importance A context for sustained success Moving toward democracy Land Area GDP 21.07 million Km2 2010 US$5.1 trillion In the early nineteenth century, after the American 8.13 million Mi2 2000 US$2.1 trillion Throughout Latin America brands are rising in value To successfully market brands and grow brand and French Revolutions, and around the time of Change +140 percent and importance. value in Latam today it helps to appreciate some the Napoleonic Wars, a series of conflicts in Latin of this context. America ended European rule. The transition to self- High-value brands are present across most indigenous peoples who inhabited the land we government proved difficult. As nations developed categories. Some are government owned or call America before the explorers, conquistadors during the nineteenth century they remained Population GDP per Capita controlled, as often is the case in fast growing and missionaries arrived. hierarchical. markets. Many result from entrepreneurial vision, Varied and complicated 2010 583 million 2010 US$8,698 risk and energy. But Latin America is more varied and complicated. In the middle of the twentieth century, governments 2000 514 million 2000 US$4,109 The term Latin America—or the acronym Latam— Other Europeans settled. The importation of African adopted assorted political ideologies, all promising Change +13 percent Change +112 percent Latam’s largest markets, Brazil and Mexico, is easy shorthand for describing an area of the slaves and emigration from Asia and the Middle to deliver varying combinations of prosperity, produce the greatest number of high-value brands, Western Hemisphere that comprises 8.13 million East added diversity. And the indigenous population equality and stability. Too often these attempts but smaller economies also are well represented. square miles (21.07 million square kilometers) comprised many different peoples along with the were accompanied by the brutal repression of Latin American brands often serve multiple local stretching over two continents and many islands Aztec, Mayan and Inca. the regime, the violence of the resistance or both. Median Age Foreign Direct Investment country markets. A few operate globally. with more than 30 countries and almost 600 million people. Culture, geography, natural resources and climate By 2000, democracy flourished in most of Latin 2010 27.6 years 2010 US$113 billion This vitality did not happen easily or quickly. vary tremendously in a region that stretches more America. Economies fluctuated, but were linked 2000 24.5 years 2000 US$86 billion Centuries of economic and political tribulations Latam compresses into just two syllables a historical than 5,000 miles (8,000 kilometers) from the globally and regionally as exemplified by NAFTA Change +31 percent proceeded this relatively stable period of when dichotomy of this region: that it’s a mix of two northern border of Mexico to the tip of Chilean (the North American Free Trade Agreement) and more people share in the region’s prosperity and cultures, the Latin from European societies— Patagonia. History varies as well, although several Mercosur (Mercado Común del Sur) the common enjoy access to merchandise and brands. primarily Spain and Portugal but also France—and common themes prevail. market of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Sources: CIA World Fact Book, United Nations, World Bank14 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 15
  7. 7. LATIN AMERICA INTRODUCTION Dramatic improvements Sustaining growth Latin America: 1492 attention shifted to the Atlantic coast and Buenos Great Britain, the US, France and Germany exerted Each of the five countries examined in this report Is the progress inexorable? It never is, certainly not A Short History The landing of Christopher Columbus in the Aires developed as a commercial center. The Portuguese established a formal government in powerful economic influence in the region. Rising commodity exports linked Latin America into the illustrates both the dramatic economic and social improvements happening in Latam and the in Latin America. And not in an interdependent world economy when weakness in the Eurozone, Paths Americas in 1492 changed everything. His discovery prompted Spain and Portugal to send Brazil in 1548. By the end of the century, the economic importance of sugar production led to global economy. Wealth and political power remained concentrated among the elite. challenges ahead. North America or Asia can reduce demand for Latin American commodities, for example. toward expeditions to the New World to gain natural resources, build trade networks and convert the the importation of Africans as slaves and the growth of São Paulo. Prosperity Argentina: The country recovered from the collapse population to Christianity. With the Treaty of of its economy a decade ago. But the trauma of Sustaining the health of Latin America’s Tordesillas, in 1494, Spain and Portugal established Twentieth Century economic devastation and hyperinflation continues economies depends on steadily growing and their respective claims to the new land with a line to impact the Argentina’s efforts to expand the economy and lift the population. sharing prosperity. Assuring this future is an important responsibility of government, but not of government alone. It requires the participation and Equality of demarcation. Independence Events in Europe led to the independence of the The Mexican Revolution ended in defeat but with a constitution and eventually with the installation of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) that ruled Brazil: The “B” in BRIC experienced extraordinary of all segments of society. The best way for a Spanish and Portuguese colonies. Long disenchanted from 1929 to 2000. However stability eluded economic growth with an economy that surpassed brand to profit from the transformation of Latin The history of Latin America is a synthesis Conquest with Spanish rule, the colonialists felt emboldened most of Latin America. Governments experimented $2 trillion in GDP in 2010. But as the growth rate America is to be part of it. of unique national stories informed by a by the weakened power of Spanish king during with many of the “isms”—communism, socialism slows, Brazil faces the need to improve infrastructure common timeline beginning with indigenous The conquest began with the arrival of Hernándo the Napoleonic Wars. The first independent nation and populism—and with military dictatorship. The and education levels. civilizations and including European Cortés on the coast of Yucatán in the spring of was established in Haiti, in 1804. Independence region suffered through periods of brutal political conquest, liberation and the struggle toward 1519. Supported by local alliances, Cortes movements led by Simón Bolívar and José de San repression and revolutionary violence. By the end of Chile: A successful free market economy makes free, prosperous and equitable societies. defeated the Aztecs in 1521, renaming their capital, Martin liberated South America of Spanish rule by the century democracy emerged in most countries. Chilean brands among the most widely recognized Tenochtitlán, Mexico City. A campaign against the 1826. Mexico separated from Spain in 1821. in Latam. But economic improvements have raised Maya followed, and by 1526 Spain controlled most Brazil severed from Portugal without significant expectations, especially for better and more of Central America. Francisco Pizarro defeated the armed struggle in 1822. affordable education. Indigenous Civilizations Incas in Peru in 1533 and soon established the The New Millennium city of Lima. Battles between the Spanish and the Colombia: Life is more normal with the reduction of Since well before recorded history, diverse Incas continued for decades in the rugged Andes, In 2000, Mexicans defeated the PRI after 71 drug-related violence that intimidated Colombians indigenous peoples populated the land. ending with the ultimate defeat of the Inca Empire Nation Building years of uninterrupted rule. Argentine leadership and discouraged international investment just a By around 8,000 years ago they already in 1572. implemented policies to rebuild the collapsed few years ago. But sustaining that normality is key. were engaged in relatively sophisticated Following Independence Brazil remained in tact economy. Colombian governments reduced agriculture. Eventually, the Aztecs and the Spanish and Portuguese Settlement but the Spanish holdings fractured into separate violence from drug trafficking and guerrilla warfare. Mexico: Brands have flourished in Mexico in part Mayan controlled much of the area that is countries and most struggled in the transition from Brazil pursued parallel efforts to grow the economy because of the close links between Mexico and the now Central American and Mexico. Much The Spanish initially focused on the Pacific territory, monarchical rule to self-governance. Conflicts over and narrow social inequality. Under both liberal US. But brand growth would be even greater with of the Andean region became Inca domain. mining silver and shipping it to customers in China, national borders and civil wars ensued. Instability and conservative administrations Chile’s economy less drug violence and more economic equality. in one of the earliest examples of global trade. As created power vacuums sometimes filled by military continued to expand. The region seemed on the European demand for crops and leather increased, leaders. By the second half of the nineteenth century, path to greater and more widely shared prosperity.16 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 17
  8. 8. LATIN AMERICA INTRODUCTION Middle Class Growth and Latin America is Confidence Drive interest in brands across categories more than twice the With the expansion of the middle class across much of Latin America, international brands are middle class in Latin America has expanded dramatically. During the past five years, the middle land area Jimena Urquijo flourishing and local brands are emerging. class grew by over 25 percent and the lowest income groups declined by 23 percent in eight size of Vice President Business Development Brazil, with a GDP of over $2 trillion, is leading the region’s development as a favorable place for major Latin American markets—Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela Europe. Kantar Media – TGI Latin America brands to invest. The mid-size Colombian economy is enjoying sustained growth for the first time in decades. Smaller nations, such as Bolivia and and Peru. The reasons for this social and economic Peru, are taking their place in a growing regional improvement vary somewhat by country, but economy. Economic uncertainty in the Eurozone generally include government programs to reduce and the US makes these developments even more poverty and social inequality; a sharp increase in notable. global demand for Latin America’s commodities; flexible exchange rates that help moderate inflation; At a time when US politics is dominated by debate wider availability of credit, and trade policies to about the top 1 percent and everyone else, the encourage investment. LATIN BRAZIL AMERICA EUROPE 8.46 million Km2 20.32 million Km2 10.18 million Km2 3.28 million Mi2 8.13 million Mi2 3.93 million Mi218 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 19
  9. 9. LATIN AMERICA INTRODUCTION PEOPLE FEEL FINANCIALLY SEACURE PURCHASING POWER INCREASES 35% People Feel Financially Secure Purchasing Power Increases 60% Middle Class Growth in Latin Economic growth varies by country People at all economic levels feel America and policies confident 30%60% 50% Most countries have implemented programs to Latin American consumers feel confident 25% improve the lives of their citizens. Brazil’s national about their economic situation. More than50% 40% social welfare program, Bolsa Família, provides three-quarters of middle class Latin Americans 20% financial support for people in need in the form believe that their financial situation will be better of a government ID that acts like a debit card. In a year from now, compared with 14 percent 30%40% Argentina, the Universal Child Allowance distributes who believe the situation will remain unchanged 15% 2006 money to the unemployed or underemployed. and only 6 percent who expect it to get worse. 20% The level of optimism has increased significantly 10%30% 2011 Government economic policies aided the over the past five years among people in all expansion. Brazil imposes high taxes on certain economic groups. 10% 5%20% imported products in order to protect Brazilian businesses and international companies that 0% manufacture in Brazil. By taxing imported Chinese Consumers Feel Confident 0% 2006 2011 2006 2011 2006 2011 2006 2011 2006 2011 2006 2011 2006 2011 2006 201110% cars, for example, Brazil attempts to aid the US Argentina Brazil Mexico Colombia Chile PC Internet Usage Airline Trips and European carmakers whose operations create Total AB C DE employment and support local industries. People feel financially secure, especially in Brazil where Reflecting the rise of the middle class, PC ownership Better 1 year more than 30 percent of the population reports feeling increased dramatically to over 50 percent of the population 0 from now 74% 79% 77% 67% AB DE Similarly, foreign investment has helped to sustain secure compared with 25 percent five years ago. in 2011 from 30 percent in 2006. C high employment levels and increased income in Worse 1 year from now 7% 4% 6% 11% Source: TGI syndicated survey of urban centers in Argentina, Brazil, Source: TGI syndicated survey of urban centers in Argentina, Brazil, In the five years between 2006 and 2011, the middle Chile, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. Other nations, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru. Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru. class grew 26 percent and the lowest economic classes such as Argentina and Venezuela, have attempted Same 1 year from now 16% 14% 14% 18% declined 23 percent. to widen the middle class with less emphasis on Not surprisingly, people feel most financially secure Source: TGI Latina 2011- Syndicated survey of urban centers in attracting foreign investment. Economic growth in in Brazil, the country that has enjoyed the greatest Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru. these nations is more dependent on high commodity While wealthier people are somewhat more optimistic economic growth. The sense of financial security Brands factor into purchasing prices. than the population overall, people in all income levels also has improved, if more moderately, in Argentina decisions feel that their economic situation is improving. and Colombia. Mexico is an exception, probably Overall, employment has remained high and Source: TGI syndicated survey of urban centers in Argentina, Brazil, because its strong ties to the US economy exposed The rise in purchasing power is accompanied by general economic stability has moderated the Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru. the country to the financial crisis, and drug-related a growing concern with brands. More than half debt and currency devaluations that periodically violence discouraged investment and tourism. In of consumers in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia troubled the region in the past. Over the past few Chile financial security went down slightly. Chiles think that well-known brands are better. And Socio-Economic years, Latin America’s economy grew by around 4-or-5 percent annually. private pension system suffered an estimated 20 percent loss to the global financial crisis thereby more than half of all consumers in Argentina and Brazil look for a brand name when purchasing. Classifications contributing to a lower sense of financial security. With an improved sense of financial wellbeing, Brazilians are the most loyal customers. About 65 percent say that when they find a brand they like, they stick with it. Mexico again is an exception. All Latin American countries use the same the middle class spends more. Internet usage has While the level of brand interest and loyalty is classifications to signify socio-economic increased sharply. Over half of the population high in Mexico, it’s relatively lower than in the status: wealthier individuals are designated now owns PCs. The rise in disposable income other countries. One explanation for this anomaly AB; poorer, DE; those in the middle class are and confidence is also illustrated by the increase is that Mexican consumers have been exposed to C. Methodologies for assigning individuals in airline trips. international brands for a long time because of to the three classifications vary by country. the nation’s proximity to the US. Argentina uses a point system to weigh factors such as income and occupation, for example, while Colombia correlates the socio-economic classification with area of residence.20 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 21
  10. 10. LATIN AMERICA INTRODUCTION Purchasing Power Increases EDUCATION Levels Lag Education LEVELS LAG Brand Consciousness Expands SPECIAL OFFER INTEREST DECREASES 70% 70% 80% 60% 75% 71% 50% 60% I always look for special offers 70% 40% 67% 50% I like to change brands often, 65% 30% to get variety and try things out 40% I always look for the brand name 60% 20% on the packet 55% 10% 30% Generally, I plan ahead when buyng expensive things 50% 0% When I find a brand I like, I stick with it 2006 2011 Brazil Russia India China US Europe 20% Latin America Primary/No Education Intermediate University Entered or Complete I think that well-known brands are better 10% Reflecting the increased sense of economic security, fewer One-third of Brazil’s population has only a primary consumers feel compelled to seek sale-priced items. school education, or no education. This reveals Brazil’s Source: TGI syndicated survey of urban centers in Argentina, Brazil, most serious challenge in the near term, and its biggest Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru. hurdle in achieving sustained levels of social and economic 0% development. Argentina Brazil Mexico Colombia Chile Source: TGI syndicated survey of urban centers in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru. Across Latin America consumers are paying attention to Bubble or long-term reality brands. Generally, they prefer to stick with a brand they like rather than experiment. These changes are significant—the rise of the middle The aging infrastructure needs to be improved. And Source: TGI syndicated survey of urban centers in Argentina, Brazil, class, the improvement in financial confidence, the people need to receive more extensive education. Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru. increase in consumerism and concern with brand. While education levels have improved slightly since But are these changes permanent? Predictions are 2006, even in Brazil, the region’s most prosperous Related to this growing interest in brands and always dangerous, especially in Latin America, a nation, only about a quarter of the population has underlying brand loyalty, Latin American consumers region known for its economic and political volatility. any university education. That’s the lowest level of are shopping slightly less for special offers. In 2011, any of the BRIC economies and less than half of 67 percent of consumers always looked for special The balance between economic expansion and the level in the US or Europe where, respectively, offers, down from 71 percent in 2006. While intolerable inflation can be difficult to modulate. 59 percent and 55 percent of the population has the change is small as a percent, the direction is But the social and economic improvements are some university education. important because it suggests that as consumers feel fundamental and should foster greater stability. Latin more secure, they become willing to spend more America needs to address at least two underlying These improvements are requisite to build and for the products and services that they need and structural weaknesses, however. sustain prosperous, competitive and just societies. want. And bargain hunters may be simultaneously trading up. TGI is a global network of market research studies providing invaluable consumer insights. www.globaltgi.com22 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 23
  11. 11. LATIN AMERICA INTRODUCTION Great Digital Opportunity Juan Alexander Awaits Brands Londoño Regional Manager TNS Digital, Latin America Consumers aspire to expand Internet presence Social network growth potential Great opportunity Traditionally Latin America has been a continent Latin Americans also are keen on sharing videos, Internet penetration relatively low of the haves and have-nots. However, in recent with both consumer and professionally created years there have been huge strides to bridge this videos extremely popular. In fact, 72 percent of When it comes to the Internet, Latin Americans can Today, Latin America has relatively low Internet Several factors account for the relatively low level of gap with a growing middle class and increasing Brazilians view videos on YouTube at least once a best be described as “Aspirers.” penetration, compared with more developed internet access via mobile phones in Latin America. consumer purchasing power. Consumers who week. Brands have the opportunity to create their markets, with only a couple of countries approaching First, all markets in Latin America have suffered were previously excluded from conversations in own engaging videos to be shared by consumers as That’s a TNS Digital Life term for people who the 50 percent mark. While many Internet trends from infrastructure issues and poor coverage of areas such as politics, education, brands and well as to encourage consumer generated content. are relatively new to the Internet but eager to are consistent with other developing markets, some 3G networks. Second, high costs of data plans products, now have a voice, and this voice is being If brand-made videos are sufficiently appealing, become more involved. “Aspirers” is one of our behaviors parallel more developed markets, such and smartphone devices have impacted heavily increasingly expressed through the digital arena. consumers will share them with a large percentage six Digital Lifestyles that also include, for example, as the US and Europe. on levels of usage, especially in markets such as of the online population. “Functionals,” people who use the Internet for Brazil. However, prices of device and data plans It is therefore no surprise that social networking has practical reasons like email, and “Influencers” In Latin America, as in other fast growing markets, are falling, with excellent offers for data even on had a huge impact in Latin America, especially Social networks, along with brand websites, are who spend much of the day online. the PC/laptop is still the dominant device for pre-pay plans. This suggests that Internet access considering the social nature of many Latins. also the most important digital touch points on the accessing the Internet, with mobile devices failing via mobiles is due to explode in the near future. Brazilians, for example, have an average of 481 path to purchase in Latin America, with nearly In Latin America, about 38 percent of the population to make an impact. Mexico has the highest levels friends on social networks, one of the highest half the population engaged at any stage. Not are “Aspirers” compared with 15 percent of mobile usage with 19 percent of the online numbers in the world, offering major opportunities surprisingly, offline touch points, such as TV and worldwide. These consumers access the Internet population accessing the Internet by mobile in for brands to share their message with large groups word of mouth, still dominate media investment via Internet cafés and/or at home. They are highly engaged but have not been as active as they would like to be, at least until now. the past four weeks. At the same time, however, Mexico’s PC legacy matches that of the US, its northern neighbor with which it maintains close TNS Digital Life of consumers. In Colombia, Internet users are spending up to in Latin America. However, digital’s enormous potential points to the need for brands to create integrated offline/online marketing approaches. cultural and economic ties. Digital Life is the largest global study of eight hours weekly on social networks, significantly Brands face an enormous opportunity in Latin people’s online attitudes and behaviors. Based higher than the global average of 4.8 hours. America during the coming months and years on conversations with over 72,000 people in Social networks also act as aggregators of many as these highly engaged new consumers, the 60 countries, TNS Digital Life provides insights services including messaging, chat, sharing photos “Aspirers,” increase their Internet usage levels that help marketers develop effective online and videos and playing games. Therefore social across all activities and platforms. strategies. networks offer an excellent first point of call for brands to communicate with the online consumer. www.tnsdigitallife.com24 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 25