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  1. 1. ~~PROSTITUTION~~ by Roll No: 13
  2. 2. Prostitution?? The exchange of sexual services for money. Selling or renting out a male or a females body to satisfy the lust.
  3. 3. History!!Oldest Profession...Nagarvadhus-"brides of the town".Devadasis-"temple prostitutes"Binodini Dasi-courtesan and later a Bengali theatre actress.Mujra dancers during theMughal period.
  4. 4. Prostitution legal and regulatedProstitution is legal, but not regulatedProstitution illegalNo data
  5. 5. Red Light Areas in India...Kamathipura in MumbaiSonagachi in KolkataG.B. Road in New DelhiMalisahi in BhubaneshwarBudhwar Peth in PuneKabadi Bazar in MeerutManota in Kasganj
  6. 6. --Causes-- Fraud work availibility Bad company Belonging to a family of prostitutes Rape victim Early marriage and desertion Lack of recreational facilities Poverty and economic distress Ill treatment by parents Psychological causes include desire for physical pleasure, greed, and dejection.Also other social factors like “WOMEN BEING A COMMODITY.”
  7. 7. Current Scenario...Mumbai and Kolkata have the countrys largest brothel.More than 200,000 sex workers in Mumbai.More than 50% of the sex workers in Mumbai have HIV.Spread of AIDS: High HIV infection rates. Failure to use protection. Migrancy of their clients.
  8. 8. Male Prostitutions Child Prostitutions Pay of INR 1000-  35.47 % child 3000. prostitutes in India. Male escorts, Gigolos,  Lower the age- more Rent-boys, Gay for the payment. pay, etc.
  9. 9. Prostitution-legal or illegal??NO?? YES??Indian culture does not Reduction in harassment permit this practice. of women or the sex workers.Spread of many STDs. Proper licenses to work. Pay taxes.
  10. 10. Overcome the sufferring!!ACP Vasant Dhoble.Rescued 95 girls from the clutches ofprostitution.He arranged a mass wedding of six bar girls.Pulled away 10 girls from being drowned in theracket and send them to a womens reformhome in Chembur.
  11. 11. ~~Conclusion~~Hence, Prostitution is surely not a practice toencourage, but because of it the society is atpeace, except for certain complaints andproblems.People need to refresh their minds and considerthe prostitutes as a part of our society.