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Paper no -14 The african literature


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Representation of women in African literature

Published in: Education
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Paper no -14 The african literature

  1. 1. Representation of Women in African Literature  Name :- Parmar Darshna V.  Roll No :- 6  M.A. :- Sem :- 3  Batch :- 2017- 2019  Paper Name :- ( The African Literature )  Topic :- Representation of Women in African Literature  Email Id :-  Submitted to :- Smt.S.B.Gardi  Department of English  M.K.Bhavnagar University 
  2. 2. Representation of Women with Reference of  Things Fall Apart  Grain of Wheat  Waiting for Barbarian  Swamp Dweller
  3. 3. LAND AND WOMEN  In Grain of Wheat . We found that people say that” kenya is our mother.  Concept of motherland  Mother land is always muted and silent.  Ruled by British people and then native people.  Colonizer comes in with mesquenline power.
  4. 4. In Things Fall Apart we found that as part of punishment Okonkwo exile from ‘ father land ‘ and send to ‘mother land’. A man who has piece of land and many wife is richest and powerful in the place. Okonkwo also respected because he have three wives and piece of land.
  5. 5. Marginalization of Women  Not only marginalization but double marginalization of women.  Achebe gives name to Okonkwo‘s mother land but he fails to give name to Okonkwo’s mother.  In Waiting for Barbarians the Barbarian girl in only female character is shown in novel but she also have not given name.
  6. 6. Exploitation of Women  In ‘Waiting for Barbarians ‘we found that the girl has not given voice to shows the condition of women in their society.  By helping her Megistar make her victim of his sympathy.  She known as ‘other’.  In the beginning her body is unmarked ,but later on her body is full of scars.( mind)
  7. 7. Suppression of Women  Mumbi have all the quality of central character ,but she not considered as central character.  She is more strong then Mugo.
  8. 8. How some women are portrait negative and some are positive Strong and Independe nt She should have been boy Mumbi Ezinm a ALU :- Faithful Consistent to husband Simple honest Desala :- Unfaithful Inconsistent Materialistic
  9. 9. Situation of Women  Men over power women.  Started beating women. Celebration of mesquenline power.  Identity of women as an object to show case of man power.  Women have not their own identity.