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How to Campaign Norwich


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Published in: News & Politics
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How to Campaign Norwich

  1. 1. Campaigning: an introduction Nerys Davies Parliamentary Outreach Service
  2. 2. A policy timeline Manifesto discussion Green Paper White Paper Pre-legislative scrutiny General election Queen’s Speech Passage of Bill through Parliament An Act
  3. 3. Manifesto discussion • Conservatives • Labour • Liberal Democrats • Other
  4. 4. Parliament • comprises Commons, Lords and Monarch • holds Government to account • passes laws General election Government • some MPs and some Lords, chosen by the Prime Minister • runs Government Departments and public services
  5. 5. Queen’s Speech Can be found in Hansard 0001.htm#14060430000173
  6. 6. for-you/queens-speech-2014-what-it-means-for-you
  7. 7. Pre-legislative scrutiny • Draft Bills or draft clauses of a bill • Mainly looked into by House of Commons Select Committees but can be Joint Committees or House of Lords Committees
  8. 8. Passage of a bill Bill starting in the House of Commons Bill starting in the House of Lords House of Commons House of CommonsHouse of Lords House of Lords Royal Assent Royal Assent
  9. 9. Commons: how to get involved When to contact an MP about a Bill: • Second reading • Public Bill Committee – find out who chairs the committee • Report Stage Where to find information online: • Bills - • Find an MP - offices/mps/
  10. 10. Lords: how to get involved When to contact a Lord about a Bill: • Second reading • Committee stage • Report Stage • Third reading Where to find information online: Speakers list - Bills - Find a Lord -
  11. 11. Post-legislative scrutiny • A relatively new thing • Ad hoc committees as well as select committees in both Houses • Memoranda issued from Government Departments
  12. 12.
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  14. 14. Your next steps... • Watch, read or attend a debate on a bill • Use to find information on specific bills (e.g. Library briefing papers or amendment papers) • Use to research MPs and Lords with an interest in your issue • Write to an interested MP or Lord about your issue • Read the advice on submitting evidence to Public Bill Committees • Submit evidence to a Public Bill Committee
  15. 15. Where can I get information? • and @UKParliament • Commons Information Office 020 7219 4272 • Lords Information Office 020 7219 3107 • Parliament’s Outreach Service 020 7219 1650