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House of commons library presentation 09.05.13


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House of commons library presentation 09.05.13

Published in: News & Politics, Education
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House of commons library presentation 09.05.13

  1. 1. Public Bill Seminar 9 May ‘13Dr Patsy Richards, Commons Library Research Service
  2. 2. Misconceptions
  3. 3. Why a Library briefing on a Bill?• For SecondReadingdebate• Aftercommitteestage• Just generally!Impartial, fair
  4. 4. New, flexible approach to briefing on Bills
  5. 5. How do we know what’s coming up?• UK needs to implement European legislation• White and Green Papers (e.g. EMR White Paper)• Government commitment to pre-legislative scrutiny (PLS)• On-going contact with civil servants and policy and Bill teams• General awareness of policy area, contact with lobbyists,constituents, journal reports• If all else fails – we are always glued to the Queen’s Speech!
  6. 6. Queens Speech 2013 (yesterday)My Government will continue to invest in infrastructure to deliverjobs and growth for the economy.Legislation will be introduced to enable the building of the ‘HighSpeed Two’ railway line, providing further opportunities foreconomic growth in many of Britain’s cities. [High Speed Rail(Preparation) Bill and High Speed Two Hybrid Bill]My Government will continue with legislation to update energyinfrastructure [Energy Bill – carried over from previoussession] and to improve the water industry. [Water Bill]•
  7. 7. Further informationResearch Papers and Standard Notes are publically available• The Library’s pages (RPs and SNs)-–• Linked to from the ‘Bill pages’ (RPs only)-–• Comments can be sent to• Any questions?