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Part 2 - Engage with Parliament: Parliament and You


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Engage with Parliament: Parliament and You - 19 November 2014 Presentation.

Part 2 - The presentation has been split into two parts due to the file size.

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Part 2 - Engage with Parliament: Parliament and You

  1. 1. Petitions Usually call on Government for some action regarding an issue, local or national. Presented to the House of Commons by your MP Early Day Motions A published statement which allows MPs to show their opinion on a particular subject. Other MPs can add their name to show their support
  2. 2. • Informal cross party groups on lots of different subjects e.g. • Deafness • Youth Affairs • Asthma • MPs and Lords form APPGs to build their knowledge of a particular area • APPGs are a useful way to identify MPs/Peers with an interest in a certain cause
  3. 3. • Committees are set up to scrutinise specific areas of work and government departments • Work carried out through public inquiries • Groups and individuals submit evidence • Inquiry report created and passed to relevant government department
  4. 4. These group activities will explore ways of engaging with Parliament with: • Parliamentary Questions • Adjournment Debates • Select Committees • Petitions/e-petitions
  5. 5. • Contact your local MP or an MP with an interest in your issue • Contact a Lord with an interest in your issue • Engage with a Select Committee
  6. 6. • Contact your local MP in first instance • Identify and contact Parliamentarians with an interest • Be clear on your aims • Remember party and Government positions • Be positive and proactive
  7. 7. and @UKParliament Commons Information Office • 020 7219 4272 • Lords Information Office • 020 7219 3107 • Parliament’s Outreach Service • 020 7219 1650 •