New HubSpot 3 Features


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This is my presentation from the September Austin HubSpot User Group. It covered some of the new features in HubSpot 3, how you can use them, and what it means for your marketing.

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New HubSpot 3 Features

  1. 1. Lots of new really, really cool features
  2. 2. The Promise:•  An End to Isolated Tools and Fragmented Marketing•  The Right Content To The Right Person At The Right Time•  An Uncompromised View into Your Entire Strategy•  A Marketing Platform and Community that Makes 1+1=3
  3. 3. Dynamic(Content(
  4. 4. Inbound Marketingis about Relevancy
  5. 5. Personalized emails improve click-throughrates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.(Source: Aberdeen Group)
  6. 6. The$Response$Rates$of$Personalized$Cross4Media$Marke7ng$Campaigns! Source:!Caslon!&!DMA!
  7. 7. Being Relevant : Delivering a messageThat meets a recipient’s needs, at themoment the recipient is ready to receive it.
  8. 8. Someone who had beentalking with your salesteam for weeks…. Get$Started$With$ 30$Free$Days$ Start Your Trial
  9. 9. … shouldn’t see thesame homepage asyour early-stage leads. Learn&More&in& Our&Tip&Sheet& Download Your Copy
  10. 10. Someone who youKNOW is interested innonprofit solutions. How$to$Keep$ Donors$Engaged$ Free Tip Sheet
  11. 11. … shouldn’t get the sameCTAs as your eCommerceleads. Reduce&Shopping& Cart&Abandonment& Free Guide
  12. 12. Problem: Doing this isreally complex.
  13. 13. Problem: Doing this used to be isreally complex.
  14. 14. Use$Cases$
  15. 15. USE CASEAdapt to wherethe contactis in the lifecycle
  16. 16. USE CASEAdapt tothe contact’sindustry*Enterprise*
  17. 17. USE CASEGive yourcustomers’a break