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What is the Onsite Container Program from ParkerStore | Parker Hannifin


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Remote jobsites typically found in minining, construction, forestry, airports and marine docks find that downtime is wasted money counted in minutes. The ability to apply predictive maintenance, preventative maintenance or repair any equipment or hose at any time is critical for maintenance and site managers.

To maximize productivity you need to reduce the downtime associated with equipment repair or maintenance. Having all the components that are prebuilt or allow you to build to need sitting onsite in a self contained housing unit is the ideal scenario, Parker and our ParkerStore teams deliver a fully stocked hydraulic workshop right to your jobsite, dockside, or even on the marine ship deck. These highly efficient container-based workshops provide all the equipment, technology and inventory needed for on-location fabrication of hose and tube assemblies, filter components, and much more.

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What is the Onsite Container Program from ParkerStore | Parker Hannifin

  1. 1. ParkerStoreTM Onsite
  2. 2. What is the Onsite Container Program • Onsite Containers cut the time to replace a failed hose or perform maintenance • Your equipment and labor downtime will be significantly reduced • Respond immediately to unplanned downtime
  3. 3. Reduce Downtime Costs • Equipment & inventory included for safe and efficient hose assembly • Eliminating waiting for replacement components reduces the cost of machine downs
  4. 4. Customized Stocking Plan • Onsite Container program is ready to go with: • Electrical & lighting • Insulation • Heat & a/c • Workbench, hose reels & bulk fitting storage • Equipment, stock & inventory plan are customized to your needs
  5. 5. • Focus on your job – not worrying about downtime or maintaining your equipment • Ready unit in stock for you – no waiting to start Job-Ready For Your Site
  6. 6. • Lease to own or straight purchase available • Low monthly payments = high jobsite profitability • Contact your distributor for pricing Program Terms
  7. 7. Contract Incentives? • Finish-early bonus in your contract? • Late penalty clause? • Onsite Container can keep your operation up and running to maximize your profitability
  8. 8. • Inventory tailored to your jobsite • Hands-on equipment & safety training • Automatic product re-ordering What You Receive
  9. 9. Standard Interior Crimper Reel Racks Shelving & Storage Bins Work tables A / C; Heater Electrical
  10. 10. Standard Container Offering 20 / 40 foot standard ISO container Electrical - single or 3-phase Wall & ceiling system Exterior paint & graphics Steel mandoor with lock set Custom drop workbench with angled hose tray 3-hose reel rack Air conditioner Fan forced heater Container shelving Set of storage bins Fast Delivery to Your Site • Standard units in stock
  11. 11. Why ParkerStore Onsite • Convenience – your own complete hydraulic workshop with 24 / 7 accessibility • Maximize your equipment uptime • Inventory management improves onsite fulfillment • Reduce admin costs related with placing orders
  12. 12. 12 Thank You