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Solutions for Hydro Electric Power Generation - Product Overview - Parker Hannifin Energy


Published on : From “micro-hydro” to “mega-dams,” Parker delivers a full array of solutions spanning the filtration, fluid conveyance and hydraulic actuation systems for today's gate actuation systems and governance control applications. We also offer Global Shield™, an innovative solution in corrosion resistant shielding for key components.
Designing systems ranging from "smart" hydraulic cylinders to state-of-the-art motor controls, Parker solutions optimize turbine upgrades and enable OEMs with critical technologies that include: hydraulics, pneumatics, and electromechanical systems to seamless piping and sealing solutions used inside the turbine, to fluid conveyance, filtration, purification and condition monitoring systems. In concert with expert vertical system integrators, Parker provides end-to-end support and, including custom system design, project management and field support throughout the entire construction cycle. View Brochure: Parker's Water Energy - Hydro Solutions

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Solutions for Hydro Electric Power Generation - Product Overview - Parker Hannifin Energy

  1. 1. HydroVision 2015 Solution Overview Parker Hannifin - Energy Platform Solutions for Hydro-Electric Power Generation
  3. 3. PARKER SOLUTIONS – Application Focus Control Solutions for: • Turbine and Generator Governing Systems • Gate Actuation • Fluid Conveyance, Filtration • Purification & Condition Monitoring
  4. 4. NEW! SensoNodeTM Mobile for liquid and gas condition monitoring applications (featuring Smart BlueTooth® technology) This low-power mobile wireless sensor monitors your equipment and system’s: • pressure • humidity • temperature AND… transmits real-time analytics to your iOS 8 mobile device, using Parker's proprietary SCOUT mobile technology.
  5. 5. NEW! Global ShieldTM Rod Coating A new standard in corrosion-resistant technology! Specifically designed to enhance Parker cylinder performance in hydro-dam and wave and tidal applications with demanding corrosion resistance requirements . When compared to traditional rod coatings, Global Shield provides significant improvements over traditional chrome coatings. • Lower Friction –no need for lubrication • Stronger Adhesion to the carbon steel substrate • More Ductile and Tough so when the rod bends, it does too • Engineered Hardness (HRC 54 minimum) for maximum wear-resistance (eliminates surface micro-cracks and delamination.) Global Shield Brochure
  6. 6. NEW! Sentinel® Purification System For Hydraulic Fluid and Oil in turbines and HPU’s • Compact – 75% smaller and lighter than traditional purification systems • Highly efficient– uses 1/3 less energy than larger units • Optimized for oil and hydraulic fluid reservoir systems of up to 1000 gallons • Removes: 1. Water 2. Gases --- ie. Degas fluid – through Vacuum dehydration – removing entrained oil 3. Particulates (using particulate filter)
  7. 7. Custom Hydraulic Cylinders • Parker is the global leader in hydraulic cylinders • Highly engineered, large bore & long stroke hydraulic cylinders for gate actuation and governor controls • Featuring exclusive “Absolute Position” externally mounted Intellinder® smart sensor. • State of the art coatings and rod plating systems • Global manufacturing at multiple locations
  8. 8. Intellinder® Smart-sensor enabled Cylinders For multiple renewable energy & traditional power gen applications • Featuring the first “Absolute Position” externally mounted sensor! • Steel and Stainless construction cylinder- available in NFPA tie rod or in a round line designs • Sensor available on hydraulic, pneumatic, or electro- mechanical • Intellinder ”smart sensor” -- Exterior or Interior mount, non-pressurized, non-contacting sensor • Highly reliable • Highly serviceable –IP65 rated • Extreme temperature rating (operating range of - 40 to 220F) • Universal across a wide range of cylinder bore and rod diameters, with stroke lengths up to 27 feet • Redundancy with additional sensors. Intellinder Brochure
  9. 9. Intellinder Absolute Position Sensor - Industrial Applications Making a mark in cylinder positioning
  10. 10. Portable Icount Oil Sampler (IOS) now features Wireless “remote monitoring” option • Condition monitoring for hydraulic oil and fuel systems • Featuring Parker laser detection technology • Wireless remote monitoring option Portable Icount Oil Sampler (IOS) Brochure
  11. 11. Parflange F37 Weldless/Seamless Piping Solutions • Alternative to welded hydraulic piping. • Eliminates fractures and potential for hydraulic leaks. • Precise bending capabilities using state of the art CNC bending equipment Parflange F37 Brochure
  12. 12. Parflange F37 Non-Welded Hydraulic Piping • Engineered system of tubes/pipes, flanges, clamps, manifolds & interconnect components for hydraulic piping applications • Non-welded piping systems pre- fabricated on CNC bending equipment allows for improved project throughput • Ultra clean system - precision seamless hydraulic piping has no mill scale. • Piping is cold bent for minimization of weld elbows and weld-induced system contamination
  13. 13. DF Plus Proportional Valves For governor control • Highest performance response available • High flow, dual spool provides maximum flow capacity coupled with precise control. • External pressure port function option provides full control on loss of power. • Controlled spool failsafe conditions. DF Plus Proportional Valve Brochure
  14. 14. Hydraulic Accumulators Accumulator Racks for Failsafe Control • Parker is the global leader in piston and bladder style accumulators. • Provides a sustained supply of hydraulic pressure for controlled shut-down • Customized sealing solutions, housings and bladder options for demanding applications • Large accumulator rack systems available from our Hydraulic Technology Centers