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Power-Gen International 2015 | Motion and Control Solutions for Power Generation


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Our comprehensive offering spans solutions for fluid and gas conveyance and filtration, turbine and engine auxiliaries, condition monitoring, preventative maintenance, sealing and shielding, injection and combustion controls, tracking solutions and energy conversion storage and many motion and control systems for the balance of the plant. New this year will be a series of advanced wireless/mobile sensors, intelligent “hybrid” actuation cylinders and systems, fuel management/filtration systems, as well as power conversion and energy storage solutions.

To learn more about the latest innovations we will display at Power Gen, head to

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Power-Gen International 2015 | Motion and Control Solutions for Power Generation

  1. 1. PowerGen International 2015 December 8-10, 2015 #PowerGen Booth #2013 Las Vegas, NV Power Generation Solutions Overview
  2. 2. Offering the most comprehensive set of product & system solutions for power- gen applications • Download our brochure: Power Gen Solutions • Parker to launch six major product lines at PowerGen International 2015, Dec 8-10, 2015 2 Connect with Parker’s social channels
  3. 3. Parker End to End Solutions for Power Generation • Portable Fuel Filtration Systems – optimized fuel cleanliness • Seal-Lok Xtreme Fittings – Leak-free connections for combustion turbine applications • Axis Tracker/Solar Actuation Solutions – HAS Hybrid actuator systems • High Pressure Compressed Air & Gas Filtration • On-site Nitrogen Generators • SensoNode Blue /SCOUT Mobile – Smart condition monitoring for solar panel hydraulics • Intellinder – Smart hydraulic cylinder with sensor • GreenMAX Series Filter – Cartridge fuel filter / water separator • Non-Welded Seamless Piping Solutions – ASME B-31 Compliant • N2 NitroDry Air Dryer – Designed especially for PowerGen applications • CLEANDiesel Fuel Filtration and Condition Monitoring Solutions • Replacement ParFit SmaRT 1000 Replacement Element Filters 3
  4. 4. Power Gen Product Offerings: Portable Fuel Filtration system This pump and filtration system with integrated cart is a practical and economical diesel fuel cleaning maintenance tool whose small footprint and portable design provides “on the spot” filtration at the site where it’s needed. • Removes free and emulsified water from diesel fuel • Cleanses new fuel before putting it into service • Allows for easy transfer of fuel from drums or storage tanks to system reservoirs • Conditions bulk fuel in storage tanks • System portability provide flexibility for removing water and contaminants • Improves and extends fuel life and system components • Increase uptime and decrease cost of ownership • Provides customer with cost effective way of improving and maintaining diesel fuel quality 4 Parker Racor Portable Fuel Polishing System (Product Info)
  5. 5. Power Gen Product Offering: Leak-Free Connections for Combustion Turbine Applications These zero-clearance fittings offer improved durability and reliability with the use of a patent-pending stainless-steel metal sealing ring. This Parker innovation achieves superior tube and hose connections at temperatures as low as - 328°F (-200°C) and as high as 1200°F (650°C) • Resistance to over-tork tightening • Vibration resistant • Zero clearance for easy plumbing • Unlimited reusability • Reduced galling potential due to special dry film lubricated nuts. 5 Parker Seal-Lok Xtreme Fittings (Product Info)
  6. 6. Power Gen Product Offering: Axis Tracker / Solar Actuation Solution Reinvent Active Solar Tracking through the use of Parker’s Hybrid Actuation System (HAS) actuators. Featuring • The controllability of electromechanical actuators • The power density, longer life, and resistive force capabilities of traditional hydraulic systems. • The resulting hybrid offers a robust, long-life tracking solutions for solar power. 6 HAS – Superior for pitch control
  7. 7. Power Gen Product Offering: Smart Hydraulic Cylinders Targeted for hydro-electric gate actuation and governor control, the Intellinder is an enhanced addition to the company's long established line offering in hydraulic cylinders. Featuring the first "intelligent“ externally mounted sensor! 7 Intellinder Brochure
  8. 8. Power Gen Product Offering: Wireless Sensors Smart condition monitoring for solar panel hydraulics. • This low-power wireless sensor provides condition monitoring for hydraulic system pressure changes in solar panels that are affected by weather (wind, rain, etc). Transmits real-time analytics to your iOS 8 mobile device, using Parker's proprietary SCOUT mobile software technology. 8 SensoNode Blue and SCOUT Mobile
  9. 9. Power Gen Product Offering: Cartridge Fuel Filter /Water Separator Parker's CLEANDiesel FBO • A line of versatile housings with three filter options, ideally suited for bulk fuel storage and tank farms in a variety of power main grid or backup applications. • An accompanying product is the Filtration Caddy portable unit-ideal for power generator units equipped with tanks where fuel is stored and may have degraded from water and other contamination. This portable unit provides a cost effective option to keep fuel clean. Learn More. 9 Parker Racor GreenMAX Series Filter
  10. 10. Power Gen Product Offerings: Fuel Filtration and Condition Monitoring Solutions • CLEANDiesel DFI High-Flow Filters Users looking for a more a cost effective solution without sacrificing performance should consider CLEANDiesel DFI High-Flow Cartridges. • CLEANDiesel DVF-64/DVF-65 is a line of versatile housings with three filter options, ideally suited for bulk fuel storage and tank farms in a variety of power main grid or backup applications. • CLEANDiesel Diesel Filtration Skid (DFS) - a comprehensive fuel contaminant control system that ensures CLEAN DRY FUEL at key bulk fuel transfer points. • CLEANDiesel Integrated Particulate Monitor (IPM™) is a compact, permanently mounted laser-based particle detector module that provides a cost-effective solution to fluid management and contamination control, representing the latest in condition monitoring technologies. 10 Parker CLEANDiesel
  11. 11. Power Gen Product Offering: High Pressure Compressed Air & Gas Filtration Parker’s Finite Filter Operation offers a variety of high pressure compressed air and gas filters. With our wide range of elements, we have a solution for every stage of compression, as well as at the point of use. Whether you are storing high pressure air or gas or using a continuous flow, count on Parker to protect your equipment from contamination. Parker Finite is the solution to ending high pressure contamination fouling. 11 Parker J Series High Pressure Compressed Air and Gas Filters
  12. 12. Power Gen Product Offering: On-site Nitrogen Generators Parker’s full line of on-site nitrogen gas generators produce 95-99% pure oxygen source form any compressed air source. • Blanketing with a Parker Nitrogen generator maintains transformer tank pressure and serves to keep out oxygen and moisture that breaks down transformer oil. The generators can supply nitrogen to tap changers, breakers and main tanks. Learn more 12 On-Site Nitrogen Generators relieve immediate needs in Transformer Blanketing Applications
  13. 13. Power Gen Product Offering: Non-Welded Seamless Piping Solution CPS is Parker's non-welded piping solution to the welded pipe market. • CPS offers power gen and industrial customers a more cost effective alternative to traditional piping, while also reducing the lifetime cost of pipe installations and eliminating leaks due to CPS' seamless construction. 13 Parker CPS Piping Solution
  14. 14. Power Gen Product Offerings: Oil Filtration and Purification The compact Parker Sentinel Portable Purification System serves three main functions, • Removing water • Degassing • Removing solid particles Benefits • Optimized for oil and hydraulic fluid systems of up to 1000 gallons • 75% small and lighter than traditional purification systems. 14 Parker Sentinel Portable Purification System
  15. 15. Power Gen Product Offering: Nitrogen Generators Parker Nitrogen Generators will produce up to 99.99% pure, compressed nitrogen at dewpoints to -58°F (-50°C) from nearly any compressed air supply. These newly redesigned units offer flow rates up to 50% - 180% higher than previous generation models. The generators are designed to continually transform standard compressed air into nitrogen at safe, regulated pressures without operator attention. A nitrogen generator will offer long term cost stability eliminating uncontrollable vendor price increases, contract negotiations, and tank rentals. 15 Parker Nitrogen Generators
  16. 16. Power Gen Product Offering: Nitrogen Air Dryer Designed Especially for Power Gen Applications High temperatures, water and oxygen significantly deteriorate oil and decrease performance in lubrication systems, hydraulic applications, seal monitoring and gear boxes. Through the use of extremely dry nitrogen gas, N2 NitroDry removes free and dissolved water particles, as well as dissolved oxygen, from the oil. Eliminating these system pollutants by incorporating a dryer minimizes maintenance and downtime and improves overall reliability. 16 Parker N2 NitroDry
  17. 17. Contact Parker for End to End Power Generation Solutions Solutions for Power Generation Applications • Contact Information email: Energy Platform Products 6035 Parkland Blvd Cleveland OH 44124 Ph: 1-844-Eparker (372-7537) 17 Connect with Parker’s social channels