Media evaluation part 2


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Media evaluation part 2

  1. 1. Media Evaluation In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?Forever YoungFire in Your EyesD.B Records
  2. 2. The conventions of lighting that we researched in a drum and bass video is quitedark, however there are usually bright flashing lights- this is to represent any party scenehappening or a spot light to focus solely on the band members. We used a lot of theseconventions in our music video as it helped develop our purpose and also it made the videomore effective and made certain scenes stand out more and look more important. For ourband performance filming we used a lot of lighting on each band member, highlighting theirinstruments or if they were singing- we wanted our band members to have fun whilst theywere acting and this came through in our filming and the lighting that we used enhancedthis. It made the band shoot a lot more professional and giving the effect that they arepreforming to an audience.The other lighting that helped us a lot in our video was the lighting in our party scenes, thiseffect made the party look more energetic and fun. It also gave the effect that they were ata party and that they were having a good night out. Without these lighting conventions ourvideo would be very boring and wouldn’t have been able to fulfil the purpose that wewanted. The spotlight on our lead singer and the flashing lights at the party
  3. 3. When we researched costumes in Drum and Bass video’swe found that they would normally wear quite rocky sort ofoutfits e.g. skinny jeans, leather jackets etc. We wanted toshow this convention in our music video because the stylereally fitted the music well and we know that those kind ofoutfits would suit the band members more. With ourwarrior girl, we wanted her to look fierce and independent-like a warrior. So through her outfits we achieved this byher wearing high heels, leggings ,a top and a leather jacket;this impression gives a really outgoing and extrovert lookwhich is what we wanted.For the banc, we wanted to look funky and stylish. I thinkwe achieved this well as we had all them in individualoutfits but they connected in a way; representing the samething. We wanted to stick with the rocky theme for theband members, the lead singer wore skinny jeans and ourguitarist wore boots and a jacket. This helped us reach ouraim of making them look stylish and contemporary.Looking in other drum and bass videos; they too keep thiscostume theme and we found that this helped us a lot inachieving a good Music Video. I think without thesecostume conventions we would have had a very tedious Our warrior girlsand uninteresting video. outfit
  4. 4. Jack, our guitarists outfit. Rhys, our lead singer- looking very contemporary and stylish in his hat.
  5. 5. One of the most important scenes that we decided to do during our planning andresearching was the constant appearance of the eye. We wanted to make it look asthough she’s watching. We got this clever concept from Swedish House Mafia’s video.This convention really suited our song as it’s called Fire in Your Eyes. This really helpeddevelop our video as it made it very concept- which is the style that we wanted todominate.We have also used a variety of different visuals to match the lyrics. This conventionhelped us develop our music video as it made it more effective by seeing the words aswell as hearing them. One of our audience feedback was that “it was really clever”. Usingthis line help us distinguish really important phrases and concepts with our video, makingit more abstract and more of a hidden meaning behind it. This convention is used inmany drum and bass video’s as they want to have a message to it and we wanted toachieve this as well. Eye Visuals to match the lyrics
  6. 6. As our video was based around the events surrounding a night out, we wanted to show herjourney there and back from the clubs- at first we didn’t know how to achieve this, but thenwe looked at drum and bass videos and we came across a lot of ideas. The convention offast driving around looking at all the clubs really caught our attention and we really wantedto use that in our video. This convention really helped develop and show her night out,getting to places and having a good night out, which is what we wanted to achieve. Ipersonally really like the driving scenes as it really helps speeds up the video and makes usinterested in her night out, it makes the video look very effective.
  7. 7. Our graffiti sceneIn our video we wanted to do something really creative and artistic within our musicvideo but we didn’t know what to do. So again we went back to looking at videos andwe came across a really interesting concept. This convention helped to show ourartistic flare within our video. We decided on a graffiti scene- this would help emphasisour warrior/independent concept and our audience did understand this.This convention is used however it is not used as often in Drum and bass videos- thisgave us an advantage as it allowed us to play around with ideas and settings- creating amore varied video. The graffiti scene within our video, I really enjoyed filming as I wasable to film in different camera angles making the image and our video look effective.
  8. 8. When researching drum and bass videos we saw that a big convention of them is lots ofdifferent locations. This keeps the video moving and fits the speed which is constantly fastpaced. This convention was really good for our video as it helped develop her journey andher night out. Using all these different locations and settings help develop and show thatshe was constantly moving from one place to another, fitting the speed of the music. If wehad few locations the video wouldn’t be filled efficiently and we would have to have quite afew repeat of scenes. We wanted a quick pace video, jumping from one location/setting toanother.
  9. 9. Thank you! From Parishti, Jade and Gemma