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Persona #2, John and Kelly


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Published in: Business, Technology, Career
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Persona #2, John and Kelly

  1. 1. User Persona Recreational: Lacking the means to share experiances. Name: John and Kelly Cooper Education: Both Kelly and John have graduated college, John with a batchlors degree’s and Kelly with an associates. They are working professionals. Employment: Kelly is a social worker, and involved with lots of people on a daily baisis. There’s not much of a difference between work and private personalities. John is a investment specialist at a large company. There is a large differentiation in his work and personal life. Location: Live in the city, where they rent a �lat for $1360 monthly. Needs: Recognition as a couple (or de�ined role), Archival of memories, E-journal Wants: Unlock video for them, Easy shari�ication, Functional tool. Aspirations: Have children some day, Experiance places, Acceptance within the community (online and of�line) POV on video: Kelly the social worker is amongst lots of people. She often talks about weekend plan or recent trips, hobbies, personal life, with coworkers. There’s not much of a difference between work and private personalities. She is considered simple. Her social circle was established, and now it’s evolving due to the job, and John. For Kelly, the Flip is a tool for her, John, and her friends (sharing/showing). John is a business professional who keeps work and private personalities seperate. He might not show videos in the of�ice, so coworkers don’t know about his private life too much. He’s reserved and likes to share “�lip” experiences with friends and family. Also looks forwards to making a e-journal, and archiving rather than sharing with others. He might watch videos by himself in the of�ice. For john, �lip is a tool for him and Kelly only.