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05.00.1 salle de classe


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Published in: Technology
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05.00.1 salle de classe

  1. 1. un tableau un styloune carte une fenêtre un bureau un cartable un livre un crayon une feuille de papier
  2. 2. Les fournitures scolaires
  3. 3. La salle de classe
  4. 4. Identifiez p. 17
  5. 5. L’ ordre du Jour
  6. 6. Journal B p. 2Tell these French Business people how to behave.
  7. 7. What is a Syllabus
  8. 8. Understanding Syllabus the
  9. 9. How is it organized?
  10. 10. Read Syllabus
  11. 11. Dark Chalkboard Content Page
  12. 12. Useful Images and Icons
  13. 13. Technical Content Page
  14. 14. Notebook Content Page This is example text, put your own text in its place . Tip: To easily move all objects in template, open up the selection and visibility pane located in the Home tab (upper left) and then opening the select tab (upper right) to reveal the selection pane.
  15. 15. Simple Content Page