Why use a Realtor


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Brought to you by REMAX of Valencia's Paris911 Team. http://remax-valencia-ca-paris911.com who are full California Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors members. We have been licensed and full time Realtors since 1998 http://paris911.com and have seen some interesting trends in most markets as it relates to the FSBO seller. When we have buyers that are interested in finding a home for sale, we don't ever steer them away from the FSBO, or for sale by owner properties. We embrace them and, more often than not, because we are literally experts in finance and paperwork, and because we carry at least a million dollars in E and O insurance, the sellers are glad to have us as a part of the transaction. BTW, there was never a time where we represented a buyer at a FSBO home, even when our buyer was paying our commission, that the seller refused us handling the paperwork, escrow, title reports and the other items associated with selling real estate. However, at about a 50% rate, we did have "disclosure" issues as they related to the seller not wanting to give it in a "full and direct" way when it came to "insurance claims" and "deaths on the property". We routinely find out information, that if the seller had a Realtor, they'd disclose, that has often left to us having to dig to discover it so we could educate our buyers. Realtors are not just there to obtain a commission. They are, more importantly, there to be accountable and to serve. Be safe - search well and let us know if you are in and or around the Greater Los Angeles Areas and need our help.

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Why use a Realtor

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