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The most dangerous question to ask your real estate agent


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Most real estate agent will be on the up and up when answering this question. In fact, most real estate agents don't want to hide anything from their clients. There are reasons that buyers change their minds. It could have to do with finding out something that is "unfixable" about the home they are buying. Maybe they did the door knocking of the neighbors, that we teach in our crash course in real estate, found an X that has a restraining order against them or visa versa. It maybe because they got a pick slip from their employer. There are literally hundreds of reasons why buyers cancel escrow and don't buy the home they wanted in the beginning. Find out when the point is when, if you cancel, you will lose your deposit on the home you wanted to buy. The answer may surprise you. Be safe on your quest and let us know if you are not represented in the Greater Los Angeles areas and in the Santa Clarita Valley, we'd love to be of service. I'm Connor MacIvor with REMAX's Paris911 team at REMAX of Valencia CA. is our main real estate website and thanks for watching.

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