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Real Estate and housing market update 07072014


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We have just concluded our reports that include the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. The are showing the flatness of a majority of the real estate market. to view our latest real estate market updates. We are The Paris911 Team of Realtors with REMAX of Valencia CA and looking to serve you better.

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Real Estate and housing market update 07072014

  1. 1. Real Estate and Housing Market Update Santa Clarita Valley Cities July 7, 2014 by
  2. 2. Closing Figures from June 2014 show that the prices of Single Family Homes are still on an upward trend within the City of Valencia. Valencia California The Sold prices are great indicators related to market health - something to keep an eye on. Viewing the Statistics for Single Family Residences can be done here: Up to the Minute. aStats
  3. 3. With an all time low back in the later part of 2012 - Prices were close to their all time High Point in July of 2013 We have published the Stevenson Ranch Statistics at this location online: onRanchStats Stevenson Ranch California A different dynamic as compared with Valencia CA - We see that Stevenson Ranch is showing signs of prices relaxing between the sold inventory as it relates to Single Family Residences
  4. 4. Saugus California Saugus California is one of the cities located within the Santa Clarita Valley. We have seen similar trends as we have in the other Santa Clarita Valley cities related to a Flatness in real estate prices. Even with the lowering of the interest rates lately, buyers are still a bit unsteady and being priced out in some of our local markets. For more information on the Saugus CA Housing Statistics go to: ats
  5. 5. Castaic California If you view this two years of pricing history for Castaic California - you will notice that we were at an all time low back in February 2013. However that “drop” had to do with *strange data not typical in the present market. Backing up to June of 2012 - that was a more reflective trend in the Castaic CA housing market. *Strange Data: “not typical” closings apparent in the surrounding market timeframes For Current and Up to the Minute Housing Statistics for Castaic CA go to: ats
  6. 6. Canyon Country California Canyon Country CA is mostly steady with regard to the housing prices therein. There are no Huge Depressions in the Values and the Housing Trends. We see that the Single Family Homes had a low point between June and October 2012. More intel can be gathered with our Up to the Minute Housing Statistics Pages for Canyon Country CA: untryStats
  7. 7. Newhall California As you can see, overall - Newhall California is averaging out to be Flat as far as Housing Prices are concerned between March 2013 to present (July 7 , 2014) Going back two years, we have a Median Sold Price increase of $83,500 in the positive. If you want more information reference the Newhall Housing market statistics go to: ts
  8. 8. Market Dynamics To stay on top of the latest Market Dynamics for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities use our REMAX of Valencia CA Housing Market Resources: You can type the following words to access the data into the MaCBoX at the Top of the Screen: Reports Inventory Prices Stats