Los Angeles County single family home market update July 9, 2014


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The real estate market in Los Angeles County, overall, is very different from the local markets in the Santa Clarita Cities. You will see by viewing our local Santa Clarita Valley reports, we have more inventory and buyers are slowing their movements in the for sale market. In the "overall" picture of the greater Los Angeles County - we see that not being the case.

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Los Angeles County single family home market update July 9, 2014

  1. 1. Los Angeles County Housing Market July 9, 2014 - Two Years of History - Single Family Residences
  2. 2. Median Sold Price With the most recent low point back June of 2012 and with an all time high for Single Family Homes closing June of 2014… We see buyer activity continuing to increase… paris911.com
  3. 3. Supply of Inventory This dynamic has been up to an all time high back December of 2013. Today the market is still lacking the additional inventory to move it from a sellers to a buyers market. paris911.com
  4. 4. Days on Market You can see that June 2012 - we had an average of 72-74 days it took before a property entered escrow. Closing out June of 2014 - we have that number cut almost in half - Homes are selling faster than ever… paris911.com
  5. 5. Sales Versus Sold There is no doubt homes have gotten more expensive from June of 2012 to Present. The question is going to be if we are going to get the extra inventory necessary to start depressing sale prices. paris911.com
  6. 6. Supply and Demand Less real estate listings are selling as compared with June of 2012. Less single family residences are for sale at the closing of June 2014 as compared with June of 2012… paris911.com
  7. 7. Expired Listings This is an interesting trend. When homes are being priced more than buyers are willing to pay - we see more expired real estate listings enter the market. Most listings have a 3 to 6 month timeframe, on average… paris911.com
  8. 8. Sold Properties The numbers of sold homes is down 20% as compared with June of 2012. Fewer homes are selling today as compared to two years ago… paris911.com
  9. 9. In Escrow Small Change - this graph represents the numbers of Single Family Homes, in all of Los Angeles County California, that entered escrow from the active status… Hence, Under Contract… paris911.com
  10. 10. Where does that leave us? Buyers are still moving and buying real estate. Properties have gotten more expensive. The “listing prices” are being reduced at a very high rate. In some of the local Los Angeles County areas, we are seeing more for sale inventory being added daily. Interest rates are still around 4%. The market is attempting to move from a sellers market to a buyers real estate market, but lacking the inventory to do so. www.Paris911.com www.Paris911.com/Reports www.Paris911.com/MLS
  11. 11. By The Paris911 Team RE/MAX of Santa Clarita Local Realtors BRE #01239257 25101 The Old Road Santa Clarita CA, 91381 661-400-1720 Connor T. MacIvor