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Serving the Greater Los Angeles with Real Estate Drawing the Paris911 Logo video


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My Team and I have been around since our start in 1998. During that time we have seen some interesting things in the field of sales. We have come across clients that have switched tracks because they had been working with high pressure real estate agent. We had run into those that loved the "high pressure" model when it came to selling and we had to ask permission to be "excused" because we train our staff never to ever be high pressure.

We have also watched as the real estate market had experienced one of it's largest falls with regard to a bubble being formed and popping.

Today the real estate market in the Santa Clarita valley and in the rest of the country is on the road to recovery. Only the future knows that is going to happen next, but we can attempt to stay on top of the local Santa Clarita real estate numbers and deduce what we could potentially see.

This is an exit video that we had produced by a nice lady back east. It's a hand drawn video of our logo with some titles pertaining to our Santa Clarita real estate business. She did a good job, and it's something I am very proud of.

Let me know how you like it... Thanks for reading and sharing...

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