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How to search for foreclosures and bank owned real estate


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How to search for Foreclosures and Bank owned real estate in Southern California. Our Top Rated Foreclosure Search resource that will give you access to the pre foreclosure inventory, bank owned and properties to be auctioned. We have placed it on our Paris911 at REMAX of Valencia CA Foreclosure and Bank owned inventory page: We have just been asked by an "unknown" that left a comment on what the best ways to search for foreclosures are? They also wanted to know about pre foreclosures and where they could find them. We gave them the resource and thought we would share how our clients do the Foreclosures and Bank Owned real estate searches and how we put together the engines online.

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How to search for foreclosures and bank owned real estate

  1. 1. How to Search for Foreclosures and “off market” inventory Southern California Specific Searches by RE/MAX
  2. 2. Foreclosure “the process of taking possession of a mortgaged property as a result of a mortgagor’s failure to keep up with mortgage payments” On and off market listings searchable via MLS or other Data Site.
  3. 3. Bank Owned Real Estate “Those properties that revert back to the owner, being that owner is a bank…” Searchable in California
  4. 4. Real Estate Owned - REO “Real estate owned, or REO is a class of property owned by a lender - typically a bank, government agency, or government loan insurer - after an unsuccessful sale at a foreclosure auction.” Searchable in California
  5. 5. Pre Foreclosure “The process by which the “mortgage holder” starts to accelerate the process of foreclosing on the Mortgagor after not making payments toward their obligation…” In California, these are of public record and searchable.
  6. 6. How to Search Distressed real estate searches should be obtainable on your own Realtor’s Website. “They should be free and protect your personal and private information from being sold, traded or otherwise given away to any third party.”
  7. 7. Here is how our clients do it Google Paris911 or Santa Clarita real estate agents.
  8. 8. Look for or go to At the time of this build out, we happen to be the 4th result when searching for “Santa Clarita real estate agents”.
  9. 9. Here is the Site You can click on the “Foreclosures” tab on the left side or continue to follow along with our presentation here!
  10. 10. Type REO into the macbox Using our MaCBoX to search for Foreclosure Related Terms will equate to you getting specific articles and searches for the Distressed real estate.
  11. 11. The Foreclosure Blog The Foreclosure Blog located online by typing in the letters: REO Into the MacBoX at
  12. 12. All are REO Listings These will show you the current REO listings available for sale in Southern California, including where we are Headquartered in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.
  13. 13. Foreclosure Search Type the Word “Foreclosures” into the MacBoX at the Top of our Main Website to access Foreclosure Intel and the Pre Foreclosures, Auctions and Bank Owned real estate!
  14. 14. “other” foreclosure searches Auctions, Bank Owned, Pre Foreclosure searches available by Zip Code or City Name in California Cities.
  15. 15. Example of Search Results Using a Zip Code for searching for Bank Owned, Auctions, Pre Foreclosures in Southern California. This Example is for 91381 - Stevenson Ranch California.
  16. 16. New Foreclosures Search New Foreclosure Searches - the latest REO listings placed onto the real estate market for sale within the Multiple Listing Services and Boards of Realtors in So. California.
  17. 17. 15-20 minute refresh rate Foreclosure listings updated in the System every 15-20 minutes via our Paris911 Team’s Internet Data Exchange Subscriptions.