How to buy a home like a cop


Published on Cops are a strange bunch. I can attest to that, I was one for quite a while. I was someone that had difficulty trusting people after only a few years on the job. "strange" should not be offensive - Strange is how we looked for the exit when we sat down with out families in a restaurant we had not been to before. Strange is us not being "booth trapped", and always sitting in the end seat. Strange is facing the main entrance door to the restaurant. Strange is having one leg cocked in the aisle and not under the table. Strange is having our heads on a swivel 100 percent of the time, on duty or off. Strange is not allowing anyone to drive next to us in our MOP, Motor or PV - we speed up or brake. Strange is always watching our rear view mirror, coming home, going to work, and while on duty and off! So, those "strange" people, which I was one and certain old habits die hard, buy real estate. Here is some of their thought processes that may be able to keep you safe when you desire to do so!

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