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Expectations for a home buyer and home seller March 2019 Santa Clarita California


Published on Santa Clarita real estate and housing market real estate radio show talking about current housing and real estate inventory, whether now is the right time to be considering selling a home or buying real estate. I'm Connor with HONOR MacIvor.

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Expectations for a home buyer and home seller March 2019 Santa Clarita California

  1. 1. Connor Macivor: 00:00 Good to everybody. Connor Mc Ivor Housing, Santa Clarita, his longest running real estate radio show and podcast. I am your host and realtor here in Santa Clarita Valley. Today's March 4th, 2019 and here's the show. What we're going to be doing today is we're going to talk about some of the beginning items that occur prior to you writing that offer. That includes searching for real estate as you first time buyers, things you need to know and also sellers, what to expect when you get these offers that your agents are presenting. What's the truth? What do you need to be looking for to make sure you make those best choices? Total on the market, southern California 14,633 active listings currently on the market for sale. All data on the show always comes from SCV Scv n e s and STV stands for Santa Clarita Valley, so Scv, n e s You can go there and on the very homepage do your real estate searching and after a few times going to say, hey, give up who you are, your personal information, private information, none of that goes anywhere. Connor Macivor: 01:14 It stays within my protective custody. I'm not a real estate real estate syndication website like Zillow or Trulia. I am my own. That's it. Nobody else. I don't sell your personal information. I don't give it away. Nobody else is going to have it. None of my vendors have it, just me and I'm there to serve. So when you're ready to do something, if ever I have to do is reach out and say, hey Connor, cause you already connected through STV hey Connor, I'm ready for your help. I want to buy something, I want to sell something or I have a friend or relative or whomever, very simple. So none of her concern yourself, at least on my system with ever being, having your personal information hijacked and given to people that are going to harass you half to death, local La, Santa Creator rentals and leases. Connor Macivor: 02:03 We do post those up just to show those of you that might be a relocating, not ready to make that buying move right now there's 30 of those active in market. I get a lot of phone calls about that because we're so high ranked in the system with regard to rentals and leases and the explanation is this. You see something on there you like, I'll put you in touch with the property management agent, that leasing agent and I will give you the information. You reach out to them, you talk to them. If you like them, great. Then you just make that connection and make the deal happen. We don't do that with regard to resale real estate because there's a lot more moving parts in it. 41 uh, contractual disclosures just in a regular transaction when you're renting or leasing something, it's a lot different and plus we don't do rentals and leases, but I do help you with that
  2. 2. information, glad to do it and always playing it forward in that regard. Connor Macivor: 03:01 Buying or selling, that's us. So we'll definitely take care of you. They're real estate escrow and all of southern California under contract or otherwise bending. These are properties that were active but are no longer but having sold yet they're in the contractual process where they're just eating away at the timeline. So people that are in process with these properties right at the very beginning or making their deposits real money that actually getting those wired from their financial institution into escrow and then the other people are in their inspection phase. Maybe doing the door knocking thing at the very beginning, which is important but for you as a buyer spend money and I mean money that you're not going to get back if you happen to cancel the deal. And I'm not talking about deposit cause that's typically protected until you remove your contingencies. But the stuff that you are going to be spending cash, money out of pocket at the time of service are going to be your home inspection. Connor Macivor: 03:56 You got to pay that cat when they come out there and they do it and then termite your termite inspector. You got to pay that cat when they come up there and inspect the property. And then the appraiser, the appraiser typically is going to be paid by you as well. Uh, usually you don't meet with the appraiser though. You're not there. When that happens, usually you're paying your lender, giving them a credit card or some other way and they're paying that from your money. That's real stuff. So that's real money right away. So that could be 1100, 1200 bucks out of pocket. So before you spend that money out of pocket, definitely want to go door knock those neighbors and just to see, and I would take, everybody's going to be living in the house. We tell this to our clients as well. Take everybody. Connor Macivor: 04:41 If mom's gonna live with you, then take mom, dad, so on. If it's going to be just you, then you go alone. If it's going to be you and a significant other of some sort, then you take them with you. If you have one kids or 15 kids or whatever, it'll take them as well. Pets, you know, why not this? As long as the dog's not going to, you know, attack the neighbor or whatever, just to get a good feel and you're going to want to make your round. So you're going to want to go to the neighbor, to your left, to your right, a couple in front. If in back you have rear homes that you're attached to their property line without any separation like an alley or whatever and even homes with an alley, you might want to venture across the alley. Find out what those neighboring residents is.
  3. 3. Connor Macivor: 05:28 Our door door knock them as well. But the ones that are actually touching your property with maybe shared walls or shared fences that they may have an impact like with growth from trees and bushes and sound and noise and all these other things you want to go, you want to go see who they are, you got to do that before you start spending money. And I would do it right after that. Offers accepted cause your home inspection isn't going to happen day to more than likely going to happen day five, six, seven, somewhere in that realm that's comfortable. As long as times lines haven't been shrunk in contract and you still have 17 days to do your inspections, that gives you time to have the home inspector go give you the report, you have time to go over it, get advice by all of those in your periphery and then submit a request for repairs or whatever response you're going to come up with via your agent to respond to those items. Connor Macivor: 06:23 The inspector found to have that conveyed to the seller as to what are they going to do to fix or whatever, but you want to do that. The door knocking much sooner than that part of the process. We always advise. All right, so Santa Corina real estate, currently 565 active listings on the market here in the CV cities. That's going to include act and all the way through Valencia, so I'll give them to you alphabetically, will almost alphabetically act at Oakwood. Osei Canyon country castic new hall saga. Stevenson, ranch and Valencia, so working through all those cities, 565 active listings. Now right at the very beginning when you're searching online for real estate and we have clients that are currently in the realm of 800 people that are constantly on Scv and they're doing something, they're looking for real estate. They're keeping their options open. Connor Macivor: 07:21 A part of these are going to be sellers that are being notified as to what new activity they have going on in their neighborhood. A lot of these are buyers perspective buyers that are considering purchasing, waiting to see these folks. Also gone some of the other real estate websites, but I say, just be weary. Don't give up who you are on those systems because then your stuff's going to be sold to 10 or 15 different agents plus entities. The entities are going to be your vendors, so grocery stores, the locals, big box stores, home improvements, shops like uh, your home depots, your lows, these other companies, they're going to get your information and they're going to start hammering you. Just be weary and giving up anything. What I always tell my clients to do or anybody that's registered on [inaudible] dot com doing searching for real estate actively, definitely just text me or reach out to me all run interference.
  4. 4. Connor Macivor: 08:20 I'll tell you if that other property you're seeing on this other system is real or not. 99% of the time they're bs. They're not real. They're fake. They're put out there to get you to give up who you are and click and they're clickbait and it's rude. [inaudible] totally interruption. And I think they should have more of a notification system just like in new housing. New Housing should have a bigger notification system. So when they get you in there and you have an agent that you've been working with for six months, but maybe you forgot or maybe your agent didn't tell you that. If you go in there and even leave your name on a cocktail Napkin, I'm not talking about officially registering or I'm not talking about, uh, getting preapproved with their lender or whatever. I'm just talking about something as simple. The new home rep hand you a clipboard and a pen. Connor Macivor: 09:18 Say, hey, please tell us who you are so we can keep you notified if any changes happen in the community. Or please just just fill this out because the builder loves to know who comes through the new homes to get feedback from them. Or please just fill this out because the builder would love to know who you are or please fill this out because of liable liability reasons for for the builder. Once you do that and they should have a big sign. I've, I've, I've been an advocate for this for years. See they pay me to represent my clients, but if my clients go in there without me, then Connor's pushed out of the equation and now my clients are built dealing directly with the builder's realtor instead of their own realtor. The realtor that's on the payroll from the builder. Well it's kind of Nice. Connor Macivor: 10:07 It would be like hiring the attorney that's, you know, defending somebody else, having them as your attorney and it Kinda gets a little confusing. The lines get a little bit blurred and you don't know who's on whose side. It's nice having somebody sitting there running interference through the contracts. Will even before that, through negotiation process getting you your very best deal telling them no, I'll keep going back to the builder and asking for more discounts, more incentives, more this, more that. It's kind of Nice having that. So they should have that posted up as well. Just like these other real estate, the real estate syndication websites that have all this other uh, all these other listings that they say are really active. But truly at the end of the day they're really not. So they should have that. If you give up who you are on the system, your personal private information is going to be sold to x number of people or parties or vendors or service providers or whatever. Connor Macivor: 11:04 So that's important. So that's STV nest. Once you find that property and we go and we're looking, we're actually looking in
  5. 5. person, then it's easier for that agent or me to dial it in and get you a much more accurate search because it's hard to come up with what you really like and don't like verbally and visually before you physically set foot into a property and start looking at what you really do like. Then you can convey that to me and it makes my searching easier. If these are mandatory fields in the mls, I'm able to search specifically for these items that now we've identified is you really liking and can't live without, so then I'm able to build a much more accurate search moving into after that. Then you find that one, we find it. Then my step is pulling comparable properties and finding out where they're priced. Connor Macivor: 11:57 That's easiest to do. Just like with sellers, that's much easier to do. When I have actually seen the property, a seller will call me. They'll say, hey, we found you online Connor, or we've been referred to you by solid, so we have a house wants you to sell for us. I wanted to call and get a value. Oh Great. So give me the address. So I give them a rough value at that time, but me seeing the house just adds so much more to what I'm able to produce as far as a good, fair market value price. And then I tell him and then its history. We get contracts signed, get a professional photographer out there, Duh Duh, Duh Dun Dun, Dun [inaudible]. That's the best way to do it. The same thing when you're wanting to buy a house. I do the same comp workup after I've seen the property and then give that to my clients and then we strategize how we're going to make this offer. Connor Macivor: 12:48 Now for you, sellers out there that are getting these offers, whenever I'm writing them, they're gonna include a full contract. That's all pages. They're going to include allegeable contract that'll make you happy because I've seen a lot that I've ended up presenting to my sellers from other agents that wow look like they were written with Crayon. That's changed a lot because most of it's online now, but there's still some agents out there that are working in non real estate related fields but are still in fields where they are required to be a licensed real estate agent. The state of California, they find these old outdated documents, these old forms laying around and they use those to make their own offers and that kind of creates other issues in of itself. But when you're getting an offer from me, you're getting that, you're getting proof of funds. Connor Macivor: 13:43 So if my clients say that they're 20% down, you're going to see a bank account reflecting those numbers. You're going to have a preapproval letter from a reputable lender, an underwriter approval. If in fact the lender is someone I know because I liked
  6. 6. that extra level and at my clients bringing the lender to the table, they want to work with him. That's great too. Then we'll ask that particular lender if they're able to produce an underwriter approval, which is really pretty much the full loan approval until that part of the process. But it's very, very strong because that means human beings. Now, I've looked in all of the documentation, everything and everything required to approve somebody for a loan. It's not just a computer system spitting out. Yes, they're approved. It's somebody looking at what the computer system spit out. And it's also looking at all of the documentation in person and asking those questions. Connor Macivor: 14:35 You know, for example, if somebody who's not buying an La county, they're buying another county, that maximum conforming loan amount might be in the four hundreds instead of like it is in the seven hundreds or wherever it is in La County. So if they're needing to borrow more money than that, that's a jumbo loan. Well, people aren't gonna know that until a human being looks at it, because really the human being's going to connect those dots are asked the agent where they are they buying in la? Are they buying? Oh no, their buy in Kern county. Oh, well that's Bakersfield. Right, right. Well, they're going to need, you know, this and this and this, or they're going to need two loans. They're going to need a first and a second. It can all be worked out. It just has to be known. That's why that underwriter approval so important, so you have that for me. Connor Macivor: 15:18 Also, fico scores or something, and also a love letter. If in fact the buyers really liked the property. If it goes far enough where I believe that you as a seller are overpriced, then more than likely all convey that to your agent. With comparables that I've showed my clients in relation to where you're priced and why we offer the amount that we did, that usually helps. It's not meant to be offensive for those sellers out there that view it as such. It's meant to be educational. And some parts of the process though, you were oversold by your real estate agent, right? Because you would've priced it wherever, but your agent, maybe you interviewed three and you chose the highest one, the one that said they'd give you the most, they could get you the most money for your house, which you know, that has issues too sometimes because now they've oversold themselves and maybe now you got your backup a little bit and your little irritated. Connor Macivor: 16:15 So you're going to try to make them perform and get you an offer at that amount that they had promised and reassured. And if you select them, they're going to get you that amount all day long when all of a sudden you're not getting that amount all
  7. 7. day long. So these are things to look at as a real estate seller. But at the end of the day, that's the offering process. So then on the contract, as a seller, and even as a buyer, you're going to notice that there's been given a timeframe in which to respond. Then usually it's a couple of days. Now, a lot of agents don't honor that timeframe representing sellers and they should be communicating with the agent, representing the buyer, stating the sellers out of town. The seller's not available, the sellers on a cruise, the seller's Sig, the sellers in the hospital. There's is something that gives an idea of why is there going to be delay in response. Connor Macivor: 17:10 So they have to respond in some way, shape or form. At least with an email. Your offer has been rejected, something they have to give us something. But in the perfect scenario, we'll either get a signed off contract as a buyer, that's great. Or we'll get a counter offer at maybe wanting more money, could get a counter offer that says they want the timeframes to be condensed. So instead of having 17 days to do inspections, maybe the only one to give 10 this happens and it's still a comfortable amount of time. You just got to get done. You're door knocking done quick, go see who those neighbors are, do your neighbor investigations, all the free stuff, and before you start paying for those home inspection, those other services, very, very important sellers can expect to get those types of packages and their agents should be explaining any of the nuances to the contract plus where the sellers want to respond as far as price goes. Connor Macivor: 18:13 The other stuff will be cleaned up hopefully by a good agent protecting those sellers and also those buyers agents protecting their buyers and this is all done in the original contract. That's good. That gets written from the buyer's agent. Then it goes over to the seller side. If there's something in it that is of harm or creates financial problems or whatever with a seller, then the agent should counter that stuff out and send it back to the buyer. Then the buyer stations should explain it. And there are certain things that our buyer's agent should be unwilling to have their buyers except, but everything has to be explained because in these counteroffers there could be items in there that are really ridiculous. Five days to do inspections that are removed, inspection contingencies. Good luck with that. 10 days for appraisal. That's another one I would have to throw a good luck at. Connor Macivor: 19:05 And I, there's nobody that would do it in that timeframe. Yeah. You if if you're talking maybe a conventional loan, they might be able to get the appraiser out and died in that amount of time. If
  8. 8. you're talking super high end property over 1 million bucks, maybe that would be the case as well. If you're talking a rural property or somewhere, uh, a property that's in the middle of kind of nowhere kind of off the map and good luck. And if you're talking about a VA loan being attached to that VA appraiser having to respond and appraiser that is functioning and also trained in the VA capacity yet 10 days, no. So we would have to counter that back or figure out how that's going to work. And also the inspections for five, it's, it's ridiculous. It would work so that these are the things that we would have to counter back. Connor Macivor: 19:56 Because if we were to agree to it, it would put the buyer in a bad way. And we don't want that same thing on the seller side. Those are ridiculous timeframes and they should be explained. But the problem is we're dealing with human beings. Maybe the agent oversold it. Maybe the sellers had experienced in the past where they've, for whatever reason, they have other people advising them, tell them to do these things. Maybe they're on Google. I'll never forget. So the worst thing you can do is, at least for us, this is kind of related, but not really. Our son came down with cancer and the worst thing I found I was doing was googling all about his cancer after the first 30 40 50 minutes reading. It was really bad and turns out he's in remission. No problem at this point. So we're all good. Connor Macivor: 20:57 But they're at the very beginning. Before you really know when the doctor first says he has this Hodgkin's lymphoma. You start, you could never heard a hearing of it before. You start to Google will. Same thing in real estate. You start to Google and you start to get bad advice. If I would've believed some of the posts I read about that, it would have been game over. Let's get out there and buy some plots. It was really just horrific. Same thing in real estate. You have a lot of bad advisors out there. Watch out for that and find that local source you trust. If it's here in Santa Clarita called me, but if there's somebody else out here, I understand that. To call them and have them explain to you that process how it's actually going to work when they do counters. Some agents are incredibly strong and it's scares buyers away and they're too, they're stronger than they have to be. Connor Macivor: 21:50 It's kind of the, the big bully thing. You know you've got your size, you're, you're big, you're yoked out. You don't have to be that much of a mean person to get your way. Your physical size is enough to do it. Some people over kill, they got the physical size and they also have the, the anger issue on top of that. So these are, we see this trend also and it's not all, it's not even
  9. 9. half, probably 10 to 12%. It's just like kind of the bad scene in law enforcement. You have the bad agents out there that are causing issues. So just be weary of that whenever you're considering buyer Sunday, something you wouldn't have that sit down appointment and say, hey is Kinda the guy? Do you think Congress, the guy that's going to make uh, make this happen for us? Do we like him? Connor Macivor: 22:35 Is He, does he seem to be knowledgeable? What does Connor do online? What? Where is Connor? Can we find him by doing a Google search for Connor muck, Ivor Mac. I VOR and then you find out that wow, Connor's got a radio show. Connor has a very detailed blog with over 10,000 entries in a massive website that has all of this information yet maybe, maybe congress the one. So you come in, you interview me, we sit down, we come to an agreement and we make it happen. We get your real estate one. Just not done. Love that commercial. Anyway, everybody have a fantastic week. We are at Monday, uh, first weekend, March 1st Monday in March. That's exciting. When you're ready to reach out. SCV is a search resource. You can listen to all the past real estate, radio shows, housing, list. Now the market's doing. I'll please share the show longer than normal. When you're ready, I will be here for you and please tell a friend I'm Connor with honor over and out.