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Buying New homes and Keeping safe


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Being safe when buying new homes in and around the Southern California Cities. I can only vouch for the Santa Clarita Valley, Greater Los Angeles and Ventura County new home builders, to a point. That is because we have been working with them currently and have in the past. Not all builders are created the same, most are wonderful and a few are horrible. Make sure you cover your bases when wanting to buy new homes and new construction, have your very own real estate representative with you when approaching the new home centers for the first time. Your real estate agent should have a new home tour when in one day, they take you around to all of the new home sites in the cities you are interested in, walk you around the models, and fill you in as far as what to watch out for specifically with the new homes you like the best. Let us know when you are ready to move, you can email our Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA by clicking on the yellow banner at our main Santa Clarita Realtor Website Thanks

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Buying New homes and Keeping safe

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