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6 Guidelines For CNC Machine Operator


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An amazing infographic for cnc machine operator.

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6 Guidelines For CNC Machine Operator

  1. 1. 6 Guidelines For CNC Machine Operator Get Certified: Job of a CNC machinist can be tough, but it is a highly paid one too. Hence, it is essential that you receive proper training. It is best to get a master’s degree in CNC operations as this will make you a certified CNC machinist. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Follow Manual for Zero Position Always refer the manual guide while homing the machine to their starting position Don’t Confuse between Coordinates System A CNC operator should not confuse between two coordinate system(i.e one is WCS and second is MCS). It's the WCS through which work is referenced. Use Coolant Use coolant to save tools from sudden breakdowns and maintaining their efficiency. Know Your Machines Last but not the least. A CNC operator must know the axis orthe directions of the machines as then only they can learn its proper operation. Refer Manual While Finding WCS Before working with WCS, it is advisable to refer machine manual, saving you from making wrong calculations. Use Good Quality Cutting Tools Always ensure that your cutting tool are of highest quality. With good quality cutting tools, you can optimize the speed of spindle and feed rate making the job faster.