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Acdt newsletter

  1. 1. Lighting Up KakamegaImagine going blind for just 30 minutes or being trapped in a dark un-derground cave. 54% of the population in Kakamega is trapped in lightpoverty, their homesteads transformed into faceless caves with each set-ting sun. However, the d.light solar lamps distributed by ACDT have notonly lit up homes but lives.ACDT staff and Kopernik’s Denis Law completed assessing phase 1 of the LightUp Kenya project which aims to eliminate light poverty by providing safe, cheapand affordable solar lanterns to the non-electrified homes in Kakamega county.30 lamp users in Kakamega county were interviewed. According to the survey,the transition to solar based lighting from traditional kerosene combustion hasgreatly improved livelihood activities by extending working hours beyond sunset.With the solar lanterns, 97% of the respondents said they were able to save about776Ksh monthly, 27% are now able to engage in more income generating activi-ties like farming and 34% claim to have realized academic improvement due toextended study hours. In the second phase, ACDT & Kopernik continue to dis-tribute the S.300 and S.2 solar lanterns at a subsidized price of Ksh. 3000 andKsh. 900 respectively.LIGHT YOUR WORLDThis month, its all about lightingup your world. A simple gesture,a kind word, a hearty laugh couldrekindle the flames in your world.This issue of our bulletin focuseson the impact of the Light UpKenya Project. Read about howsolar lighting technology has im-proved education standards atNderema Primary School.Gracing our cover page, is MzeeJoseph Waswa who chose to lightup his grandchildren’s world witha D.light solar lamp. How aboutyou? How are you lighting up yourworld?………………………………………………ACDT UPDATEACTION FOR CHILD DEVELOPMENT TRUSTISSUE I MAY 2013IN THIS ISSUEPage 2 —Directors NotePage 3-ACDT galleryPage 4-The E-childPage 5-NewsPage 6-Upcoming events.
  2. 2. ACDT TEAMBOARD OF TRUSTEEMEMBERSRobert NamunyuDr. Paul WanjalaPolycarp WaswaAdministration ManagerChristianah WaswaAccountantBoniface NamunyuCommunity OutreachOfficersLawrence OmokaCaroline MitunguJoshua OdhiamboCommunication and So-cial Media InternTeresa MulomiDirector’s NoteAction for Child Development Trust is pleased to sharewith you our experiences and work with children, parents,teachers, communities and other stakeholders. It is re-warding to see children acquire social and financial educa-tion skills, families testify of the benefit they accrue fromacquisition of solar lanterns and the youth’s capacity tomobilise financial resources and commence loaning activi-ties. We look forward to identifying opportunities to bringsuch sustainable initiatives to scale.For solar lanterns, we are in the design stage of a modelthat will reach ‘the hard’ to reach. Those who would like toaccess the solar lanterns but are unable to pay upfront.ACDT believes in exploring opportunities to ensure itsrelevant and responsive to the needs of the community. Inthis case, ACDT is working towards designing an effectivemicrocredit and rental scheme to ensure that families getthe most benefit from the solar lamps in spite of their fi-nancial ability.We hope that this newsletter will be informative and wel-come your thoughts, ideas and opportunities to networkfor the benefit of the children and youth in our communi-ties.Thanks.STAFFAn optimist is a person who sees a green lighteverywhere, while a pessimist sees only the redstoplight... the truly wise person is colorblind.Albert SchweitzerQUOTE OF THE MONTH
  3. 3. GALLERYABOUT ACDTMISSIONAssist communities to en-hance the quality of life ofchildren and families byincreasing their capacitiesto protect, educate, andadvocate for promotion ofchildren’s rights throughquality education, betterhealth, and sustainablelivelihoodPROGRAMSAFLATOUNA child social and financialeducation program thatpromotes self-reliance.AFLATEENYouth program that pro-motes both social and fi-nancial education in orderto achieve more holistic andsustainable personal andcommunity development.WORLD STARTS WITH MEComputer based programthat aims to mainstreamsexual education as part ofthe core framework in edu-cation.LIGHT UP KENYAThis project aims to ad-dress the lighting needs ofrural homes and schoolsliving off the electric grid sothat children can havemore study time.The sky is the limit: Pupils from Emakina Primary School prove they got tal-ent, 2) The next big thing: Innovators at work making clay carsLEFT: The Shieywe High School Aflateen team at work planting trees.RIGHT: Members of the Malaha Youth Group during a saving meetingBright Smiles, Bright Lamps: D.light solar lamp consumers happy with itsperformance
  4. 4. The E-child: Solar technology forempowerment.A story is told of the digital E-child. A child living in a 24 hour econ-omy. The laptop, his study companion; his class, a multimedia e-learning environment complete with an e-curriculum and a set ofcomputer and internet based instruction, and virtual learning plat-forms. For some children in rural Kakamega , the E-child is justthat...a fairytale.There’s is a story of 24 hour poverty and swollen red eyes from spending hours with theironly study companion, ‘the koroboi’ . Books ruined by burn marks, roofs expensively deco-rated with black soot and dim reading spaces describe their learning platform.For some lucky students, the chemistry lab presents the only opportunity to experiencethe magic of chemicals. Unfortunately, these kids are breathing proof that harmfulchemical components like carbon monoxide, nitrogen & sulphur oxides and hydrocarbonsexist outside the lab since they inhale this chemicals every day, thanks to hazardouskerosene lamps.For school kids leaving in non-electrified areas, the road to success is marred with suchhurdles. However, students in Nderema Primary Schools are reaping the benefits of solarlighting. Last year, the school bought 3 solar lanterns from ACDT and these have provedto be great instruments in improving education standards at the school. The three lamps,used by the class 7 and class 8 pupils during their morning and evening preps havegreatly reshaped how education activities are carried out in the school.According to Mrs. Judith Muchika, a teacher at the school, the schoolhas realized academic improvement since the lanterns were introduced. She however wishes that the lanterns could be available forstudents in the lower classes who are still using hazardous kerosene lamps to study. The solar lanterns provide better light quality to studyby, healthier indoor air to breathe, and easier mobile phone charging.If the proposed laptop in schools project is to succeed, we may need toharness the extraordinary power of solar technology to ensure weachieve the dream of producing more productive and empowered E-students.
  5. 5. New Aflatoun and Aflateen Schools!!!ACDT has extended the Aflateen and Aflatoun program to 12Schools in Kakamega County. The three schools selected from the Esumeyia clusterare Shinoyi Primary, Shingoto Primary, Shikomari Secondary Schools and ShinoyiSecondary Schools.Sidikho Primary and Secondary School, Kharanda primary, Burangasi Primary, Na-mundera Secondary and Sirigoi Secondary are the Aflateen schools selected from theNavakholo Cluster. Lastly, the new additions from the Butere cluster are Shiraha Pri-mary and Lunza Secondary School. The Aflatoun and Aflateen programs promote so-cial and financial education to equip the youth with the necessary skills to lead holis-tic, self-reliant, and responsible lives.SKILLFUL PARENTINGEvery child deserves to be loved. Parents can some-times be too engrossed in their work or personal strug-gles that they neglect their parenting responsibilities.The skillful parenting program is a behavior changeinitiative that intends to promote more healthy parent-child relationships in order to create an environmentwhere children can flourish personally, academicallyand sociallyMaureen Buyu at a skillful par-enting training in Lwakhupa.Pablo Casals says, "A child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of theworld there hasnt been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child likehim
  6. 6. CONTACT USACTION FOR CHILDDEVELOPMENT TRUSTP.O.BOX 2876 50100Tel: +254 722 619 day presents an opportunity for high school students to show-case their financial and social enterprises. The event will be heldat Eshisiru Secondary Schools.Aflateen Culmination Event - 20th, JulySRH&R Culmination event - 13 JulyUPCOMING EVENTSOn this day, all roads lead to St.Kizito Secondary School as secon-dary schools meet to showcase some of the lessons learnt in theirSexual Reproductive Health and Rights modules. Fashion shows,songs, poems and talks will crown the day.Big Thank You!!Aflatoun International WeekThis year, the event will be held in Nairobi. The event providesa platform for organizations implementing the Aflatoun pro-gram to share experiences and document best practices