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September 2, 2010

Dear Parents,

Kim and I are happy be the Room Moms for Mrs. Norton this year. Second grade events incl...
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Parentella Sample Room Parent Letter


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Parentella Sample Room Parent Letter

  1. 1. September 2, 2010 Dear Parents, Kim and I are happy be the Room Moms for Mrs. Norton this year. Second grade events include a Halloween Party, Multi-cultural Feast, Winter Holiday Party, Valentine’s Day Card Exchange, Spring Fling, Square Dancing and the End-of-Year Party (see calendar of events on back). We will honor Mrs. Doe’s on her birthday and Teacher Appreciation Day. Finally, the class will donate a gift basket to the Silent Auction. In order to fund these events, we are asking each family to donate $20. Please send cash or a check made out to Jane Smith to school in your child’s homework folder. Please fill out the bottom portion of this letter and return it with your donation. Mrs. Norton will pass the money along to us. We are very grateful for your support! Throughout the year, we will be asking for parent volunteers to help at each of these events. We will use Parentella to communicate with you. We will upload all class documents, and calendar details, class events etc. To make it easy to volunteer, we will also have online sign ups, that will send you automatic reminders, and notifications via Once we have all the emails, we will invite you to the online group. Our first event, the Halloween Party, is on Friday, October 27 from 2:20 to 3:20. Please feel free to contact Kim or me with any questions you might have. Thank you so much for all your help. We are looking forward to an exciting year! Jane Smith Kim Jones Phone Number: Phone number: .......................................................Please return this portion...................................................... Your name: _______________________________________________________ Child’s name: ______________________________________________________ Phone: _______________________________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________________ Calendar of Events for Mrs. Norton 2010- 2011 Times are subject to change. We’ll keep you posted as the year goes on and we’re asking for parents to volunteer at these events! Here is a tentative calendar for the class activities. October 27: Halloween Party, 2:20-3:20 December 5: 2nd Grade Multi-cultural Feast December 15: Winter Holiday Party, 2:20-3:20 February 14: Valentine’s Day Card Exchange February 27: Jog-a-thon April 13: Spring Fling Party, 2:20-3:20 June 15: End-of-Year Party, 2:20-3:20