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What is CRAFT?

CRAFT, is a potent alternative to intervention or as The Boston Globe calls it, "The End of Hitting Rock Bottom".

So what is the CRAFT method and how can it help your loved one who's using drugs or alcohol?

CRAFT (Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Therapy)
With thanks to Robert J. Meyers, PhD

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What is CRAFT?

  1. 1. Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Therapy Robert J. Meyers PhD WHAT IS CRAFT?
  2. 2. / more info
  3. 3. C.R.A.F.T. Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Training
  4. 4. Helps you help your loved one with their substance abuse challenges C.R.A.F.T.
  5. 5. benefits
  6. 6. Learn ways to encourage your loved one to enter addiction treatment #1 b
  7. 7. Reduce your loved ones alcohol and drug use whether they’ve entered treatment or not #2
  8. 8. De-stress and improve your home life #3
  9. 9. substance abuse comes in all shapes and sizes
  10. 10. intervention and treatment practices vary as well
  11. 11. in fact, most programs proven their results
  12. 12. yet everyone says they can help your loved one get sober
  13. 13. so how do you know what to believe?
  14. 14. CRAFT different
  15. 15. several comprehensive studies have demonstrated CRAFT’s efficacy
  16. 16. Engaging the Unmotivated in Treatment for Alcohol Problems: A Comparison of Three Strategies for Intervention Through Family Members William R. Miller, Robert J. Myers, J. Scott Tonigan – University of New Mexico (c) 1999 AmericanPsychological Association, Inc. Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Therapy (CRAFT): Engaging Unmotivated Drug Users in Treatment Robert  J.  Meyers,  William  R.  Miller,  Dina  E.  Hill,  J.   Scott  Tonigan – University  of  New  Mexico (c)  1999  Elsevier  Science  Inc. A Randomized Trial of Two Methods for Engaging Treatment-Refusing Drug Users Through Concerned Significant Others Robert J. Meyers, William R. Miller, Jane Ellen Smith, J. Scott Tonigan (c) 2002 Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology Engaging resistant adolescents in drug abuse treatment Holly Barret Waldron, Sheryl Kern-Jones, Charles W. Turner, Thomas R. Peterson, Timothy J. Ozechowski (c) 2007 Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment Community reinforcement training for family and significant others of drug abusers: a unilateral intervention to increase treatment entry of drug users Kimberly C. Kirby, Douglas B. Marlowe, David S. Festinger, Kerry A. Garvey, Vincent LaMonaca (c) 1999 Drug and Alcohol Dependence
  17. 17. CRAFT evidence-based
  18. 18. CRAFT works
  19. 19. WHAT should craft be used FOR?
  20. 20. cRAFT works across multiple substance abuse conditions including...
  21. 21. Alcohol Cocaine Opiates Cannabis and other stimulants
  22. 22. when should craft be used?
  24. 24. CRAFT helps you have empowering conversations with your loved one CRAFT WORKS FIRST SIGNS OF SUBSTANCE ABUSE
  25. 25. PROFESSIONAL HELP IS NEEDED CRAFT reduces your loved ones alcohol and drug use whether they’ve entered treatment or not CRAFT WORKS
  26. 26. CRAFT can help you get your loved one to accept treatment CRAFT WORKS PROFESSIONAL HELP IS NEEDED
  27. 27. Success rate of getting someone into treatment 20% · AL-ANON 64% · CRAFT 30% · INTERVENTIONs National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) - funded study Published in the Journal of Substance Abuse, 10, 3, 291-308. CRAFT WORKS
  28. 28. 74% of concerned family members succeeded in getting their loved ones into treatment using CRAFT methods National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) - funded study Published in the Journal of Substance Abuse, 10, 3, 291-308. CRAFT WORKS
  29. 29. “With CRAFT, family members learn ways to lower loved ones’ defenses and encourage them to speak candidly. The advice essentially boils down to simple steps like asking open-ended questions, complimenting positive behaviors, and echoing the person’s concerns in a nonjudgmental way.”
  30. 30. “Next, they learn to devise ways to improve their home life (without fixing or minimizing the ill effects of the drinking or drug use). When the struggling loved one feels understood and safe, the reasoning goes, he or she will be more willing to be vulnerable, to seek help.” The End of Hitting Rock Bottom, Burt Helm
  31. 31. While your loved one is in treatment and after, CRAFT helps family members de-stress and improve their home life CRAFT WORKS While GETTING PROFESSIONAL HELP
  32. 32. 100% of family members and loved ones reported significant reductions in anger, anxiety, depression, and negative physical symptoms National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) - funded study Published in the Journal of Substance Abuse, 10, 3, 291-308. CRAFT WORKS
  33. 33. how does craft compare to al-anon?
  34. 34. AL-ANON CRAFT Self Care take time to focus on yourself
  35. 35. AL-ANON CRAFT Powerless... Powerful... ...against loved one’s substance abuse
  36. 36. AL-ANON CRAFT Detach with love Let your loved one hit ‘rock bottom’ Stronger together Help your loved one get treatment
  37. 37. With CRAFT, families play a critical role in helping their loved one get better
  38. 38. “Detach felt like crap – even the most successful parent had a daughter in danger, freezing out on the streets.” Former Al-Anon parent
  39. 39. “So precious to me to have some answers beyond "just detach" and "let him hit bottom". I feared his bottom was death, and I am so relieved to know I can do more to encourage recovery. Bless you Dr. Meyers for spreading the word.” Daisy
  40. 40. “Perhaps the counselor was having a bad day, but this particular night he followed his grim opening with: ‘It's nice that you are here and think that you can do something, but the people you love are going to die’ At that moment, I had one thought and it was: ‘F*** this shit’ If the people I love are going to die I need to get my ass out of this meeting and spend as much time with them as I can while they are living. I found information about CRAFT and it made sense. Because of your work and CRAFT, I feel at peace with my relationship. He has not entered treatment, but he keeps in contact with me and he knows that I support him where he is. I don't condone the drug use, but I don't let that aspect of his life define him to me. Maybe he will go to treatment, maybe he won't. But if he dies today, he will know he was loved and there will be nothing left I wish I had said. And I think anyone can hope for in any relationship.” Anonymous letter to Dr. Robert J. Meyers, Louisville KY
  41. 41. CRAFT evolution CRA CRAFT 1970’s 1990’s 2015 Community Reinforcement Approach Community Reinforcement Approach & Family Therapy Developed for parents - the most influential people in their child’s life even into young adulthood “one of the most cost-effective alcohol treatment programs currently available” Developed for family members to play a powerful role in getting their loved one to accept treatment CRAFT for parents to address their child’s substance abuse PARENT CRAFT
  42. 42. In the late 1990’s, CRAFT was developed at the University of New Mexico by Dr. Robert Meyers, Ph.D. and colleagues Robert J. Meyers PhD
  43. 43. In 2015, Parent CRAFT was created with the help of Dr. Robert Meyers to empower parents to protect their children from addiction, accidental overdose and death
  44. 44. Help for Parents NOW! /