Reviews and Compare Prices Buying Guide Suisse sport adult adventurer mummy ultra


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Reviews and Compare Prices Buying Guide Suisse sport adult adventurer mummy ultra

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Reviews and Compare Prices Buying Guide Suisse sport adult adventurer mummy ultra

  1. 1. Suisse Sport Adult Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag Other products by Suisse Sport Ratting 4.5 Out of 5.0 Special Offer Total New 1 Use Rate: List Price: $99.99 Our Price: $34.00 Price Save: $65.99 Total Price: $34.00 More Images Usually ships in 24 hours this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. at of 2010-07-30 Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [ or, as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Special Offers Available from 1 Store : Select your deal and buy Suisse Sport Adult Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag At all of these merchants listed below. Click any of the deals below to buy now on the merchant's website. Store Rating Prices Shipping Link
  2. 2. 0.0 $34.00 Usually ships in 24 hours New Product Description Backpacker’s Mummy Sleeping Bag The Suisse Sport Adventure extra-small sleeping bag is ideal for long treks when a few inches or pounds can make the difference between a pleasant hike and an unbearable slog. The mummy bag is ultra-compact, compressing down to 12 by 7 by 7 inches when in the stuff sack. How small is that? Well, it's petite enough to hold in the palm of your hand. That means you can easily fit the bag in your hiking pack without using up a third of your pack space. At the same time, the bag is warm and comfortable, with a 100-percent polyester ripstop outer and inner lining, a double- layer construction, and a 700-gram Micro Tekk.7 high-performance microfiber insulation. The construction materials ad up to a 30-degree F temperature rating, making the bag a good choice for summer, spring, and fall camping trips. Other details include a full chest baffle, a draft tube, and a utility pocket. The Adventure sleeping bag measures 29.5 by 84.5 inches (W x L) when open and weighs 2.9 pounds in the stuff sack. The bag is also machine-washable for easy cleaning. Technical Details - Extra-small sleeping bag designed for size- and weight-conscious hikers - Compresses down to 12 x 7 x 7 inches in included stuff sack - 100-percent polyester ripstop linings; double-layer construction - 700-gram Micro Tekk.7 microfiber insulation; full chest baffle - Draft tube and utility pocket; weighs 2.9 pounds in the stuff sack See more technical details "Almost a 5 star" 2010-07-27 By Bon The product is ultra-compact as advertised. Worked well during our 11-day backpacking trip. Good for temperate weather above 30 degrees. It could have been a 5-star for me if the zipper did not get snagged constantly. "comfy warm bag" 2010-07-25 By TL I used this for a spring camping trip. -comfortable -roomy (esp around the legs) -very warm , I'm always cold so this was important
  3. 3. -packs up small and fits into the sleeping bag compartment of my backpack -definitely does take some effort to get it into compression sack but worth it to save the space, all in all took me 5 minutes to stuff it back into sack -got a better nights sleep than I do at home "Solid for the price; no problems with the sack either!" 2010-07-24 By m dot (CA) A solid bag. Took it out for some desert camping this summer, and while I wasn't exactly lounging around in my undies during those forty degree nights, I was able to wrap up and get restful sleep using just a cheap cotton liner and basic accordion-style sleeping pad (which was rated at like +2 degrees warmth or something ridiculously marginal). Not sure that I would call it zero-degree, but again, I'm not sure how much of a difference a legit pad might make. I was nervous about the compression sack given that so many reviewers here had problems with it, but my buckles didn't break over four consecutive days of breaking camp, and they didn't break during the following trip either. I tend to use my bodyweight to compress the sleeping bag, though, and just rely the straps to cinch, rather than do any heavy pulling. I'm confident the buckles will last for a while. The surface of the sleeping bag itself was coated in this not-so-nice-smelling, waxy film right out of the box. Not sure if this was a byproduct of the manufacturing process, or something that sleeping bags are supposed to have; in the former case, it came right out during the first washing anyway; in the latter case, oops. "Decent for the price" 2010-07-22 By cadjer34 I bought this just because of the great reviews, so I couldn't pass it up, especially for the price. Took it on a 4 day backpacking trip in the Saint Joe National Forest, and I must say the lesser weight in my pack was amazing. It kept me warm for 40 degree nights, but it is too thin to use any colder without layers of clothing. The material feels cheap but it seems to hold up well, and I am going to be interested in how long I can make it last. The compression sack as awesome, and sucks it down to a size you wouldn't think possible when you look at the bag. Overall, I think I got what I payed for and it worked great for late spring -- to early fall camping/backpacking/etc. P.S. for anyone wondering about size. I am 6'1' 185lbs, and it fit me perfectly with about an inch or two of extra room, and was pretty snug around the chest. "Bigger Dudes Beware" 2010-07-20 By Frank Wood Good comfy sleeping bag... if you fit! I'm (6'-1" / 250lbs / approx. 54" chest) and I measured my shoulders before ordering... I thought I would fit fine, but when it's fully zipped... it's VERY TIGHT at the shoulders/chest. So much so it caused me shoulder pains for a day or so after. It's okay when it's not so cold and you can sleep with one arm out... but when it's below 50, you better zip that sucker up if you want to have a
  4. 4. chance to stay warm. It's a great comfy bag if you fit though. Scrunches up pretty small, but takes a decent amount of effort to get it back in the stuff sack. Bought it to fit in the side bag of my Harley FLTRI when I go camping off the bike... fits fine for those in the same market. I'm going to give it to the wifey and find something bigger. Images Product Read more Suisse Sport Adult Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping