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Log analytics OMS - Power BI - Parashar


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Help customers monitor their on-prem and cloud infrastructure, help with threat monitoring and get insights.

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Log analytics OMS - Power BI - Parashar

  1. 1. Collect, search and visualize 1 2 3
  2. 2. Gain visibility across workloads Enable consistent control and compliance Respond faster to security threats Ensure availability of apps and data Insight & Analytics Protection & Recovery Security & Compliance Automation & Control 5
  3. 3. OMS Custom View Monitor Log SearchOMS Workspace
  4. 4. Private Cloud Lucene Spark HDInsight SQL HBase Azure ML OMS Solutions & ServicesInbound Data Sources Public Cloud Outbound Experience & Connectors
  5. 5. 11
  6. 6. • Out of the box content • Connects to Azure DB Audit Logs • Refreshed daily • Data changes • Login auditing • Schema changes • Queries executed
  7. 7. Power BI Overview Data sources Cloud-based SaaS solutions e.g. Marketo, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Google Analytics, … On-premises data e.g. Analysis Services, SQL Server Organizational content packs Corporate data sources or external data services Azure services Azure SQL, Stream Analytics… Excel and CSV files Workbook data, flat files Power BI Desktop files Data from files, databases, Azure, and other sources Data refresh Visualizations Live dashboards Content packs Sharing & collaborationNatural language query Reports Datasets01001 10101 Power BI Service