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  1. 1. Paras Saini Mobile: +919459578840, +919816122401 E-Mail: Young, Dynamic CSE-Engineerwith 44 Months Experience in Software Development Seeking Assignment in Software Industry, where I can contribute my technical and creative skill to achieve overall goals. JJJob FFFit SSSnapshot ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Programming Languages : ASP.NET-3.5,4.0,4.5, 4.5.1, 4.6) ASP.NET(MVC-3,4,5:Model View Controller), (Angular js) (Knockout js) ,(Microsoft-DNN), Android(Titanium Appcelerator(Beginner)) ,(Microsoft –SharePoint(MOSS 2010) (Beginner)), Silverlight-4,AJAX, Java Script, JQuery,HTML, CSS, C#, Java,C++, C Database Languages :MS SQL(2005-2008 R2,2012) ,MySQL ORM: Dapper, N-Hibernate,Ms-Entity Framework Tools : VSS, Firebug, GitHub, TFS, Photoshop(Beginner) Domain Expertise: Microsoft Operating Systems: MS DOS,WINDOWS 98/XP/VISTA/7/8.1  Subject of Interest :Programming . EEEmployment CCChronicle ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  Currently working in Geek Informatic & Technologies Pvt Ltd (Mohali –Punjab) (May 2016 – Present ) ( Good proven analytical, communication and leadership skills with 44 months of Corporate Experience Well versed in OO ASP.NET and Core at Server side and JS, JQuery at client side; CSS, Photoshop in design and MS SQL in RDBMS Completed Engineering in CSE from Shivaji University Kolahpur (Maharashtra)
  2. 2.  Has worked in Impinge Sol Pvt Ltd (Mohali –Punjab) (Feb 2016 – April 2016) (  Has worked in PinkHand Sol Pvt Ltd for 13 months as Software Engineer (  Has worked in Hartron for 2 months as Programmer (  Has worked in Fingent Tech Sol Pvt Ltd for 25 months as Software Engineer ( PPProjects EXP ~_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Projects Done Under: Geek Informatic & Technologies Pvt Ltd Client: USA Based Project Title: Quizkidd Project Location: ( NY ) based client. Project Details: Working on regular versions of (Quizkidd) responsive website. Which include technologies like Angular js on client side as well as Web Api’s on server side. And for storage we are using Ms-Sql 2012 and for Version Control we are using TFS2015 on VS2015. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Projects Done Under: Impinge Sol Pvt Ltd Client: USA Based Project Title: StackPoker Project Location: ( CA ) based client. Project Details: Worked on regular versions of (StackPoker) responsive website. Which include technologies like Knockout js on client side as well as Web Api’s on server side. And for storage we are using Ms-Sql 2012 and for Version Control we are using Git on VS2015. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Projects Done Under: PinkHand Sol Pvt Ltd. Client: Himark and Johndeere Project Title: Himark phone app , Himark website , Johndeere Landscapes Project Location: USA based client. Project Details: Worked on Regular versions of (Himark and Johndeere) and mobile version of Himark website. Working with tech's like ..mvc3 , android.. N-hibernate...etc. Website Link: (highmarkonline & Johndeere)
  3. 3. Period: March 2012- March 2013 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Projects Done Under: Hartron. Client: Treasuries & Accounts Dept, Haryana. Project Title: Cyber Treasury System. Project Location: Nic - Chandigarh. Project Details: Collected information regarding (Treasuries & Accounts Dept.) Haryana. And started developing Software Requirements & Specifications. Website Link: ( Period: Nov 2011- Dec 2011 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Vetsu Incorporation Project Title : VetsU™ Period : Nov 2009 – Dec 2010 Client Name : Sol Shan (US based) Position : Software Engineer. Development Environment : VS 2008, Asp.Net Framework 3.5, Microsoft SQL Server-2005, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS), C sharp 3.0 Responsibilities: (1) Understand the various requirements given by TL (2) Try to apply new concepts in a given Assignment (3) Testing (4) Interaction with client in meetings through [Go to Meeting software as well as Skype] (5) Analysis Project : VetsU™ is a Social Networking website for the veterinary and animal health community, It helps connect it’s users with friends, colleagues and other people who work, study, practice, research and/or provide services in the field of veterinary medicine. Link: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In House and Various Projects VRG (Virtual Retail Group) Project : This Project mainly based upon the sale of (veterinary medicines) online. My part was to provide functionality to Admin about (control various privileges of user and as well as add the products and related tasks. And integrate it from ASP to ASP.NET.
  4. 4.  Also worked on DOT NET NUKE (DNN) for the website development (In-house).  Also worked on (Microsoft –SharePoint(MOSS 2010)) for the development of webparts(Beginner level). Period : Jan 2011 – Jul 2011 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MSB Organisation Project Title : EyeQ Period : Aug 2011- Nov 2011 Client Name : MSB ( Position : Developer Development Environment: Visual Studio 2010, MS SQL 2008R2, Asp.Net-ModelView Controller (MVC-3) Responsibilities: (1) Study Asp.Net-ModelView Controller (MVC-3) (2) Try to develop Demo Application (3) Get use to developing environment, for incoming project. Project: The Claim EyeQ is a Desktop based application. This is going to set a claim between claimer and claim organisation. So a Claimer can Claim about the peril to Claim organisation through using the EyeQ. So the new requirement was to build same application in MVC-3 and make it online. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN IN COLLEGE: Final Year Project : Market Basket Analysis- Using Data Mining. To increase the throughput of market sale in a shopping mall & also tracking the most visiting Sites & Products on internet, So that we can increase the efficiency of our production. Development Platform : Java SSScholastics _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________  B-Tech in CS & Engg. from Shivaji University(Maharashtra)(DKTE) with 60.07% in 2009.  12th Passed with Distinction in 2003 from HP Board with 60.20%.  10th Passed with Distinction in 2001 from HP Board with 70%.
  5. 5. PPPersonalInfo _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth : 23/10/1985 Gender : Male Languages Known : English, Hindi Nationality : Indian Achievements ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________  Member of Rotract club.  Active Member of CESA at college.  Presented seminars of industrial topics like NNTP,Data Mining.  Participated in College Level fashion show at DKTE Ichalkaranji.