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Getting from here to there in 3 smart goals and a bhag!!!


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Our entry for the S1Wk3 mission for Prosperity's Kitchen: give a presentation of your BHAG & associated goals + the metrics around them. :> At least there were (and are! :>) Cupcakes involved. :>

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Getting from here to there in 3 smart goals and a bhag!!!

  1. 1. Getting from Here to There in3 S.M.A.R.T. Goals & a BHAG :>Paranormal Avians
  2. 2. Overviews● Presentation of this Presentation● Why There Are Not (many) Numbers Around Our Numbers :>● Products & Services
  3. 3. Presentation of this presentation● Hybrid of Prosperitys Kitchen project guidelines & Larah Ritchies Guided Calibration format
  4. 4. Why There are Not (many) Numbers Around our Numbers● We have a Numbers Whisperer(r) as part of our Coaching Peeps. :>● We work better to task, and since Action is our best friend right now.... :>
  5. 5. The Energetic Perspective● We are getting very, very good at this as we think, so shall it be. We do not yet know enough to be too specific in our numbers. :>
  6. 6. Products & SErvices● Creation: Art, Jewelry, Talismans, Books, Card Decks, Glitter Mixes● Coaching: Moving out of 101-ville, Muse-whispering :>● Services: Custom Card Decks,
  7. 7. Our Websites● Paranormal Avians :>● Magpies & Money (with Nicole A. Fende)● A Abundance (with Nathara of 2 CrowSong)
  8. 8. Our BHAGs Come InSeveral Sizes● BHAG Elder● Adult BHAG● BHAG the Younger
  9. 9. BHAG Elder = World
  10. 10. BHAG Elder = World
  11. 11. BHAG Elder = World● To help humanity achieve the Tipping Point that allows our As- yet Unseen Friends to become Seen Friends
  12. 12. BHAG Elder: Strategy● Begin to begin and then move on.● With our Businesses because it furthers the goals. :> With our Selves because the best example is a living example.● :>
  13. 13. BHAG Elder: Challenges● Head Trash: material is very vulnerable to share :>● Scope: balancing big+little pictures :>● Overwhelm: Self-care is key!!! :>● Focus: Taming Shiny Object Syndrome :>
  14. 14. BHAG Elder: Metrics● Sales made across the board.● Clients helped over all our sites & streams. :>● People positively affected, directly & through ripples.●
  15. 15. BHAG Elder: Celebrations● Shaking our God-nephews golden-skinned hand. :>● Taking our SolSystems Cruise. :>● Having regular #CakeinHawaii. :>
  16. 16. Adult BHAG = Continent (3yrs)
  17. 17. Adult BHAG = Continent (3yrs)
  18. 18. Adult BHAG: Continent (3yrs)● Become nationally-known + respected experts in the field of pan-paranormal studies :>
  19. 19. Adult BHAG: Strategy● Books from brain to published.● Follow-up with interview possibilities :>● Prepare publicity materials for same.● Research how to reach the big peeps.● Podcasting: Fox & Avians, Midnight Conversations :>
  20. 20. Adult BHAG: Challenges● Head Trash: not good enough, who do we think we are? Monsters. :>● H.S.P.-based issues: how to do speaking engagements (& biz-growth) in a way that works. :>
  21. 21. Adult BHAG: Metrics● Number + type of gigs applied for● Number + type of gigs accepted: by them, by us. :>● Whose efforts are getting us those gigs? Us? Them?
  22. 22. Adult BHAG: Celebrations● Extra time+money for celebrating in the town around gigs.● Update our wardrobes to reflect the new us. Spa days! :>
  23. 23. BHAG the Younger: City (1yr)
  24. 24. BHAG the Younger: City (1yr)
  25. 25. BHAG the Younger: City (1yr)● Take ourselves from our current biz income level <$600/yr to $44K+/yr
  26. 26. BHAG the Younger: Strategy● Get the frameworks up: site, social media.● Get the systems in place for the outsourcing of backstage stuff. :>● Products & Services: broad strokes.
  27. 27. BHAG the Younger: Challenges● SuperBird Syndrome: resist the urge to do it all + by ourselves. :>● Money+Worthiness Issues: mostly gone, but still popping up at the weirdest/most annoying times. :>
  28. 28. BHAG the Younger: Metrics● Social Media engagement: Facebook, G+, Guest Posts, Twitter :>● Site engagement: Time staying on site, list sign-ups + type. :>
  29. 29. BHAG the Younger: Celebrations● Begin the Progressive Cupcake Implementation Program! :-D:>
  30. 30. BHAG the Younger: Neighborhood (3 mo)
  31. 31. BHAG the Younger: Neighborhood (3 mo)
  32. 32. BHAG the Younger: Neighborhood (3 mo)● Products & Services: Get them done. Get them up. Start speaking out & stop keeping them a deep, dark, secret. :>
  33. 33. Neighborhood: Strategy● Prioritize Products + Services● Systematically start getting them out there. :>● Start talking about them as we go. :>
  34. 34. Neighborhood: Challenges● Overwhelm: So many projects. The same 24 hrs. :>● Organization: Prioritizing is our friend. :>● Focus: Shiny Object Syndrome worst at this level. :>● Bandwidth: Ours & our techs. :>
  35. 35. Neighborhood: MEtrics● Track progress of posting products & services.● Track where sales come from. :>● Products & Services: what sells?
  36. 36. Neighborhood: Celebrations● Periodic Cupcake Applications!!! :>
  37. 37. BHAG the Younger: Nex/st Steps :>
  38. 38. BHAG the Younger: Nex/st Steps :>
  39. 39. Paranormal Avians: Nex/st Steps● Post Gamified Framework for P.A. :>● Finish+proof Quirky Arcana Deck :>● Send out invites to lists re: new combo format.
  40. 40. Magpies & Money : Nex/st Steps● Polish & post free-for-addy Sparkly Goody. :>● Video! & Plorkbook (playbook+workbook)● Start researching interview possibilities. :>
  41. 41. A2Abundance : Nex/st Steps● Discuss revised schedule with peeps! :> (DONE!!! :>)● Document our Journey. :>● Create/polish materials to reflect the refined direction. :>
  42. 42. Thank you!!! :>● To cachesurfer, nanette, jdurham, artmaker, seeman of Morguefile for the pics! :>● To Karim Benyagoub for our Awesome Owls!!! :>● To Tea, our Word Chef, Nicole, our Numbers Whisperer(r), Nathara, our wonderful friend+ Biz-partner, and friends+family who support/ed. :>