Near field communication


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A beginner's introduction to NFC.

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Near field communication

  1. 1. NFCThe tap technology
  2. 2. Contents• NFC : Intro.• Little history and the present.• Big future?• NFC with Google.• Android Beam, Android wallet.• API’s.
  3. 3. NFC : Near Field Communication• Short range wireless technology (<4 cm)• Slower than Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (106 kbit/s to 848 kbit/s)• Can use passive targets (stickers, tags, cards)• Peer to peer communication (two mobiles)• Less setup friction (no pairing , no discovery)
  4. 4. How it works?• An Initiator , a target.• Initiator generates an RF field (Radio frequency) around the target.• Target can be passive or powered.• Magnetic induction• 13.56 MHz
  5. 5. Modes• Passive: powered initiator, passive target.• Active: (Peer to peer) :Both initiator and the target are powered.
  6. 6. Phone reads NFC tag Reads
  7. 7. Phone writes NFC tag Writes
  8. 8. Phone reads phone Reads
  9. 9. Phone reads/writes phone Reads/writes
  10. 10. The tags:• Contain small data (96 - 4,096 bytes)• Typically readable, can be writable too.• Can be encoded.• Four types of tags, different in: – Speeds, – configurability, – memory, – security, – data retention and – write endurance
  11. 11. When a phone is loaded with NFCIt can: – Work as virtual credit cards for payments. – Can work as keycard or ID card. – Can read unpowered NFC tags.
  12. 12. What can we do with NFC powered phones? • Just tap to: • Share a file • Share contacts • Pay the bills • Start a game • Pair bluetooth • Start wi-fi • Get a bus/air ticket • Use as coupons • Use as a tour guide • use as room key
  13. 13. The recent past…• Co-invented by NXP Semiconductors and Sony in 2002.• Nokia is oldest mobile player since 2004.• “NFC forum” founded by Nokia with Sony and Phillips to promote sharing, pairing, and transactions between NFC devices. – 130 countries. – 140 companies. – Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, HTC, Motorola, RIM, LG, Sony Ericsson, – AT&T, Sprint. – Google, Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm. – PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express.
  14. 14. What’s happening today…Let’s checkout timeline.
  15. 15. What’s happening today…
  16. 16. What’s happening today…
  17. 17. What’s happening today…
  18. 18. What’s happening today…
  19. 19. What’s happening today…
  20. 20. What’s happening today…
  21. 21. What’s happening today…
  22. 22. So how’s the future?• Up to 700 million NFC-enabled mobile phones will be sold by 2013 : Jupiter research• Japan: FeliCa, a type of NFC tag being used as primary mode for payment.• Corporations adopting NFC to reduce infrastructure cost and for flexibility.• Based on existing contactless infrastructure.
  23. 23. Now NFC with Google Android…• Started support in 2.3(Gingerbread)• Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, Galaxy S2, LG optimus net• Payments and banking apps• Social apps• Multiplayer games
  24. 24. Google Wallet
  25. 25. Google Wallet• Mobile payment system.• Allows to store credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards and more.• Tap to pay with Citi® MasterCard® or the Google Prepaid Card.• Get benefit from sales promotions and coupons.• Secure. Fast. Convenient.
  26. 26. Android Beam• Application for easy sharing between NFC enabled Android devices.• Introduced in Android 4.0 (Ice-cream Sandwich).• They say it “incredibly simple”.• For developers to integrate into their applications.• Share videos, music, contacts, applications, game scores….
  27. 27. API’sandroid.nfc
  28. 28. android.nfc• NfcManager• NfcAdapter• NdefMessage• NdefRecord
  29. 29. NfcManager• High level manager class• Used to get NfcAdapter instanceNfcManager manager = getSystemService(Context.NFC_SERVICE);
  30. 30. NfcAdapter• Represents the Device’s NFC adapter.• To disable or enable ‘tag dispatch’ system.• To open an appropriate “Activity” to handle a discovered tag. disableForegroundDispatch(Activity activity) enableForegroundDispatch(Activity activity, PendingIntent intent, IntentFilter[] filters, String[][] techLists) disableForegroundNdefPush(Activity activity)
  31. 31. Tag dispatch system• To chose most appropriate activity to automatically handle the situation when a ‘tag’ is discovered.• Without user intervention.• Two types: – Foreground: by the present Activity – Background: by the intent messages
  32. 32. NdefMessage, NdefRecord• Ndefmessage: – Represents NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) data message. – Standard format by NFC forum. – Contains one or more NdefRecord’s.• NdefRecord: – Container for actual data (URI etc). – Contains type info, ID and payload data.
  33. 33. Questions?