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Paramore, the Digital Agency, presents bi-annual Paramore University events where friends of the agency learn from brilliant digital thinkers and doers about how to improve their digital marketing. In typical Paramore style, the events are fun, entertaining, informative, and savvy.

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Paramore University - AlphaChimp Scribes

  1. 1. Debunking Mobile MythsJosh ClarkThat super distracted stereotypewho’s texting in one hand,sending an email on his iPadwith the other, and balancing alatte on top of his head whiledriving doesn’t really exist. Yettoo often we design for thesemythical mobile users, creatingmobile apps and websites aslite versions of their desktopcounterparts. Instead, mobileapps should almost alwaysdo MORE than their desktopdoppelgangers.“Tapworthy” author JoshClark will grab his best tweedjacket and join us at ParamoreUniversity to explain the difficultcraft of designing simpleinterfaces for complex mobileapps, sharing techniques forfuture-friendly mobile effortsand, along the way, debunkingseven stubborn mobile myths.Josh will also break down how,when and where to use mobileapps, why there’s no such thingas the mobile web, and whythe future is about services, notapps. IMAGE: Diane Durand | Alphachimp Studio Inc. | | @alphachimp |
  2. 2. In-House Marketing DepartmentsDavid C BakerDavid Baker will join us againto share his observations onwhat’s happening in in-housemarketing departments aroundthe world. Is the body countrising or falling? If you work forone of them, how do you buildrespect through your company -and how does this change whatyou need from an agency ordevelopment company?David Baker is a Principal and, in ourexperience, the most straight-talking guy around. Want toknow what he thinks? Juststand near him.David is the author of 3 books,an international speaker andthe smartest guy I know. Hiswork has been discussedin the Wall Street Journal,USA Today, Fast Company,Inc., Forbes, CBS BusinessNetwork, MarketingProfs, andBusinessWeek. He also speaksat places like Harvard and TedX. IMAGE: Diane Durand | Alphachimp Studio Inc. | | @alphachimp |
  3. 3. Avoiding the Knowledge CoffinLeslie CamachoIt’s time to stop burying all thatcontent you just spent weekson in the knowledge coffin thatis your CMS. We have to rethinkand redefine what “ContentManagement System” means.Is its purpose just to manageyour content? No. The truth isthat all major CMS systems areproficient at managing content.The real question is this: Canyour CMS bring life to customersand the community at large?Leslie Camacho, CEO ofEllisLab, will join us at PU tolook behind the code and revealwhat makes a CMS effective,efficient, and right for yourbusiness. No more dirt naps.Let’s let our content live. IMAGE: Diane Durand | Alphachimp Studio Inc. | | @alphachimp |