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Parallel Wireless Band 14 Case Studies at IWCE 2016


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At IWCE 2016, Parallel Wireless VP of Business Development presented their band 14 case studies for public safety LTE. Watch this presentation at

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Parallel Wireless Band 14 Case Studies at IWCE 2016

  1. 1. Deploying at the speed of dispatch. 1 Reimagine Wireless Communication
  2. 2. Parallel Wireless 2 • Four years reinventing Public Safety LTE • Multiple global public safety and military trials/deployments • Virtualize away the complexity of high-end commercial grade cellular. • Cut 80% of cost: keep FirstNet on budget • Enables new public safety topologies • Echoes PC revolution underestimate: “Why would first responders need more than 40,000 base station radios?” How about one in every fire truck?
  3. 3. Implications for Public Safety 3 • Parallel enables FirstNet to stay on budget • City of Nashua (NH) P25 LMR upgrade > $8M. Drains budget! No data services! • Build out FirstNet in Nashua for < $1M • Why data? Images, maps. Stadium drowns voice • Old choice: Local control or regional redundancy? Now…have both! • LMR integration allows transition to LTE one radio, one agency at a time.
  4. 4. Parallel Wireless Public Safety LTE Real-world tested 4 Demonstrated to US DoD and DHS and at JIFX military exercise. Satellite/ LTE at 45 MPH! Demonstrate interop and resilience between Canada and US at CAUSE II Sheriff installs RAN on flagpole - 15 min. Part of the public safety LTE ecosystem for US FirstNet Demonstrated as an integral component of Cisco’s Public Safety LTE architecture @ APCO 2015 Demonstrated in Disaster City and Winter Institute exercises and outside US territorial waters. Demonstrated to Indian Military at DEFCOM: Delhi 2015 Trialed and selected by public safety network in Europe Live public safety LTE Band 14 network at Super Bowl 50 20 days from invitation to coverage Deployed at MACC base to demonstrate interop, ease of deployment, and rural / in-building / mobile coverage LTE North America Awards nominee
  5. 5. 5 High-end commercial LTE wireless. Simplified. Approaching the cost and ease of Wi-Fi • 20 minutes for FBI network techs to install Parallel’s LTE network at Super Bowl City • Tough LTE smart handsets ($650) vs voice only LMR ($3,500) • Commodity computing changed public safety & military. Wireless networks are next. First, commodity computing, next communications. Super Bowl 50:FBI technicians install LTE network
  6. 6. FBI: Can Parallel build Super Bowl City network? 6 • NFL proposed radios in north and south scoreboards - then shifted to SuperBowl City • 20 days to deploy, 14 days to license, three days to ship, 20 minutes to install • Backhaul to Houston EPC (with local backup too) • Need power and Internet…or just vehicle power • SB50 carriers required a year of planning • Software from Parallel Wireless (not field staff) tunes power, sector • Interoperable between agencies
  7. 7. Milford Area Communications Center (MACC) Base Providing Band 14 LTE for public safety in rural NH 7 Shortlisted for LTE North America Awards for Most Innovative LTE service. Key Objectives: • Build hybrid carrier and dedicated Band 14 LTE network to cover the MACC base area (four rural towns in NH) • Coverage anywhere with outdoor and in-vehicle nodes intelligently orchestrated • Converge LMR voice and data networks • Demonstrate secure access to FBI CJIS data, data communications, continuous video link between dispatch center and mobile law enforcement.
  8. 8. MACC BASE • MACC (Milford Area Communications Center) Base Public Safety LTE field trial in NH, US demonstrated easy to install and maintain resilient public safety HetNet in rural US. • MACC base personnel benefited from resilient voice and data in-building and remote coverage enabled by intelligently orchestrated fixed & in-vehicle small cells with LMR/PMR interoperability Backhaul Flexibility Interoperability Network Resilience Bring Your Own Coverage (BYOC) Public Safety LTE in NH trials Parallel Wireless' mesh-enabled intelligently orchestrated mobile/fixed small cells
  9. 9. 9 Band 14 Roadshow – Apply Today Win a week rental to test Band 14 in your area • You saw it deployed at Super Bowl under 20 minutes, now you can DIY (deploy it yourself) and trial real Band 14 network in your area: • Self configuring • Self-optimizing • Instant coverage • Apply today. Win a week rental for Band 14 in your area • No need for big systems integrators to build Band 14 networks • Allows you to be a part of critical migration path
  10. 10. Making public safety LTE as easy and cost-effective as Wi-Fi. 10 Steve Kropper, VP Parallel Wireless 617 306 9312