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Parallel Path SEO Update - November 2013


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Learn about the latest trends in SEO as of November 2013 and how Parallel Path is evolving to help you stay relevant in the market.

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Parallel Path SEO Update - November 2013

  2. 2. WE REFINED OUR SEO SERVICE Tactically Focused Now Opportunity Focused Then
  3. 3. OPPORTUNITY EXAMPLE | COFFEE SHOP 33,100 Monthly Searches Low Competition #30 Current Ranking
  4. 4. OPPORTUNITY EXAMPLE | COFFEE SHOP > Optimize geographic elements > Claim local listings Tactics to Employ > Generate reviews > Schema markup > Google+ optimization
  5. 5. THE CORE OF SEO REMAINS Accessibility Relevance Reach
  6. 6. ACCESSIBILITY TECHNICAL Schema Defines and organizes content for Google to display in the SERPs.
  7. 7. ACCESSIBILITY TECHNICAL Average page authority of 100+ client assets before and after silo implementation. Before 0 40+ After Siloing Increase relevance by creating silos around a given topic through internal linking.
  8. 8. RELEVANCE ON-PAGE > Launched in August > Entirely new engine > Focuses on the entire topic and its subtopics > Goal is to be more conversational > Consider content type Google launched Hummingbird Increased emphasis upon the context of content.
  9. 9. HUMMINGBIRD IN ACTION Don’t optimize for the question. Optimize for the answer.
  10. 10. REACH OFF-PAGE NEWS FLASH Social is influencing rankings. Link Building is now Content Distribution Connecting with the right people is more important than connecting with the right site.
  11. 11. REACH OFF-PAGE Social platforms are indexed Showed up for my wife. Not in clean SERPs.
  12. 12. DISTRIBUTION OPPORTUNITY EXAMPLE 21,400 Twitter Followers Will contributed to a PP blog post and then shared it across his social networks.
  13. 13. NEW REPORTING FORMAT > Data What happened? > Analysis Why? > Action Items What are we going to do about it?
  14. 14. THANK YOU!