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Content with a Purpose: 10 Steps to Digital Success


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Hardy Kalisher, VP of Strategic Consulting and Business Development at Parallel Path, delivers "Content with a Purpose: 10 Steps to Digital Success" at TechMedia's Denver Digital Summit.

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Content with a Purpose: 10 Steps to Digital Success

  1. 1. Content with a Purpose: 10 Steps to Digital Success
  2. 2. Content with a Purpose
  3. 3. Three core digital marketing strategy categories; (1) Expand brand awareness (2) Increase lead/customer generation (3) Grow and retain customers. Content with a Purpose
  4. 4. ● Customers use digital to discover, consider and make decisions. ● Be at each stage of the customer journey. If you are not there...your competitors will be ● Data-driven marketing. Stop guessing and know your marketing ROI Content with a Purpose
  5. 5. Steps to Digital Success
  6. 6. Identify Goals Digital Marketing Budget Product Priority Execution, Effectiveness & Efficiency Content Development Content Mapping Content Distribution Data Intelligence & Analysis Performance Reporting Optimization of Strategy Steps to Digital Success 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  8. 8. Identify Goals 01
  9. 9. Acquire high quality traffic that drives revenue Traffic Acquisition Revenue Steps to Digital Success $
  10. 10. Digital Marketing Budget 02
  11. 11. Confirmation of budget to best achieve goals: Content Creation Developer Resources Media Spend Steps to Digital Success
  12. 12. Product Priority 03
  13. 13. Prioritizing products plays an important role in a successful digital strategy and execution. Steps to Digital Success
  14. 14. Execution, Effectiveness, Efficiency 04
  15. 15. High level of execution, effectiveness & efficiency LEADERSHIP Strategic leadership RESOURCES Internal and Agency DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Display, Social PROJECT MANAGEMENT Get it done right the first time and on time! Your Success ! Achieving your targeted goals Steps to Digital Success
  16. 16. Content Development 05
  17. 17. Current Content Asset Inventory e.g. promotions, infographics, white papers, blogs, videos ARE THERE ANY GAPS? Steps to Digital Success
  18. 18. Content Mapping 06
  19. 19. Map Content To Customer Segments Stages in Purchase Funnel Aligned with Products Steps to Digital Success
  20. 20. Align Content And Distribution Channels With Purchase Journey Stages. $Awarenes s Research Purchase CONTENT MAPPING Steps to Digital Success
  21. 21. Content Distribution 07
  22. 22. “The right message for the right person at the right time” Steps to Digital Success
  23. 23. SEO Paid Search Display Retargeting Social Media INTEGRATED DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY Content Steps to Digital Success
  24. 24. Data Intelligence & Analysis 08
  25. 25. Steps to Digital Success What are the on page behavior metrics telling us about the human engagement with our digital channels and content? The behavior metrics give us a view into how we can better optimize for increased quantity and quality of traffic
  26. 26. Steps to Digital Success Activity Metrics Results Metrics Bounce Rate Page Depth Loyalty Events Per Visit Impressions Visits Conversion Rate Assisted Conversions Cost Per Lead Website/Landing Page Behavior Metrics
  27. 27. Performance Based Reporting 09
  28. 28. Quantity = Number of Conversions from Traffic Source Quality = Traffic Source Engagement Metrics Quality = Lead Type from Traffic Source Cost = Cost Per Lead from Traffic Source Steps to Digital Success
  29. 29. Optimization of Strategy 10
  30. 30. Steps to Digital Success