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Why paraguay


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Why invest in Paraguay

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Why paraguay

  1. 1. Contact: Paraguay-South America Why Paraguay Paraguay has been a port of destination for many foreigners who for some reason or another left their homeland and they crossed oceans in search of a new beginning. Italians, Germans, French and Swiss began to leave Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century, creating fascinating waves of emigration to the 1880s and after the First and Second World War. The first Mennonites arrived in the mid- 1920s, settling in the Chaco, where they remain to this day. The first Japanese families arrived in 1936, establishing the colony Paraguarí Hive. The following surge were postWorld War II and occupied areas Itapúa and Alto Parana. All of them have taken advantage of the benefits of this land, harvesting their opportunities to have her.
  2. 2. Contact: Paraguay-South America MAINLY REASONS TO INVEST IN PARAGUAY 1. Highest monetary and fiscal stability in Latin America (never had sharp devaluation, expropriation or freezing of savings, etc..) Lower tax rate and a very simple tax system; 2. Quick recovery of economic growth and investment after the crisis of 2008-2009, 10% growth in 2010 based on food production as global demand tends to grow; 3. Investment Attractions Laws as: Maquila Regime, that establish tax exemptions and others benefits for industries that produces for exportation; 4. Access to MERCOSUR, a free trade area with a GDP of U.S. $ 2 billion, which also includes Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay; 5. Excellent cost-benefit labor in the region and lower social security contributions on wages; 6. Population mostly young and with great ease of learning and training; 7. Abundant availability of electricity at lower rates in the region; 8. Center of the Paraná-Paraguay, Paraná-Tiete Waterway with free shipping in most of the country throughout the year; 9. Mild climate and absence of natural disasters; 10. Abundant water and fertile land for agriculture.
  3. 3. Contact: Paraguay-South America The Heart of South America Is strategically located in the node the communication paths with Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, on the axle hydrographic Paraguay / Parana
  4. 4. Contact: Paraguay-South America Investment & Partnership Opportunities In The World's Next Sustainable Economy Why Paraguay is Ready to Enter The Global Business & Investment Community Paraguay is ideally positioned to become the next global boom economy. Built upon an incredibly stable macro economy and conservative fiscal policies, Paraguay’s new Government and Business Leaders are in unison with regard to opening up the country's wealth of opportunities to foreign investors. Utilizing strong government incentives and structures developed to promote PPP’s, Direct Investments and Local Partnerships in a manner that will promote a sustainable, transparent economy that will benefit all Paraguayan's, foreign investors have opportunities rarely present in Emerging Markets.
  5. 5. Contact: Paraguay-South America Why Paraguay The CIA World Factbook was recently updated with estimates of gross domestic product growth rates for countries around the world. Please note that in 2010 the U.S. ranked No. 127, with an estimated 2.8% GDP growth. According to the list, six countries have GDP growth that are outpacing the rest of the globe: GDP Growth Estimate (%) Largest GDP Sector (%) Qatar 16.3 Industry - 71.8 Paraguay 15.3 Services - 53.9 Singapore 14.5 Services - 71.7 Taiwan 10.8 Services - 67.5 India 10.4 Services - 54.7 China 10.3 Services - 43.0 If any further substantiation of Paraguay’s potential is required, its recent bond issuance was 11 times over-subscribed at an interest rate of 4.6%. To many, the attainment of second place by a country such as Paraguay may come as somewhat of a surprise. It is, however, no surprise to the modern leaders of Paraguay. These leaders are actively inviting and seeking foreign investment into the country's wealth of natural resources, technology, infrastructure, and agricultural opportunities. However, for many there are also major concerns about investing in Paraguay and the conference has been designed to allow Paraguay's new leaders to tackle these issues head on. Accordingly the conference will address and attendees will be able to ask questions on the following important issues: • Transparency International's latest corruption index ranked Paraguay as the second most corrupt country in Latin America. Learn what today's leaders of Paraguay are doing to fight corruption, what laws are being implemented to counteract it what advice can be given to companies considering entering into Paraguay to avoid it • The legal/regulatory processes by which major infrastructure projects can be developed • How will the new government ensure that an expanding economy will benefit all Paraguayan citizens and not just a select few
  6. 6. Contact: Paraguay-South America • Paraguay has never expropriated a foreign company but what provisions can a foreign company can expect to see in agreements relating to business investments to protect against or mitigate this kind of risk • The laws relating to the (a) protection of proprietary technology used in projects; (b) utilization of foreign nationals (e.g., US citizens) as employees vs. requirements for training and employing the local population • The new government’s view on existing bilateral investment treaties which Paraguay has ratified and international arbitration • The protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Paraguay • What Environmental Laws- Agreements and Treaties are in place and how are they enforced? On May 20th and 21st at The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami, senior Paraguayan government and business executives will discuss their country's latest initiatives to welcome foreign investment into its rapidly expanding economy. From a macro standpoint it is very clear that Paraguay has enormous potential as it: • Is perfectly geographically situated to service over 300,000,000 consumers • Has an abundance of the cheapest available energy within the entire South American region • Has already set up tax efficient conditions (as low as 1% corporation tax) for the distribution of goods within the MERCOSUR • Has attractive corporate and personal tax rates (as low as 10% prior to deductions) • Is perfectly situated to aid in the distribution of goods and natural resources from Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia, to the major Pacific and Atlantic ports • Already has strong trading relationships with countries outside of the MERCOSUR such as Russia
  7. 7. Contact: Paraguay-South America 1st. Net exporter of electricity 1st. Exporter of organic sugar world 2do. Producer and exporter of stevia 2do. Tung producer in the world 3rd. Producer of Yerba Mate in the world 3rd. World fleet of barges (2,200 units with 200 tugboats) after USA and China 4to. Soybean exporter in the world 4to. Exporter of charcoal in the world 4to. Exporter of cassava starch in the world 4to. Soybean oil exporter in the world 5to. Soymeal exporter in the world 5to. Roast largest consumer in the world, after Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, USA 6to. Soy producer in the world 6to. Exporter of corn in the world 8vo. In Industrialization of soybeans in the world The 9th. Exporter of meat in the world 10th. Exporter of wheat in the world 11th. Exporter of silk yarn in the world