Investment opportunities in farmland in paraguay


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Investment opportunities in farmland in Paraguay

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Investment opportunities in farmland in paraguay

  1. 1. Investment opportunities in farmland in Paraguay – South America Attention investors See our services in Paraguay We are investment advisors on of agricultural landbanking, arable farmland, agricultural production, livestock production Sale, creation, mounting, estructracion, company, as SA Inc. Plc turnkey, with 25 years experience, and sold more than 500 companies and created We design direct investment platform where you are the owner shareholder, owner of the assets You acquire a company then seek agricultural land you buy on behalf of the company In the land can be developed livestock, agriculture concession, exploration and exploitation of oil, minerals We believe that farmland is an excellent long-term investment - Low Volatility - High Absolute Returns - High Risk Adjusted Returns/Sharpe Ratios - Emerging Market Linkage - Margin of Safety - Current Income - Capital Appreciation - Inflation Hedge - Favorable Diversification - Global demographics increases demand for food - Growing Asian middle class' demand for protein - Declining global supply of arable land - Agriculture/Farmland uncorrelated with stocks and bonds
  2. 2. Farmland is an attractive long-term investment that offers current income, capital appreciation, an inflation hedge and favorable diversification that is negatively correlated with traditional asset clases Investment Project Agricultural Investment Company Our company is looking for private investors to purchase undeveloped land with potential ranchers in the area more productive of the Paraguayan Chaco The proposal deals with buy property with no or little improvement, to develop, add value and put into production, and then sell them at a higher value. We are interested in properties with low initial valuedue to the lack of improvements but with great potential livestock. It is noteworthy that fields were selected where you have plenty of water for livestock and after a programmed clearing and ecological forests respecting existing law, and the possibility of seeding pastures megatérmicas, to add value to the field and be prepared for the possibility of incorporating the project to fatten calves Objective of society Develop strategic property with basic investments and fundamental, to sell as armed ranches, or put it into production while making the process of selling and investment to add value and help fund the improvements with their own resources. The weakness and insecurity that currently have the financial markets make this proposal attractive to some groups that manage third-party funds. Where to find security and stability in their investment portfolio.
  3. 3. What is farmland investing? Farmland investing is exactly what it sounds like – a direct investment in land used for agricultural production. Because its end result is essential to sustaining human life and meeting certain social needs, farmland generally has an underlying value that does not fluctuate in response to market forces the way stocks and bonds do. Consequently, it can potentially be a source of stable investment returns. Farmland is a relatively new investment asset class that is not widely understood. Many deals are not publicized, meaning that they take place “off market.” So a good reputation and local market knowledge are vitally important. In addition to insight and access, exclusive relationships with partners around the world can be also critical to making the most of this compelling investment opportunity If you're considering investment in farmland, we invite you to contact us today Ing. Agr. Luis Aguilera Specialist rural economy & Agricultural landbanking Adviser and investment manager to farmland twitter @farmlandchacopy 595971346848 San Lorenzo - Paraguay - South America Director GRUPO MERCANTIL PARAGUAYO S.A. Company specializing in direct investment in farmland and asset management. Investment in farmland and operate cattle and crops farms. +595 971 346 848 Santa Fe Nº 1335 - Barrio Miraflores San Lorenzo - Paraguay - América del Sur SKYBOX USA 1900 Nw 97th Svenue Doral, FL 33172 Tel.: (786) 265.4800 EUROPA Calle del Arte 16, Local 3 Madrid 28033 - España Tel: (91) 7682129