How much cost you to live in paraguay


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How much cost you to live in paraguay

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How much cost you to live in paraguay

  1. 1. HOW MUCH COST YOU TO LIVE IN PARAGUAY Life in Paraguay in comparison to the US or EU standards is much cheaper. Asuncion in Paraguay is ranked as one of the world's least expensive capital to live in. The avarage salary in the capital is around US$250 per month (skilled worker gets US$220), in rural areas it goes down to US$125. If you are not money waster, for 500 EUR you may have a decent /not luxurious/ life there. But it really depends on the way of life as each human is different! Everyone has another way of life, which can be favorably or also extremely expensive. Therefore nobody can actually give overall information: With US$1000 one can live in Paraguay well and other with the same amount like a king. If one lives normally and buys predominantly native products, Paraguay is extraordinarily favorable. The Paraguayan food usually tastes excellently. In addition, there are humans, who from particular reasons always or almost exclusively buy only imported products, which come from their homeland. These products are naturally substantially more expensive than back home. What is good that e.g. retirees do not have to prove the amount of income, as e.g. in Costa Rica, where you need to prove income of US$2,000 per month to ask for residency. Prices of foodstuff in Shopping Markets in the capital are almost comparable with prices in USA/EU, but outside much cheaper. What is surprisingly still cheap is the house construction. Four room house built from good material may cost from US$35 thousand. Less quality material may bring the price down even to US$20 thousand. E.g. swimming pool construction costs from US$2,500. Health insurance: Several private health insurance companies in Asuncion that offer countrywide coverage. Depending on your age and coverage needs prices can range between USD $60 to $120 per month. It is important to note though that most insurance policies do NOT cover large operations. Some companies offer additional major surgery coverage for a hefty price. Energy prices: Itaipu means cheap electricity for Paraguay. During the summer with the AC running on a regular basis and 2 computers on all day our electric bill was still less than US$ 70 per month Internet: Supposedly the internet monopoly in Paraguay is about to be dismantled. In theory this will lead to cheaper and hopefully faster internet service but... who knows what will actually happen. Cell phone companies (Personal and TIGO)offer plans for about $55 for 512 kbps (speeds are rarely as fast as advertised though). Cell phone: All cell phone companies offer the option of a fixed price per month cell phone plan or a pay as you go plan. The only way to ensure keeping your phone number is by having a plan though. Most start at 15$ per month and come with lower rates. Food prices: Prices for fresh produce are very low. If you are willing to go to the outdoor markets (Mercado 4 and Mercado de Abasto ) they are even lower. Prices and quality are higher at the weekly Agroshopping in Mscl. Lopez Shopping on Tuesdays but are still very reasonable. Examples of Agroshopping prices:
  2. 2. Bunches of fresh herbs: Gs. 1,000 a half kilo of cherry tomatoes: Gs. 5,000 500 grms of artesanal boursin cheese: Gs. 7,000 A 10 piece roll of fresh vegetarian sushi: Gs. 5,000 Some of the large dairy producers like Gloria and Trebol have large distribution centers where you can buy ricotta cheese, 20 pack boxes of milk and bars of butter for much less than at the supermarkets. In Paraguay (US$1.00 = appx. 4500 Gs.) Box of cigarettes with 20 pieces - US$0.40 1 kg cattle filet costs - US$6.00 Main dish in restaurant – from US$7.00 (outside the capital from US$2.00) Property tax – few tens dollars per year! Mature cow – from US$400 (US$150 for young one) Cars are expensive! Car rental – from US$40 per day Gasoline - US$0.95 per liter Example (as of the end of 2008): A rented house in Asuncion which has got 2 bed, 3 bathrooms, 3 living rooms, a garden with covered bbq area, a garage, a dinning room and kitchen. Average costs per family a month: rent electricity water land line 1,200,000 Gs 90,000 Gs 50,000 Gs 50,000 Gs mobile phone x2 120,000 Gs health insurnc x2 215,000 Gs internet 130,000 Gs groceries 600,000 Gs petrol 400,000 Gs