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Pd plast literature


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Pd plast literature

  1. 1. P.D.CHEMICALSLiquid Integral Waterproofing compoundPDPLAST110 is an integral liquid waterproofing METHOD OF APPLICATION:admixture for concrete and cement mortar. Ithas good plasticising properties which makes Add 80-90% water to the concrete based on Mixconcrete cohesive and prevents segregation. Design by weight. The correct quantity ofThe liquid is to be added to the wet concrete or PDPLAST110 should be measured withmortar. It fills up the capillaries in the concrete recommended dispenser and should be added togiving effective waterproofing. the concrete with remaining mixing water. Allow to mix it for recommended mixing time. TheAREA OF APPLICATION: addition of PDPLAST110 to dry mixes or cement is not recommendedIt is used for waterproofing of concrete andcement-sand mortar used in basements, roof DOSAGE:slabs and screeds, water retaining structures, As a starting point, a dose of 600ml per 100kgbathrooms, balconies, water tanks, external of cement is recommended. Optimum dosage ofplastering, sumps and drains, etc. PDPLAST110 should be determined in trial mixes. Please consult P.D.Chemicals TechnicalFEATURES & BENEFITS: staff for further information.  Increase durability, by increase in EFFECTS OF OVER-DOSAGE: impermeability. A severe over-dosage of PDPLAST110 will  Reduces shrinkage cracks in plaster & result in the following: concrete.  Concrete containing PDPLAST110 is   Slight set retardation.  resistant to water penetration either   Increase in workability  under conditions of hydrostatic pressure  Slight increase in air content  or capillary absorption. Providing concrete is properly cured, the  Sulphate attack is reduced due to the ultimate concrete strength will not be adversely sulphate bearing ground water being affected. resisted.  Makes the mortar / concrete more cohesive.  Economical in application.   Pumpability and surface finish of the concrete is greatly improved. STANDARDS:ASTM C 494 – Type A and D
  2. 2. PDPLAST110 TECHNICAL PROPERTIES: PDPLAST110 is compatible with all types of Portland cements including sulphate resisting Appearance Brown free flowing liquid cement. Specific Gravity 1.200 + 0.020 0 @30 C STORAGE: Chloride content Nil Ph Minimum 6 PDPLAST110 must be stored at above 5 C 0 temperature. If the product has frozen, thaw at room temperature and agitate to completely PDPLAST110 is a chloride free product. The reconstitute it in original form. Store under shelf life of the product is 1 year when stored as cover, protect it from direct sunlight. Failure to recommended. comply with recommended storage condition IMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEMBER: may result in premature deterioration of the product or packaging.  Ensure w/c ratio should not exceed 0.5.  PACKAGING:  Keep lowest possible water content in concrete compatible with achieving full PDPLAST110 is available in 25 kg & 260 kg compaction.  HDPE drum or in bulk.
  3. 3.  Place Concrete quickly & ensure it SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: thoroughly compacted. PDPLAST110 is a non-toxic and inflammable. When  Protect new concrete Against rapid in contact with the skin, it should be washed drying out and ensure adequate and with cold water. complete curing by using PDPLAST curing compounds.MECHANISM:PDPLAST110 significantly reduces waterdemand to P.D.CHEMICALS Branch office -Gate No:164/1,Triveni Nagar,Nigadi-Talawade Rode,Pune-14 Cell: +91 9049800090. production of good workability concretewith a minimum water/cement ratio.PDPLAST110 disruptsthe cellular network withinthe concrete mass (capillaries), that arenormally interconnected thereby reducing theconcrete permeability.