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Teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy and nursing communication

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Teenage pregnancy

  2. 2. OBJECTIVES • Understanding teen pregnancy • Learning the needs of girl to transition role of mother in a teen age • What are the stigmas related to teen pregnancy • Learning nursing implications to stigmas • Communication strategies related to teen age pregnancy clients (Main focus ) • Barriers to communication • What resources are present in support to the teen age pregnancy
  3. 3. Teen age pregnancy • Early pregnancy is considered endemic social concern • There are mostly unplanned pregnancies in teenage • Adaptation to new role
  4. 4. Teens usually do not get early prenatal care due to: • Denial • Family concerns • Fear of labor and delivery • Financial barriers • Embarrassment related to body change and new role • Lack of information for supportive resources • Cultural background
  5. 5. Teen age pregnancy has higher health risks for mother and baby • Risks to the Mother • anemia • depression • high blood pressure • placenta eruption • maternal renal failure • social isolation • Risks for the Baby • premature • death rate • chronic illness • hospitalization • learning disabilities
  6. 6. Demographics (2002, Statistics Canada) • Canadian teenage Birth rate : 16 per 1000 • Teenage pregnancy rate was 33.9 • According to data from Statistics Canada, the Canadian teenage pregnancy rate has trended towards a steady decline for both younger (15-17) and older (18-19) teens in the period between 1992- 2002 • Canada's highest teen pregnancy rates occur in small towns located in rural parts of peninsular Ontario
  7. 7. Teen age pregnancy portrayed in the media • The media glamorizes the teen pregnancies • Rather than communicating with the teens about pros and cons of situation, they tend to glorify the reality and hardships in movies or reality shows.
  8. 8. Stereotypes/stigmas to teenage pregnancy • Teen moms are high school drop outs • Teen moms are poor and financially dependent • Teen moms are bad moms because they do not know how to care for babies • Teen moms are druggies • Teen moms have no future because they usually are single mothers By carlaelaine, ocean springs, MS
  9. 9. Implications • Inferring the information from the stereotypes and stigmas prevailing in society, nurses should- • try to put their biases at a side and, • try to think and emotionally feel, being in the shoes of that mom; because if society doesn’t accept her, health providers don’t support her, SHE HAS NOBODY TO BE AT HER SIDE IN THIS DIFFICULT SITUATION! So, nurses should build a rapport, respect her privacy, provide her all the dignity and be communicably approachable.
  10. 10. Communication Barriers • Lingual and Cultural Background • Reluctant to open up • Nurse’s personal biases: Authoritarian and imposing of personal views on issues such as abortion or unwed parenthood • Judgment
  11. 11. Communication strategies should the nurse use • Teenager accept health suggestions if they trust the source of advice • So building trust is important By:  ensuring confidentiality Maintain privacy • Patience • Open communication • Active listening • Being empathetic • More adult reasoning • Providing information about resources • Being supportive not judgmental
  12. 12. Resources • Williams lake 1.Williams Lake Obstetrics and Gynecology Interior Health Cariboo Memorial Hospital 401-517 Sixth Avenue NWilliams Lake, BC • Phone: (250) 392-1137 Hours of Operation Regular hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Closed for lunch and all statutory holidays. • Williams lake Cariboo Friendship Society, Pregnancy Outreach Program 202 Fourth Avenue North Map Place V2G 2E1 Route Williams Lake Landline (250) 392-3583 V2G 2E1 RouteWilliams Lake Landline (250) 392-3583
  13. 13. Conclusion Teenage pregnancy and child-bearing are embedded in our social fabric and will remain health care concerns. When pregnancy has already occurred, nurses can use proper communication and education can help teen moms deal with unstable emotions and their curiosities and reach sound decisions concerning pregnancy resolution and seek timely health care appropriate to the decisions.
  14. 14. References • communication.htm • • • Pregnancy-Stereotypes-Statistics

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Teenage pregnancy and nursing communication


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