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Kids' Graphic Novel Reading Habits


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The presentation on kids reading and buying habits given by Terry Nantier, President of PAPERCUTZ at the 2014 ComicsPro Meeting in Atlanta. The meeting took place on March 1st, 2014.

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Kids' Graphic Novel Reading Habits

  1. 1. ComicsPro Meeting February 2014
  2. 2. 2013 The Year of the Kid
  3. 3. Top Movies of 2013 $420 mm $409 mm $368 mm
  4. 4. Trend Continuing in 2014 LEGO Movie had second biggest February opening ever! $379 mm $146 mm
  5. 5. Top Books of 2013 1.8 mm copies in hardcover 1.4 mm copies in hardcover 1.1 mm copies in hardcover
  6. 6. Reflected in Comic Book Market ADVENTURE TIME Boom Studios MY LITTLE PONY IDW SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Archie
  7. 7. PAPERCUTZ Success Stories LEGO: NINJAGO Series Over 2 million copies sold!
  8. 8. PAPERCUTZ Success Stories book 11 covhc 11/30/12 5:44 PM Page 1 TM GERONIMO STILTON knows how to deal with annoying oranges! ?! GRAPHIC NOVEL Geronimo Stilton is the editor of the Rodent’s Gazette, the most famouse paper on Mouse island. in his free time he loves to tell fun, happy stories. in this adventure, Geronimo has to face his worst enemies, the Pirate Cats, who have discovered a way to travel back in time and change history… THE FIRST SAMURAI Japan, 1603. Geronimo and his friends don’t know why the Pirate Cats went back to this precise point in time, but they are sure the Pirate Cats are up to no good! Posing as a traveling troupe of actors, Geronimo somehow manages to convince the locals that he’s really a Shogun, and not The First Samurai! Will Geronimo be able to uncover the Pirate Cats’ plan in time to stop them? Or have the Pirate Cats finally won? All-new, full-color Graphic Novel Ohhhh! “Geronimo fans will eat this up quicker than a wheel of cheddar.” -Washington Times “Is it fact? Is it fiction? It’s faction, and it’s fun!” -Shelf-Employed $9.99 US / $10.99 CAN TM 12 GERONIMO STILTON Series Almost 1 million copies sold! TM
  9. 9. Kids Buying Power has Never Been Stronger •  Children under 14 spend about $40 billion annually. Compare this to the $6.1 billion 4-12 year olds spent in 1989. •  Teens spend about $159 billion. •  Children under 12 influence $500 billion in purchases per year.
  10. 10. Discovery/Purchase Trends ! •  Kids as young as 18-24 months are influencing purchase decisions •  Point of entry to brand/story world varies – 360 degree experience is expected (e.g. Spider-Man – many kids discover franchise through movies and then become book readers/ consumers) •  When queried about purchase decisions 53% of parents say they bought “because my kid asked for it”
  11. 11. How Kids Learn About Books TRENDS IN DISCOVERY OF BOOKS: 7 -12! (Source: Nielsen’s Children’s Deep Dive 2011-13)! Fall '12! Spring '13! Fall '13! 47%! 38%! 32%! 30%! 31%! 27%! 27%! 20%! 19%! 20%! 19%! 14%! Own Decision/Child! Friend/Family! Bookstore! Online Research!
  12. 12. But Not All the News is Positive …
  13. 13. Teens Being Turned Off Reading?
  14. 14. Teens Moving to Digital
  15. 15. The Takeaway •  Publishers & Retailers must work together to create a “fun reading habit” •  Publishers & Retailers must work together to create a “print reading habit” •  We must use all tools at our disposal to expose potential readers to product that interests them.
  16. 16. Papercutz Strategy #1 – User Friendly Product “Papercutz graphic novels are just good comics for everyone, kids especially.  ! ! They're exactly the kind of new reader breeders that our industry needs, but that doesn't get nearly enough press or shelf space in most shops.”! ! ! - Confessions of a Comic Book Guy Column ! by Steve Bennett, SuperFly Comics & Games! Published in ICV2: 01/29/2014 !
  17. 17. Papercutz Strategy #2 – Leverage Existing Brand Awareness
  18. 18. LEGO CHIMA #1 Written by Yannick Grotholt Illustrated by Comicon Ships May 2014 ▶  Launched in January 2013 – toy line, 3 video games, Cartoon Network series, dedicated area in Legoland Florida and now Papercutz graphic novels!! ▶  Strongest testing LEGO theme in the past 25 years.
  19. 19. WWE #1: “MONEY IN THE BANK” Mick Foley Illustrated by Alitha Martinez Written by Ships June 2014 ▶  Coverage in WWE Magazine,WWE Monopoly game, Hot Topic promotion, and TV events ▶  Store signings, Fan outreach and contests ▶  Press kit ARC mailing
  20. 20. Toto Trouble #1: “Back to Crass” Written & Illustrated by Terry Copee Ships May 2014 ▶  Animated TV series premiered on Starz Kids in July 2013 ▶  Relatable kid hero similar to Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes in his mischiefmaking and hilarious fumbles ▶  Short gags are perfect for kids just learning to read, with an overarching storyline in each volume
  21. 21. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1: “Rita Repulsa's Attitude Adjustment” Stefan Petrucha Illustrated by Alitha Martinez Written by Ships June 2014 ▶  Highly anticipated series starring the original characters ▶  Featured in FREE COMIC BOOK DAY promotion ▶  #1 kids television brand in the United States, airing 7 times per week on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons
  22. 22. RIO #2: “The Creature From Blu’s Lagoon” Stefan Petrucha Illustrated by James Silvani Written by Ships April 2014 ▶ Rio 2 opens on April 11, 2014, with home entertainment in the fall ▶ The first Rio film grossed $480M at the box office, making it one of the top grossing animated movies of 2011 ▶ The NOT FINAL ART! series features art from top animation artists, and continues the story of the two Rio films
  23. 23. NOT FINAL ART!
  24. 24. ANNOYING ORANGE #6: “My Little Baloney” Scott Shaw! Illustrated by Mike Kazaleh Written by Ships August 2014 ▶  The Annoying Orange TV series is a top-rated show on Cartoon Network; #1 for its time slot among Boys 6-11 versus all TV since launch in June 2012 ▶  Episodes broadcast multiple times weekly in CN’s highest rated prime time block reaching 99 million US homes and over 10 million kids
  25. 25. ARIOL #5: “Bizbilla Hits the Bullseye” Emmanuel Guibert Illustrated by Marc Boutavant Written by Ships August 2014 ▶  Ariol features the everyday life of a kid (donkey) and his friends (cow, pig, fly,cat) with a wry and colorful sense of humor ▶  The best-reviewed Papercutz launch to date ▶  Guibert is known for his books published with First Second (The Photographer)
  26. 26. Papercutz Strategy #3 – Enlist Teachers & Librarians as Partners •  Creating Teacher’s Guides for all major series – six to date, over a dozen by end of 2014. •  Major presence at Librarian events – PLA, ALA, BEA, regional bookfairs. •  More advertising to teachers & librarians than any other comics or graphic novel publisher.
  27. 27. Papercutz Strategy #4 – Support Comic Shop Partners •  LEGO CHIMA Promotion •  Free Comic Book Day •  Weekly Activity Sheet Program •  My First Comic Promotion
  28. 28. LEGO: CHIMA Promotion ▶  Major promotion tied to launch of LEGO: CHIMA #1 graphic novel in May 2014 ▶  Papercutz will provide resources for retail partners to host CHIMA day in stores ▶  Special discount on CHIMA & NINJAGO GNs for participating retailers ▶  Participating retailers will be entered in to a contest to win a trip for 4 to Legoland California the week before SDCC
  29. 29. Free Comic Book Day 2014 ▶  Gold and Silver level participation in event. ▶  Other PAPERCUTZ series features in SMURFS comic (ARIOL, ANNOYING ORANGE & DINOSAURS) ▶  Additional discount available on all titles featured in FCBD promotion Talk to Tony – you can place an order for these volumes right here at the show
  30. 30. Weekly Activity Sheet Program from ▶  ▶  AGE: Cheap and easy, can be output from a black and white printer ▶  NAME: Bi-weekly resource for shops that features coloring pages, games, comics and more Designed to be easily customized with store branding
  31. 31. “My First Comic” Promotion ▶  Free Papercutz Comics for kids whose parents purchase Papercutz GNs (this is a special comic created for this promotion and it will feature an area/blank space for store sticker or stamp) ▶  Stickers that identify kids as “My First Comic” recipients ▶  Special discount on Papercutz product for participating retailers
  32. 32. PAPERCUTZ 2014 GOALS •  Provide retail partners with the tools to tap in to power of kids market •  Provide retail partners with tools to reach out to parents and community •  Be ‘the gateway product” that helps kids develop a lifelong comics print reading habit
  33. 33. THANK YOU!!!