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How to Build Campaigns That Win Hearts & Awards


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Tweets from our chat with Courtney Smith and the #BizHeroes community on digital campaigns.

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How to Build Campaigns That Win Hearts & Awards

  1. 1. #BizHeroes w/ @cshasarrived Courtney Smith How to Build Digital Campaigns That Win Hearts & Awards! 42+ tips for creating like a pro
  2. 2. Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Courtney Smith
  3. 3. You have been asked to create a campaign. Where do you begin?
  4. 4. With the plan. Asking the right questions about what the audience cares about. Understand what success looks like to everyone Courtney Smith @cshasarrived So important to set your goals so you can make a plan to get there. @TheDrawShop Once you know what you want at the end of the campaign, you can build the best roadmap to get there. Courtney Smith @cshasarrived Know end-point goals - work "backwards" from there. Jessica Roberts @connect2life
  5. 5. Needs to be a clear definition of what success looks like for everyone, otherwise it becomes complicated instead of complex. Courtney Smith @cshasarrived You always start with - what is the desired END STATE. True in any campaign - digital or otherwise. Fred Aubin @fm_aubin I prefer listening what client has in mind, then ask right question (audience, goals, specifics, timeline...) then plan. Iva Ignjatovic @ivaignjatovic YES! "What will success look like?" Is a question that should ALWAYS be answered before any campaign or marketing Mack Collier @mackcollier
  6. 6. How do you keep content & ideas flowing?
  7. 7. Well for me, as a writer, I need to enjoy and have fun with what I am writing in order for the ideas to flow. But content takes the form of not just writing, but memes, videos, and presentations too. Courtney Smith @cshasarrived Content needs to be relevant, language target audience can understand and relate to Joseph Ruiz @SMSJoe Don't be afraid to get lots of minds involved. Don't be afraid to get crazy. Kathryn Kennedy @kontheinternet Content should inform, instruct and inspire! The 3 I´s. Martha Neumeister @mne90
  8. 8. The Twittersphere is a hilarious place to watch during a “shared” event like an election or Hollywood awards show because viewer content can be created on the fly and shared out quickly. Courtney Smith @cshasarrived I crave content that is useful, entertaining, enjoyable, and bold! Jessica Roberts @connect2life We love including industry research and featuring expert opinions on our blog. Share the knowledge! @ThinkSEM One thing we learned in our #90DaystoEllen campaign is the importance of adhering to the rules of Improv. Courtney Smith @cshasarrived
  9. 9. How important is community in a campaign’s success? Do you build it & they will come, or do you need a strong community 1st?
  10. 10. Community is EVERYTHING to a campaign. Courtney Smith @cshasarrived Unless you can magically make people love you at first sight, you need a community of advocates to succeed. Cendrine Marrouat @cendrinemedia Community is imperative for a campaigns success! They are going to be the ones that share it, talk about it. Need them 1st Brandie McCallum @lttlewys I believe you build community first and the product or service will take care of itself. AJ Borowski @askwhatnext
  11. 11. You do have to build a foundation of people who like what you’re creating or what you stand for. But you also have to create on-point creative to get noticed in the noisy socialsphere or in boxes of the world. Courtney Smith @cshasarrived So true. You have to light the fire within your community and they will help spread your message in return. @ThinkSEM Depends on the maturity of community. If strong, plan the campaign according to them as evangelists, if not study their needs Alicia Rodriguez @aroru26 Community & Content must coexist ... build them both simultaneously Joey Lopez @joeylopez0
  12. 12. Small companies don't have big budgets. Can a campaign be successful on shoestring?
  13. 13. I’ve found in my career that when your idea of success is leads, then you have to throw some bucks at the campaign. Courtney Smith @cshasarrived Absolutely! All you need is a killer strategy and clear/reasonable goals Kathryn Kennedy @Kontheinternet If you do it right - you don´t need a lot of money. It´s all about providing value with the right content! Martha Neumeister @mne90 ROI can be hard to figure out, but it's easy to figure out if you have no goals. Josh McCormack @joshmccormack
  14. 14. But if your idea of success is awareness, then I absolutely believe a small company can get a huge return Courtney Smith @cshasarrived Companies focus too much on the financial side of things. You don't need much money to succeed. Cendrine Marrouat @cendrinemedia Absolutely. It's a matter of strategizing and creating content people love. Jeremiah Wright @jeremiahjwright Has nothing to do with money. Has everything to do with people, process and technology. Bryan Kramer @bryankramer
  15. 15. How can an agency support a campaign and how do you know when you need one?
  16. 16. You know you need an agency when you are naked and bleeding in the lobby. Seriously, when a company realizes what they’re doing in house just isn’t working... Courtney Smith @cshasarrived I think that an agency needs to understand your goals and also to build that quality relationship. Cheval John @chevd80 Thinking differently so much more important than spending big bucks. Zig whil$t others are zagging Judy Gombita @jgombita #SmallBiz owners often need to delegate/outsource; an agency may be the answer. Also, when writing SuperBowl ads. @RippleBoost
  17. 17. ...and they have the budget, resources and energy to put into an agency relationship, that’s the time to outsource. Courtney Smith @cshasarrived An agency can sing a catchy song for an unsung hero. They can get the word out about how awesome your services or products are. Madison Jones @madisonjoneshr An agency can manage the elements of a campaign if its too big for your control or reach; need to know your limits Sabrina @Plumlytics Key is to stay true to your brand… make sure the agency understand and believes in what you’re doing! Brian Fanzo @isocialfanz
  18. 18. #90DaysToEllen was an award winning campaign to see if social could lead to lunch w/ Ellen. It didn’t. What did you learn?
  19. 19. Essentially, we wanted to prove our hypothesis: That “social media can be used to create real friendships and make a powerful difference in the world.” At the end, as you mentioned, we not only did not get lunch with @theEllenshow but we never even heard from her. To this day, we don’t even know if she knew about the campaign! (but did eventually get to her Exec Producer via Twitter) But the point is, we DID prove our hypothesis, just in a completely different and unexpected way than we thought. We did make real friendships via social media, and we did make a powerful difference in the world. That 90-day effort raised awareness of over 100m impressions and +$1500 for @FeedingAmerica. And you and I are here on this Tweetchat over a year later still talking about it. That’s pretty powerful if you ask me! I think it shows the power of "Love in/love out" - we were having fun and it showed through! Courtney Smith @cshasarrived And we got to know @djwaldow= BAM! Bryan Kramer @bryankramer
  20. 20. What were your secrets to success for the Ellen campaign? What would you do differently if you could?
  21. 21. The whole experience gave us such valuable insight into what makes the best bones for a successful campaign. After analyzing it front to end, we found 4 secrets: Secret #1: Have a simple concept. Humans suck at this. We think that unless something is complicated, it’s not valuable. The opposite is true! People have short attention spans, so unless an idea is simple, they’ll move on. Secret 2: Have a solid plan. We learned this the hard way. In searching for the “Why would Ellen do this?” we chose Feeding America as our charity Secret #3: Invite people to the party. Since we didn’t have a budget for this campaign, we needed a lot of ‘hands on deck' to spread the word. We reached deep into our own personal networks and tried creative ways to get them excited about the cause. Don’t forget to ASK, people love to help when it’s specific and simple. Secret #4: Apply the rules of Improv. We talked about this earlier – it’s the power of ‘YES, and It includes the community and makes them want to be more a part of it, and the ideas are great! Courtney Smith @cshasarrived
  22. 22. Begin a program with an end goal and your audience in mind first. Makes sense Brian Moran @brianmoran Keep a campaign simple & fun - like the ice bucket challenge Joey Lopez @joeylopez Keep a campaign simple & fun - like the ice bucket challenge Bryan Kramer @bryankramer I guess that is why we should aim to keep everything simple and not try for the complicated Cheval John @chevd80
  23. 23. What are some tips for up and coming digital strategists or solopreneurs launching social media campaigns?
  24. 24. Try things for yourself before testing on a client, if at all possible. The lessons you learn raise your value. Courtney Smith @cshasarrived Better later than never! Don't feel words has to be your only method! Use pics/vids to share your story Michael Mullady @atlscgrad Benchmark danggit!! Please do. Learn from others. Iam¤kema @IamOkema Partner w/ someone you want to get to know. We took a leap of faith w/ @djwaldow (HA!) Courtney Smith @cshasarrived
  25. 25. Don’t be afraid to fail. #H2H celebrates imperfection, authenticity and empathy, we are all human! Courtney Smith @cshasarrived Don't estimate your reach! The vibrations your voice can make are truly unlimited on social media. Offer your own unique flair! Madison Jones @madisonjoneshr Try things for yourself before testing on a client, if at all possible. The lessons you learn raise your value. Courtney Smith @cshasarrived Having fun w/ inspiring project can leave lot of clutter. Filter and test, on yourselves, employees, not on clients. Iva Ignjatovic @ivaignjatovic
  27. 27. Join us for our #BizHeroes chat Tuesdays 2pm ET Moderated by: @KDHungerford @Paper_li