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CRM & Turning Community into Customers


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Tweets from our chat with John Ferrara and the #BizHeroes community about Customer Relationship Management and Turning Community into Customers.

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CRM & Turning Community into Customers

  1. 1. CRM & TURNING COMMUNITY INTO CUSTOMERS #BizHeroes chat with CEO and Nimble founder @Jon_Ferrara
  3. 3. What is social CRM? Isn’t it the same CRM just in a “social” world?
  4. 4. My idea of a social #CRM is that it should do more relationship work for you. Build & manage contacts & social signals Jon Ferrara @jon_ferrara CRM is the process that allows companies to establish & manage a relationship/journey with their prospects & loyal customers Liliana Holloway @liliholl I find all CRM social, but having social media as part of the equation is giving more personalized & close up customer experience Iva Ignjatovic @ivaignjatovic CRM is more fast-paced & transparent in the social world. Engagement is expected fast, friendly, and fun! Madison Jones @madisonjoneshr
  5. 5. How can a social CRM solution help support my business goals?
  6. 6. A Social #CRM can help identify people who matters & enable human to human connections. Jon Ferrara @jon_ferrara By identifying and monitoring the progress of prospects along the known purchase cycle to make contacts + conducive to a sale. Peter Woolvett @custumerspecs Active, positive social engagement will make your consumers feel good & empowered to buy from you. It helps polish your image. Madison Jones @madisonjoneshr CRM solutions help us: Recording any actions taken when liaising w/ customers Gathering data about customer preferences. Liliana Holloway @liliholl
  7. 7. The more Digital we get the more human we need to be. It's not B2B or B2C its P2P People to people Jon Ferrara @jon_ferrara Must move to getting to know and engage with the various voices in your audience. Jessica Robers @connect2life CRM solutions provide insight of what people need & want. A direct possibility to create quality instead of needless quantity. Iva Ignjatovic @ivaignjatovic Any platform (truly) social in nature is going to help your business goals, if at the core is relationship building.... Judy Gombita @jgombita
  8. 8. Tell us a little about Nimble and how is it different from other solutions?
  9. 9. Modern Businesses are listening & engaging w the new social customer w 5 E's of #SocBiz Educate, Enchate, Engage, Embrace, Empower Jon Ferrara @jon_ferrara Love Nimble's "hover to discover" attribute: discover a digital profile/footprint by hovering over a name anywhere on the web Fred Aubin @fm_aubin Cardinal rule of business is the basic. Follow-up & follow through. Do what you say. Say what you mean. Jon Ferrara @jon_ferrara
  10. 10. @Nimble is different from other #CRM solutions because it does all the work for you & helps you #Engage Intellegently. Jon Ferrara @jon_ferrara Nimble? Don't know it - never used it ....but I'll be giving it the discerning eyeball soon after this little tête-à-tête Fred Aubin @fm_aubin We are like Salesforce mixed Email, Calendar & Social = Rapportive, RelateIQ & HootSuite Jon Ferrara @jon_ferrara I like the ability to get integrated insights without additional data entry. It's efficient Peter Woolvett @customerspecs
  11. 11. What's the secret to turning community into customers?
  12. 12. Don't try to Sell. Serve Your Customers By Helping them Grow. Jon Ferrara @jon_ferrara Make the pitch and the product relevant to their BURNING PAIN. Throw some water on it! Beth Daniell @bdaniell628 Turn community into customers by listening to them and helping them. Josh McCormack @joshmccormack To turn community into customers yo need to: Provide attractive & useful solutions to customers' needs. Liliana Holloway @liliholl
  13. 13. The more Digital we get the more human we need to be. It's not B2B or B2C its P2P People to people. Jon Ferrara @jon_ferrara Anything you sell should be a natural extension of what drew your community to you. Respect their trust. Offer relevant services. Kerry O'Shea Gorgone @kerrygorgone The secret is #sociallistening and providing value! Martha Neumeister @mne90 Use social context to deliver on their individual needs. Don't seek to be an to be influential. Jessica Roberts @connect2life
  14. 14. What are some of your favorite tried and true tips for building lasting relationships?
  15. 15. Build lasting relationships by paying them forward. Be present. Listen to people. Be there for them. Be Real. Jon Ferrara @jon_ferrara I send odd and unusual presents to people I meet online, like tea bags. Peter Woolvett @customerspecs Stay for what you are saying and offering! Martha Neumeister @mne90 Don't confuse a client based community with a social based community - the former requires considerably more effort to maintain. Fred Aubin @fm_aubin
  16. 16. We are on this planet to grow our souls & help others grow their's. We only leave w the vibrations we have created. Jon Ferrara @jon_ferrara Give without expectations or attachments. Jessica Roberts @connect2life Help people out and don't take advantage of them to build lasting relationships Josh McCormack @joshmccormack Find a shared experience and share it. Create one if need be. Beth Daniell @bdaniell628
  18. 18. Join us for our's #BizHeroes chat Tuesdays 2pm ET Your moderators: @KDHungerford @Paper_li