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Paparazzi Inside Scoop Newsletter 1.19.10


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Dallas Internet and Digital Marketing Group launches. Provides SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website Optimization for small businesses, entrepreneurs, medium sized companies looking to increase sales and grow their online presence.

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Paparazzi Inside Scoop Newsletter 1.19.10

  1. 1.[UNIQID] 1/19/10 2:06 PM Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Here to Stay? Snap Shot Report We've been called "young and hungry", Get the Inside Scoop on and if you've kept up with Paparazzi via Paparazzi Facebook, Twitter, etc. you'll see that we're always busy researching and working to create a successful business. As some of you may know, we (Amber and Erica, or Here's your Paparazzi news at a glance: “Red & Blondie” to our Twitter followers) have been diligently working to launch our online marketing Paparazzi announces business partnership. Click company, Paparazzi Online Media. The road to here to check out the full turning this dream into a reality has been a winding press release. and exciting... and sometimes an "interesting" one, Development & but we are glad to announce that we have FINALLY communications director, arrived! Scott Rynbrandt joins Paparazzi team. Scott is What is Paparazzi Online Media? heading up intern recruitment Paparazzi is a niche marketing group that and will be the position report. If you know a college specializes in digital marketing, such as Search junior or senior in Dallas Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media looking for a great marketing, for small- to medium-sized companies opportunity for work looking to increase their sales and online presence. experience in new emerging media and entrepreneurial What the heck were we thinking? endeavors, contact Scott for After years of wishing the "traditional" agencies we more information. worked for would loosen up the reigns and move Looking forward to using social media to help clients with the new emerging marketing wave, we decided build Valentine's Day revenue to stop wishing and take action by joining the growing pool of entrepreneurs and doing things our Want more? Check out Paparazzi's way. Online marketing and media has been constant buzz report on Twitter, something we have both been very drawn to. We Facebook and other social mediums have managed to carve out our own specific areas pictured below. We share company and industry news and useless facts to keep of expertise over the years, paving the way for a you on your toes and up-to-date on perfect business partnership. pop-culture - sure to help you on your Trivial Pursuit game nights. Although online marketing isn't exactly new, the methods behind it are definitely evolving. Being the Page 1 of 4
  2. 2.[UNIQID] 1/19/10 2:06 PM are definitely evolving. Being the TRENDSETTERS that we are, we Need more information about Social weren't going to miss the Media and how it has managed to opportunity to make a positive change the way we interact? Check out impact in an industry begging for a this Did You Know video on our "Why change! Paparazzi" page. Want to see our full list of services? Check them out on our Given the growth of the online audience, Our Services Page. advertisers will once again help companies tap into this market, whether we want to be "tapped" or Paparazzi Profiles Amber (Red) Hauptman not. This is where Paparazzi is looking to make the Founder, Technical Operations biggest impact for our audience and clients; instead of the constant "in your face" mentality, we are 469.774.4643 putting a modern spin on the traditional word-of- mouth approach to marketing. Utilizing web tracking reports, user-targeted media, and the proliferation of online networking, we are able to execute more analytical, scientific-based campaigns for our clients. Why is SEO so sweet? Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., send traffic (or visitors) to your web site each Erica (Blondie) Leake month that carry exponential tracking Founder, Business Operations quality/relevance statistics for and the potential to drive sales. These are some of the most important 214.794.3159 users your web site reaches. When you succeed with SEO, you are able to capture a visitor at the point of discovery - something very few marketing practices can accomplish. In all of our experience with SEO and the campaigns we have built for clients, we've seen amazing results, sometimes improving their search ranking over 200%. We know that search engine optimization is a new and some-what untapped marketing tactic, so the opportunity for success is enormous! What makes social media interaction a "marketing" service? Red Cross was able to raise over $5 million dollars through a text messaging campaign Obama raised $55 million dollars in one month Dell claims to have made over $3 million dollars from Twitter alone Page 2 of 4
  3. 3.[UNIQID] 1/19/10 2:06 PM And this was all during one of the biggest recessions since The Great Depression! Social media marketing gives small budget companies the ability to make a "Goliath-like" impact on their audience by allowing them to interact with potential and current customers, build communities around their business, get found when people are search for their type of products/services and so much more! We're sure you have heard how important it is to create a company Facebook Fan Page, or to start "twittering", but we do not agree that there is one course of action for each social media marketing plan. Paparazzi continually analyzes each company's audience online activity to not only create, but constantly optimize social media marketing campaigns on a goal or project basis. What can you do to help your favorite newest entrepreneurs? We sincerely thank you for your support in the launch of Paparazzi Online Media... or at least for reading through to the end of this email. If you own or work for a company in need of online marketing solutions, let us give you a free consultation and web site evaluation report. If you refer someone in need of our services, we'll give you a $25 gift card* for any referrals you provide to companies who sign a contract. *Gift card options: Sunglass Hut (so you can look cool like us), World Market (to build up your wine stock, as we must continue to do in order to keep our sanity) or Murray Street Coffee Shop (if you live in Dallas and want to frequent our favorite Deep Ellum coffee shop that has given us a chill atmosphere to work in and the caffeine to get through the day – and often times late nights). Thanks for your support, Red & Blondie You are receiving this email because you were my Sigma Sister Unsubscribe <<Email Address>> from this list. Page 3 of 4
  4. 4.[UNIQID] 1/19/10 2:06 PM Our mailing address is: Paparazzi Online Media 2737 N Fitzhugh Ave #3336 Dallas, Texas 75204 Add us to your address book Copyright (C) 2010 Paparazzi Online Media All rights reserved. Forward this email to a friend Update your profile Page 4 of 4