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Increase site traffic and sales through target email marketing campaigns with Paparazzi Online Media. We turn ordinary email blasts into viral, social media marketing and campaigns through implementing online marketing best practices. Also see our campaign add-ons and plug-ins to make your marketing program come full circle through optimized email marketing.

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Paparazzi Email Marketing

  1. 1. Email Marketing The second most effective marketing tool, just under SEO? That’s what Forbes studies show. When used to its maximum potential, email marketing can prove to be a very effective marketing medium. Paparazzi looks at the full picture when consulting with you about your email marketing business objectives. We tailor your message to your target audience and make sure add a viral component to your blast, giving it the potential to be seen outside of your immediate contact list. Additionally, we look at your long term goals and evaluate a series of campaigns that will assist in gaining message momentum. Using the latest tools, add-ons and email marketing trending knowledge, Paparazzi can turn your email into a marketing communication piece that greatly exceeds the ROI of direct mail and other traditional marketing mediums. Plus, with no print production timelines, we can notify your customers of urgent information within a days notice via email. Email marketing ROI in 2009 was $43.52 for every dollar spent in the medium. Try to get (and track) that figure with direct mail marketing! Paparazzi takes pride in strategy and implementation as well as reporting and recommendations that follow campaign distribution. Analyzing open and click patterns, we are able to gain a better understanding of the topics of interest of your target audience. These insights give us the ability to continually optimize your campaigns as we move forward through a comprehensive campaign strategy. THE PAPARAZZI DIFFERENCE o Latest email marketing trending expertise o Ability and contact base to turn a campaign viral o Comprehensive reporting tools o List management services o Copywriting and design capabilities o Follow up campaign management
  2. 2. Campaign Management You provide the list and message, Paparazzi will do the rest. We offer full service email campaign management, giving you hands-free ROI. Our email marketing services give you the avenue to reach your customers, informing them of new company/product information, sales and specials, news, events and more. Commercial email drove $26 billion in sales in ‘09 and is expected to drive nearly $28 billion in sales in 2010 -DMA We start with your qualified list of customer email addresses and go from there. We have the ability to add integration tools to sync your overall marketing strategy. Here’s what you’ll get with our complete campaign package: a. Content Assessment & Recommendations b. Email List Upload & Management c. Branded Email Design d. Email Optimization (copy and images) e. Campaign Integration* (i.e. EventBrite, Twitter, Surveys, PayPal, SalesForce, etc.) f. Campaign Report Prior to each campaign launch, you get a test email with the opportunity to make any changes. We do our due diligence and test to make sure your email is compatible with top email hosts. Once set, we launch the campaign and monitor activity. One week following the campaign launch, we will provide you with a full campaign report, including highlights and recommendations for future campaigns. We automatically remove all bounced and unsubscribed em ails from our server, ensuring that with each email, your list becomes increasingly more qualified. *Hard costs may apply to integration add-ons. Paparazzi’s integration services come at no cost to you. Companies using email marketing were able to Adding share tags to increase their email an email increases marketing lists by 67% viral sharing by with social media 25% marketing -Marketing Sherpa
  3. 3. Campaign Add-Ons SOCIAL SHARING Social sharing of email campaigns can provide additional online exposure outside of your immediate contact list. Paparazzi can turn an email campaign viral by sharing your email on our various social networks. When combined with your site analytics, this not only increases campaign visibility but also provides valuable target audience insights by noting their web traffic patterns. INBOX INSPECTION Prior to the launch of each campaign, we test on a minimum of three major email platforms, including Google, Yahoo and POP3 mail server. We will also send a test to the email address of your choice, ensuring proper viewing from various hosts. In addition to our testing, we offer an inbox inspection add-on, which will super-check your email validity through the following methods: o Campaign Preview Tool o Spam Filer Checker Tool o Content Assessment Tool This service will report back any viewing/wording/coding issues that might get your email caught in Spam and will allow us to edit accordingly. PAID MEDIA BLASTS For companies who have a limited database and are looking for new client leads, paid email campaigns through trusted media sources are an option. While opt-in emails specific to your company statistically produce greater open and click rates, purchasing an email campaign package can reach potential new customers. We have pay-per-click, double-opt-on, hyper targeted- psychographically and geographically targeted. Paparazzi will evaluate media options based on your goals and provide a recommendation. Media hard costs will vary based on vendor and quantity of emails sent. AUTO RESPONDER Auto responses can be set up to thank new email subscribers, wish a customer a happy birthday or anniversary or just to stay top-of-mind. Everyone enjoys a little love in the way of a “thanks” or free gift or coupon on their birthday or anniversary of that first fateful day they “joined” your company.
  4. 4. Campaign Reporting As with each of our service offerings, we use analytics reports to help us constantly optimize your campaign. Upon completion of each email blast, Paparazzi summarizes a comprehensive report of your campaign results. We automatically remove any unsubscribes and bounced emails from our system so they will not be emailed again via your company; we’ll provide you with these reports so you can maintain your email database internally. Response Type o Open: goal one accomplished; the recipient was intrigued enough to open the email but not enough to prompt a click; we’ll test different click copy next time o Click: goal two accomplished; the content prompted in an action o Unsubscribe: you never liked that person anyway o Unopen: not interested enough to open, but not annoyed enough to unsubscribe; we’ll consider more enticing subject lines next time Detailed Metrics Paparazzi’s at-a-glance report gives you quantifiable results of your campaign metrics in one short summary. Of course, we can dig down to each individual person to see the actions they did (or didn’t) take… if you want to get personal. We sum everything up in a nice, neat package that includes highlights, recommendations for follow-up campaigns and ROI when available. In addition to the numbers and percentages of response types, here’s what your at-a-glance report will include: o Total recipients o Successful deliveries o Times forwarded o Forwarded opens o Total times opened o Last open date o Unique clicks o Last click date When using web analytics to target email campaigns, you can produce 9 times the revenues and 18 times the profits of broadcast mailings
  5. 5. Pricing With our email marketing campaign management package, Paparazzi will take your message and images and compile an optimized campaign to share with your customers. You can sit back and watch as the email calls to action are executed by your customers. Our pricing package includes our Paparazzi management fee. As with any media distribution channel, there is a hard cost associated, based on list size. See below for a break out of hard costs. CAMPAIGN SET UP & MANAGEMENT* $1,000 Copywriting Add-On (up to 1,000 words) $250 CAMPAIGN ADD-ONS Paparazzi Social Sharing $250 Inbox Inspection $50 Paid Media Blasts TBD based on list size/media vendor Auto Responder $250 HARD COSTS Distribution (Ask about our high volume discounts for multiple campaigns) List Size 0-5,000 $.03/email List Size 5,000-25,000 $.02/email List Size 25,000-200,000 $.01/email List Size 200,000+ $.005/email Photos (if stock photos are needed) TBD based on image Integration Plug-ins TBD based on plug-in *If you have an HTML designer on staff, ask about our design discount. Also contact us today to find out about custom pricing for multiple campaign packages. Contact us for your pre-made or custom email marketing package. Erica Leake: l 214.794.3159