Project Title: Construction of Students-Based Discussion HutsProject Description/OverviewThe improved security environment...
However, an average of 233 students disaggregated by gender, comprising of 128 boys and 105 girlswill directly benefit fro...
implementation. SRC will jointly monitor project activities along with the dormitory director anddirectress, and the schoo...
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Project Title


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Project Title

  1. 1. Project Title: Construction of Students-Based Discussion HutsProject Description/OverviewThe improved security environment coupled with the presence of government authorities in almost allareas of the country opened a window of hope for pressing recovery, educational and reconstructionprograms. This development has further bolstered peaceful co-existence among citizenries within thecountry, which hitherto was at low ebb during and just after the civil crises. This however does not callfor complacency as there is the dire need for standard and global education which Ricks Institute iscurrently implementing.Nonetheless, the current learning environment signals general improvement in the educational situationin the country.The Student Government of Ricks Institute affirms its commitment within the framework of theAgenda for Quality Education and Leadership to strengthening its capacity by responding to theeducational, social, and protection needs of students of Ricks Institute through their engagement infocus point discussions, debates, symposia, intellectual forums, etc. which aim at empowering them toprotect, upgrade/improve, and develop proactive solutions for themselves.It is against this background that the current proposal seeks funding for the construction of two roundhuts at both dormitories of the institution. Advocacy, peer counseling, dialogue and discussions inconflict management will form integral part of the usage of both huts. These would be harnessedthrough the established representative groups that will coordinate and monitor the intended activities.Social and educational related activities through students participation has a pivotal role to play inachieving broad based development of students.Specific ObjectivesThe overall objectives of the proposed project are as follows: • The beneficiaries of the envisaged project will be the students of Ricks Institute along with visiting parents and guardians; • The existence and usage of the huts will improve coordination, cooperation, collaboration, and peaceful coexistence between and among the students; • To enhance and maintain sustained activities or programs that will develop and improve knowledge, skills and attitudes which are conducive to healthy and constructive living; • To develop and adapt methods of life skills, disease and conflict prevention, minimization and control reaching teenage and adolescents students.Description of Beneficiary PopulationRicks Institute students who are legitimately residing on both dormitories are to benefit from theproject or initiative.
  2. 2. However, an average of 233 students disaggregated by gender, comprising of 128 boys and 105 girlswill directly benefit from this project. Additionally, parents of the above numbered students will alsobenefit from this project. Moreover, visitors and guests emerging on the campus for church seminars,conferences and games will also form part of the beneficiary group.Implementation Arrangement/StrategyThe Student Representative Council (SRC) will work closely with the School Administration for theefficient planning and implementation of this project. This council will prevail on this schooladministration to engage the services of non academic staff who are skilled in the area of buildingconstruction to undertake the technical or practical implementation of the project.However, during and after the construction process, the SRC along with the school staff andadministration will closely monitor the construction and use of the huts to ensure the effectiveimplementation and usage.The implementation which is slated to commence on 15 of January 2010 will follow the following thtrends: • Purchasing and transportation of construction materials; • Laying of foundations; • Construction of structures; • Plastering and painting of structures; • Dedication of constructed hutsRelated InputsThe SRC will provide technical inputs from the student populace who are residents of both dormitoriesby gathering broken pieces of rocks or stones for concrete work, transportation of water for the purposeof construction, etc.Moreover, representatives of the SRC will form part of the team that will be responsible for purchasingand transporting the construction materials.Intended Impact and Measurable Indicators of the Project on the Students • Enhance students cooperation and participation in dormitory-based programs or activities; • Enhance and harbor after-school meetings and programs; • Facilitate and enhance student birthday programs; • Increased self-esteem and respect for each other through cooperative participation; • Serve as a resting place for visiting parents and guardians; • Reduced aggression and violence among students using non coercive approach; • Enhance problem solving skills and search for proactive resolutions; • Accommodate committee and dormitory or room-based meetings, etc.Monitoring, Supervision and ReportingSRC is subject to the School Administration’s or outside support, monitoring, and supervision ofproject activity to ensure that the measurable indicators are achieved within the framework of
  3. 3. implementation. SRC will jointly monitor project activities along with the dormitory director anddirectress, and the school administration, and ensure the same purpose and submit genuine reports tothe school administration as required. In addition, selected students from both dormitories will holdregular project review meetings through focus group discussions and lessons learnt from the review,monitoring, and supervision of both the construction and usage of the huts will be incorporated forfuture projects.Cost Estimate of Material Supplies and EquipmentsItem Job/Material Description Unit Qty USD Rate USD Total CostA. Retaining Wall (masonry) Port Land cement Bags 100 10.00 1,000 6” Cement blocks Pcs 1,800 0.50 900 Sand Cy 2 100 200 6 tyre truck load of crushed rocks load 2 175.00 350 ½” x 40’ steel rods Pcs 30 10 300 Tie Wire Roll 2 5.00 10 ¼” x 40’ steel rods Pcs 25 5.00 125 Zinc bundles 6 125 750 Timber (2” x 2” x 14’) Pcs 300 400 1,200 Timber (2” x 4” x 14’) Pcs 50 5.00 250 Timber (2” x 6” x 14’) Pcs 30 5.50 165 Plywood (1/8” x 4’ x 8’) Pcs 30 10.00 300 Paint Pcs 16 13.50 135 Twine Roll 4 1.00 4 Stripes (¼” x 1” x 14’) bundles 30 5.50 165 Stripes Nails (1.5 inch) Pks 50 0.75 37.50 Ceiling Nails (1 inch) Pks 40 0.50 20 Wire Nails (4 inch) Carton 1 25 25 Wire Nails (3 inch) Carton 1 25 25 Tiles (12” x 12”) Carton 20 15 300 Brushes Pcs 5 2.50 12.50 Zinc Nails Pks 6 10 60 Face Book 1 x 8 Pks 40 10 400B. Total Material Cost 1 5,899.00 5,899.00C. Labor Cost No. 1 1,750 1,750D. Transportation Cost L/S 1 150 150 Grand Total Project Cost 8624.00 8624.00