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  1. 1. DRAGON PRESS HOLDS WORKSHOP: NEW APPOINTMENTS MADEOn Saturday, February 13, the Dragon Press Club held a workshop here on campus.The theme of the workshop was: THE MAKING OF A JOURNALIST. Thehighlights of the workshop were to improve the club’s news gathering, editing, andpresentation skills. The members also identified problems in getting the news readyon time for presentation.In his opening remarks Mr. Edmond Ponga, the coordinator of the club, told studentsto be passionate about the press club. He said that some of the members will end upbecoming journalists, even though their participation now is only passive. All thepresenters were students of the press club. Sixteen students attended the workshop.Meanwhile, new appointments have been made in the press club.The new Editor-in-Chief is Watchen Snyder, assisted by Lassana Kanneh, whileWewee Samah becomes the News Director.Seniors Jerome Wesson and Nimely Woart are Media Consultants, while SeniorSamline Gibson becomes the Production Manager. RICKS INSTITUTE REPRESENTED IN ICDBFive students from Ricks Institute will participate today in the InternationalChildren’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB). Students Wewee Samah, Watchen Snyder,Fabunde Mamey, Alfreda Brewer and Gebela Kaba will leave this morning torepresent Ricks in this year’s ICDB program on Star Radio. FIGHTING CORRUPTION AT RICKS: “DO NOT SPY”–REV. MENJAY TELLS STUDENTSThe Fourth Period Test begins on Monday, February 22nd. In his usual morningbriefings, Rev. Olu Manjay cautioned students to study hard to escape the temptationof spying. He stressed that any student caught spying will be expelled; he also askedteachers to report any incidence of test malpractice. RICKS AND BROOKSTONE STUDENTS PARTICIPATE IN VIDEO CONFERENCE
  2. 2. Fifth grade students from Ricks Institute and Brookstone yesterday participated in a live video conference at the United States Embassy. The discussion was on the topic: LIVING ABOVE THE LINE. In an interview with student Evangeline Thompson and Javi Qulie, Living above the line is a concept wherein a person takes responsibility of his or her actions, and behaves in a way that is acceptable to his or her peers, friends, classmates, and parents. A person who lives above the line is respectful, loving, kind, helpful, and does all necessary work at school or home, such as helping the teacher to keep the classroom clean, or assisting parents to do menial jobs at home. Our reporters also talked to Mr. Ahmed Dukuly who accompanied the students to the US embassy. According him, students from the two sister schools discussed Living Above the Line, or Servant Leadership, at school, at home, and in our communities. He added that it was a good experience, especially for the students. He praised student Evangeline Thompson who asked the question: WE HAVE A PROBLEM OF GLOBAL WARMING IN AFRICA. HOW CAN LIVING ABOVE THE LINE IN OUR COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTE TO SOLVING THE PROBLEM OF GLOBAL WARMING? Eighteen students represented Ricks, while the entire fifth grade class represented Brookstone school. TENTH GRADE STUDENTS LEAVE FOR FENDEL CAMPUSPresident Sirleaf leaves for ECOWAS summit in NigeriaPresident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is in Nigeria, attending the 31st ExtraordinarySummit of the West African regional grouping, ECOWAS.The Summit is mainly discussing issues in some West African Countries, especiallyGuinea and Niger.While in Nigeria, President Johnson Sirleaf will respond to a long standing invitationby the Abeokuta University to honor her. An Executive mansion release saysPresident Johnson Sirleaf will also pay a two day state visit to Ghana on Friday andwill return home on Saturday.Senators deliberate on proposed referendum billThe Liberian Senate has begun deliberating on proposed referendum bill.The referendum is seeking the amendment of certain chapters of the Liberianconstitution, including chapter 52c, which calls for those contesting for the
  3. 3. presidency to reside in Liberia for at least ten years prior to election.The deliberations also cover article 56B which calls for the election of paramountand clan chiefs.However, some senators, including Gloria Scott, Richard Divine and TheodoreMomo augured that the senate should retain the residential clause instead of thedomicile clause. 3