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July 2012 cyber attacks timeline part II


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List of Main Cyber Attacks from 16 to 31 July 2012. More @

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July 2012 cyber attacks timeline part II

  1. 1. Target Attack Date Author Target Description Attack Category Category The Consumerist representatives notify their readers that the site outages experienced in the previous days were caused by a security breach. They do not provide manyJul 15 ? Unknown E-Commerce Cyber Crime details regarding the security issue, but as a precaution turn off commenting on all articles and plan to reset all user 1 passwords. Financial Security researchers from Kasperky Lab and Seculert institutions, announce to have discovered a new cyber-espionage students, CyberJuly 17 ? campaign targeting victims in the Middle East: more than APT various Espionage 800 victims located in Iran, Israel, Afghanistan and 2 government elsewhere over the last eight months. agencies MapleSoft, makers of mathematical and analytical software such as Maple, reports that they have been investigating a 3 database breach. The breach resulted in the attackers obtaining customer information such as email addresses, first and last names, as well as company and institution names. MapleSoft states that no financial information was Industry:July 17 ? Unknown Cyber Crime compromised in this breach. Few days later MapleSoft Software customers begin to receive emails pretending to be from the “MapleSoft Security Update Team” that claimed Maple software was vulnerable to attack and a patch was available, redirecting them to websites hosting Blackhole 4 Exploit Kit. NullCrew returns with another major data breach. Hackers claimed to have access to the database belong to the SouthJuly 17 Unknown Online Services Cyber Crime Africas Leading ISP Directory and Community Portal 5 ( Anonymous’ OpGodFather continues. This time, theJuly 17 hacktivists publish details from the Internet filtering systems Unknown Government Hacktivism 6 instated by Yemen’s government. An unknown group of hackers breaches a server managed by Proserve, a Dutch hosting services provider. The databases of websites such as Q-Music, The Telegraaf,Jul 18 ? Unknown Hosting Cyber Crime Stedin, and various online stores were accessed and the details of around 800,000 users were stolen as a result of 7 the hack. NullCrew turn their attention to Yale University and obtain details of around 1,200 students and members of the staff from the databases of the educational institution and claimJuly 18 that the database they’ve gained access to contains even SQLi? Education Cyber Crime more sensitive information such as social security numbers, names, addresses and phone numbers, although they only 8 published usernames, passwords and email addresses. @MidasBank from @TeamGhostShell hacks Industry:July 18, an online job source, and dumps around SQLi? Cyber Crime 9 Recruting 50,000 accounts. A hacker called @SirLeakAlot hacks The Himalayan Times @SirLeak ( and dumps 23,453 accounts (plusJuly 18 Alot SQLi News Cyber Crime 9 administrators) including username, phone number and 10 clear text password. Anonymous declares what they call the "iWot", meaning "Internet War On Terror" and hacks Dahabshiil", an international funds transfer company dumping severalJuly 19 accounts and threating to publish everything in two months Finance SQLi? Hacktivism if Dahabshill will not come completely clean on its terrorist 11 activities. However Dahabshill denies the Anonymous 12 were responsible for the attack. Catherine Venusto, a former secretary, successfully changed her daughters grade from an F to an M and her sons grade Catherine UnlegitimateJuly 19 Venusto from a 98 to a 99 for a total of 110 times between 2011 and Education Cyber Crime Access 2012. She used the Northwestern Lehigh School Districts 3 superintendents password to make the changes
  2. 2. #DoktorBass from Anonymous Australia hacks the Women’s Land Link Africa website ( and dumps over Organization:July 19 50,000 emails and passwords many of which appear to also Unknown Hacktivism 13 Civil Rights be duplicates. Curiously, after the attack the author 14 apologize for what he made. ZDNET reveals that last year, 25-year-old Brad Stephenson found a loophole in one of Nikes websites and decided to Brad Vulnerability Industry:July 19 Stephenson take advantage. Over the span of five months, he used Cyber Crime in Web Site Clothing accounts meant for professional athletes to steal Nike 15 merchandise worth over $80,000. Nullcrew hacks Netcom, an U.K. ISP and dumps 70 accountsJuly 19 with emails, usernames, encrypted passwords, user address SQLi ISP Cyber Crime 16 and phone numbers and other information. The Japan Finance Ministry announces to have found that some of its computers were infected with a Trojan malware CyberJuly 20 ? Trojan Government from 2010 to 2011 and admitted information may have Espionage 17 been leaked. Another cyber attack carried on by @SirLeakAlot. This time @SirLeak the victim is, whose 67,000 accounts are Organization:Jul 21 Alot SQLi Cyber Crime leaked. The leaked data contains usernames, emails and Forum 18 encrypted passwords. The official 2012 big dance website ( is Organization:Jul 21 5NiP3R hacked by a hacker called 5NiP3R and as a result SQLi Cyber Crime 19 Entertainment approximately 7,000 accounts are leaked. Another attack by 5NiP3R. This time the target is, a website related to rental servicesJul 21 5NiP3R SQLi Online Services Cyber Crime for the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games which has 20 5,000 accounts leaked. #Op_Australia goes on and the latest victim is a websiteJul 21 belonging to the Queensland government Defacement Government Hacktivism 21 ( which is hacked and defaced. A hacker using the twitter handle @lulz_much_lulz Industry: (Anonymous – BR) announces a leak of source code (77 Mb)Jul 22 Unknown Adult Cyber Crime that belongs to a well-known cams website 22 Entertainment ( @SirLeakAlot hacks, an e-commerce @SirLeak website dedicated to anti-age products, and dumps nearlyJul 22 Alot SQLi Online Services Cyber Crime 700 accounts with emails, usernames and hashed 23 passwords. As many as 11 million passwords are posted online more than four months after hackers penetrated the defenses ofJuly 23 ? Unknown Online Games Cyber Crime Gamigo, a free gaming website based in Germany, according 24 to published reports. A purported Iran scientist working for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran e-mailed an SOS to F-Secure Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen, saying the AEOI was Unspecified CyberJuly 23 ? under a cyber attack capable to shut down the AEOI Government Malware Warfare? “automation network” in its Natanz and Fordo facilities and to turn on computer’s volumes to high blasting what 25 appeared to be ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC. Black A hacker group called Black Tiger Security hacks the websiteJuly 24 Tiger and dumps over 14,000 SQLi Online Services Cyber Crime 26 Security account details. As part of the so-called #opfuckuganda, #DoktorBass of Anonymous Australia hacks several websites in Uganda,July 24 SQLi News Hacktivism among which from whom he dumps nearly 27 1,500 accounts. After the DDoS to her site, during the previous half, Carly Rae Jepsen has lodged a complaint to the Vancouver Police Industry:July 25 ? Unknown Cyber Crime Department after allegedly having naked photos stolen from Entertainment 28 her personal computer. AAPT, an Australian ISP, confirms the breach claimed by the 29 Anonymous collective the day before. The hackersJuly 26 Unknown ISP Hackivism allegedly stole 40GB of data from AAPT in protest against 30 proposed new surveillance and data retention laws.
  3. 3. Bloomberg reveals that Chinese hackers, on July 18 last year, were able to harvest the e-mails of the president of the European Union Council, Herman Van Rompuy. Over 10 days last July, the hackers returned to the council’s CyberJuly 27 computers four times, accessing the internal Unknown Government Espionage communications of 11 of the EU’s economic, security and foreign affairs officials. The breach, unreported until now, potentially gave the intruders an unvarnished view of the 31 financial crisis gripping Europe. Industry: Oil The same hackers targeted other victims: from oilfield Industry: Law services leader Halliburton Co. to Washington law firm Firm Wiley Rein LLP; from a Canadian magistrate involved in a CyberJuly 27 Unknown sensitive China extradition case to Kolkata-based tobacco Government Espionage and technology conglomerate ITC Ltd. For a total of 20 31 Industry: victims. Technology Korean Police arrest two people for allegedly hacking into “Choi” the network system of KT Corp., Koreas No.2 mobile carrier, plus and selling the data. The 40-year-old suspect, identified onlyJuly 29 unnamed Unknown Mobile Carrier Cyber Crime by his family name Choi, and another were accused of suspect leaking personal information of about 8.7 million mobile 32 phone subscribers from February until recently. #DoktorBass hacks and dumpsJuly 29 nearly 800 records containing usernames, hashed SQLi Online Services Cyber Crime 33 passwords and encrypted Credit Card Details. In an explanatory blog post, Dropbox declares that a stolen password was "used to access an employee Dropbox account containing a project document with user email addresses." Hackers apparently started spamming thoseJuly 31 ? Unknown Online Services Cyber Crime addresses, although there’s no indication that user passwords were revealed as well. Some Dropbox customer accounts were hacked too, but this was apparently an 34 unrelated matter.1
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